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Re: Stellaris

Postby coinsruledude » Sun Jun 25, 2017 9:26 pm

TL;DR crushed massive fleet with even more massive fleet, entire enemy core was occupied


Emboldened by their victory over the Axis, the Greater Prosperity Alliance spent several years rebuilding their ships. None of their planets had been invaded, so both their resource output and morale remained high. The Foosa, having run out of systems to expand to, decided to test the powerful Fex’Klanga Guardians and settled two worlds right on their border so the population could continue to grow; the Foosa eventually laid claim to three more systems full of resources from within the fallen empire’s borders, and luckily for them, the Guardians allowed the ceding of the systems. The extended sensor range let the Foosa know that the Guardians were still not to be trifled with lightly, because they commanded a massive advanced fleet. ... DFBA93F58/

The Foosa Sovereignty also began integrating the Pious Athallid Union, but decided to abandon the integration in favor of another more lucrative option: liberate the Foundation’s core worlds and send their immoral slave-holding empire into a downward spiral.

There was a direct hyperlane connection between the Sovereignty’s core systems and the Foundation’s, so the battle would be quick and bloody in favor of whichever side came out on top in the first battles. The Foundation had rebuilt a 50k fleet, which was even more powerful than the harassing fleets of the first war. ... 30D8E18E1/

The Foosa, however, having just started their third term as federation president, controlled the main federation fleet in addition to their own powerful rebuilt fleet, meaning they had a combined strength of a staggering 92k, putting their raw numbers on par with the Guardians. ... E79DBBEC3/

War was declared unanimously by the Greater Prosperity Alliance. After fighting no wars for so long and allowing so many atrocities to go unpunished, it was time for the righteous of the galaxy to fight back against evil. ... 99413135F/

The first Foundation world to be invaded was Qaadlud of the Oreb system. It was defended by a puny force that was overwhelmed almost immediately by the might of the Foosan and Federation fleets. ... E0F4AE90D/

Simultaneously, as they had in the last war, the rest of the federation members struck into the heart of the Imperium, which was overpowered by the combined strength of the individual fleets. ... 887EBB915/

After much anticipation, the main belligerants of the war – the Foundation and the Sovereignty – clashed in the Dirmius system. The weaker federation fleet had pushed forward in an attempt to bypass the star, planning on bombarding a planet in a nearby system, but the Foundation fleet entered combat range and the largest space battle the galaxy had ever seen took place. The Foosa Admiral Guldorn cur’Yuhal led the federation ships into the fray, knowing they were outnumbered. ... 374657DD0/

The fleets clashed, exchanging missiles and laser strikes for days and days. The federation fleet held their own and kept the battle even-sided, despite having fewer ships with a slightly weaker array of weaponry. Soon, however, the tide turned against them and they began taking huge losses. The fleet would be saved by the main Foosan fleet, which entered the battle and flanked the Foundation fleet. ... 7C19D731B/

The first blows from the main fleet came as the federation fleet and the Foundation fleet were nearing half of their starting strength. There would be only one outcome. ... 950F79914/

Having routed the Foundation’s largest ships and blown them to pieces, the Foosa fleet pressed forward and rallied the exhausted federation fleet for a dramatic two-sided strike that completed wiped out the shattered Foundation fleet. There were heavy losses on the federation side, but many ships survived and the Foosan fleet remained completely unscathed, not losing a single ship in the fray despite not being headed by an experienced admiral. ... 52E7D9289/ ... 18A67C89E/ ... 4B76F4370/

With the main enemy fleet entirely wiped out, there was a sense of finality in Foosan war rooms. The war was already over. There would be no recovery for the Axis; the Foundation’s home worlds were ripe for the taking by the 50k-strong Foosan fleet, and the Imperium was barely holding on to the systems they had been pushed back and forced to defend. Planet after planet fell to Foosan assault armies landing en masse. ... ECF1F025B/ ... 8B6575178/ ... 3441E4DF9/

The real prize of the war came from the collapse of the Foundation’s capital. It had been heavily defended, but the Foosan armies managed to beat them into surrender thanks to their higher morale and damage. The end was already in sight. ... 2F7C4DD29/

Psionic armies were also employed by the Foosa for the first time. Their strength was entirely unmatched and the Sovereignty was glad their investments in them were justified. The planet of Yatru fell faster than any of the others thanks to the supernatural-esque warriors. ... F5441CCC6/

The Foundation’s core was was occupied by the Sovereignty. ... 58FD9288D/

The Imerpium’s core was occupied by three other federation nations. ... DC2C4D41F/

Peace came just under four years after the start of the war. Without multiple external enclaves and multiple fronts to account for, the Greater Prosperity Alliance easily overwhelmed the Auspicious Axis and again enforced the liberation of several planets and the elimination of the institutions of slavery and purging in the Foundation, which the government heinously reinstated after the first war. ... BF33390A6/

The Sintomoroi Confederation was born from the three core worlds liberated from the Foundation, and in a similar manner to the Pious Athallid Union, they were vassalized by the Foosa in order to protect the weakened state from further manipulation by other more powerful empires with worse intentions. ... 276DD14F1/

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