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Postby grayaus » Sun May 03, 2015 2:16 pm

Firstly, good to see this forum is still active; secondly, I've been depressed over the last two years; and have found that writing has helped me get through (Not as much as dope and my medication have) So i figured I'd make a thread for people interested, here's my most recent

That **** had a heart so cold
It tore apart mine that's made of gold
Her love has become a mold
that made me walk down an empty road

I was locked up in an institute
Because my love was acting like a prostitute
Our happiness is something we'll never reconstitute
For she pushed me from a plane without a parachute

I loved her
When I was with her life didn't feel like a blur
But sadly our love has grown into a mold
And has made me walk down this empty road

your absence has been replaced with a bottle
Makes me put my bike to the throttle
you sent me down a self destructive path
And made people suffer my wrath

But that's no longer me
For other people has made me see
That I'll no longer be affected by this mold
Or walk down, such an empty road.
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Re: Poetry

Postby coinsruledude » Sun May 03, 2015 2:34 pm

Mold does not rhyme well with road.
Also, there's a poetry topic five topics down the list. how u not see
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