strange thing in xcom: enemy unknown

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strange thing in xcom: enemy unknown

Postby class3guy » Sun Apr 07, 2013 10:34 pm i bought xcom and its great but while my nephew was playing it he ran up
to me and said that {and for those who just bought this game or dont have it,this has
spoilers but if you have played it you might know what i am talking about.} when he
had done something, he apparently triggered a thing where that guy who is usually covered
in darkness popped up and he saw a sectoid commander standing behind him. now
my nephew is like 6 or 7 so being me, i thought he was being crazy. but ..
just so i can get it off of my mind, has anyone who has the game ever seen this?
because i havent.(note:take into mind that my nephew is young and probrably has
an overactive imagination, so plz dont be harsh.)
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