A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

Postby TheTeddyguy » Wed Nov 04, 2015 1:15 am

"She... She died a few days ago also, along with Laura's mom and my dad," Nicholas answered sadly. "We were on our way to the Sanctuary, but when we stopped for the night in some small town, a bunch of Badlanders came through. Our group was split up a bit, and Ivy and Laura's mom got captured by the Badlanders. We tried saving them, my dad got shot during that and... It was too late when we got to them."

"I'm sorry if she was your friend," Laura added quietly, still looking around the dark interior of the house nervously. "She was really nice."
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

Postby coinsruledude » Wed Nov 04, 2015 1:25 am

"Yeah, she was," Church said, deeply saddened by the news. She never expected to see Ivy or Malorie again, so she got most of the mourning out of her system over the previous month, but hearing the news was still painful. She sighed and stayed silent for a moment before turning on a small lamp and sitting down in an armchair. "I'm sorry for asking you so many questions, but why did Malorie send you two back here? Why did she stay in Cairns?"
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

Postby TheTeddyguy » Wed Nov 04, 2015 1:31 am

"It's okay, you have a right to know what's going on," Nicholas assured. "She sent us back here, in her own words, because she promised Ivy she'd keep us safe as Ivy was dying. She reasoned that we'd be safest here, and I think I can see why. The reason she stayed in Cairns is because she's joining, I think she said Oregon's army. We got picked up by a few of their soldiers when they went to fight off the Badlanders. Once they realized we weren't Badlanders, Malorie started talking to some commander and got things put in place for us to get a boat ride back here."
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

Postby coinsruledude » Wed Nov 04, 2015 1:43 am

"Oregon?" Church asked incredulously. "Jesus Christ...I don't have anything but negative memories of that place. I guess there isn't any way to stop her now, though, so we just have to hope she gets through everything okay."

"As for you two, any friend of Malorie's is a friend of mine, so I'm fine with you staying here. We aren't hurting for supplies, and after everything you've been through in the past couple days, you deserve to be in a safe place again. It's safer here than anywhere else for a thousand miles."
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

Postby TheTeddyguy » Wed Nov 04, 2015 1:49 am

"Thank you, thank you so much," Nicholas responded. "I'm happy that she wasn't lying when she said you were a good person. The way things have been, I was almost surprised the soldiers even brought us to the right house. As for Oregon and Malorie, I think I can say if anyone can get through anything, I think it's her."
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

Postby TheTeddyguy » Wed Nov 04, 2015 8:47 pm

[Sunday, June 2nd, 2030 - 10:28 AM]

"Full name?" Corporal Birtwell asked Malorie as she sat in a chair on the opposite side of his desk. In his hands he held a paper to be filled with information on Malorie that Oregon wanted on record before her enlistment.
"Malorie Julock." She responded, her arms crossed and a somewhat annoyed expression worn on her face as she answered the inquiries.
"Date of birth?"
"The twenty-first of June, 2013."
"Blood type?"
"O negative."
"Any exceptional non-combat related skills?"
"I'm really good at making and setting traps for animals, that's about it."
"Prior combat training and experience?"
"Nothing you people would consider professional, I-" Malorie began before Birtwell cut her off.
"There is no "You people" anymore, you're one of ours."
"Right," Malorie responded alongside an eye roll. "As I was saying, my dad and a few friends had trained me since I was three until I was about thirteen. They weren't military, but they knew what they were doing regardless. As for combat experience, as I mentioned to Major Cooper I killed my first ASF member when I was three years old."

"Sounds like quite the tall tale."
"Tell that to the skeleton at the bottom of the ocean with a bullet hole in its skull. I don't make up stories. I don't need to."
"Okay, well recount the other combat experiences you had then."
"Hopefully I can do so without your interruption, again. When I was twelve, the ship I'd grown up on crashed. I killed my first zombies a few days later, but other than that my parents did a pretty good job at keeping me out of harms way until we reached Taiwan."
"Taiwan?" Birtwell commented.
"Is there an echo in here? Yes, Taiwan. There we found a village of survivors in the mountains, and we had to attack the village. I killed several people there, and got shot in the hip with a crossbow. Then we got to Australia, the first night I killed some guy around my age. I killed quite a few more over the course of the next week. After that we went to Melbourne, for medical supplies. My dad and I got separated from our group, he got bit and I had to escape Melbourne and walk to Sydney on my own. I killed two more people during that journey. Skip ahead a few years, I'm out of Sydney and travelling here. I got caught off guard by some villagers and taken prisoner and tortured. With the help of my mom, I escaped, and proceeded to kill, I wanna say three or four of them that night. Had to fight through a megahorde not long after that on foot, then ran into the Badlanders that came to invade this place a few days ago. I killed a good number of them too."

"Well, it's pretty clear you're no stranger to fighting for your life and surviving," Birtwell observed as he finished jotting down what Malorie had told him. "However, you're correct in assuming your training isn't going to be considered up to par for what the Army wants. They want to be sure you're not going to be a liability that costs any of your allies their lives."

"Figures," Malorie scoffed. "So how long's the kiddie course here?"
"Julock, I'm a friendly guy so I'll give this to you as a piece of advice; ditch the smartass attitude when you get to basic, or anytime you're around higher rank officers."
"To answer your question however, normally you'd be looking at a ten week course, but, given the special circumstances with the Easterners right now, you might expect for that training period to be shortened so you and other recruits can be put to ready use should a war break out."
"Like I said, I've killed ASF before. I'll gladly do it again, if I'm gonna get an express ticket to do that then I'm certainly not gonna **** about it."
"You've killed ASF before, you haven't killed Easterners before."
"The difference in name doesn't make a difference in my ability to kill one, or ten of them."
"The name isn't the only difference, Julock. They aren't a band of highly armed thugs anymore, they're a war machine. The ASF from four years ago couldn't force us to cooperate with California, but the Eastern Republic of today has done just that."

"What makes them such a threat? I was always under the impression that they were ridiculously outnumbered by Oregon and California."
"You'd be right about that, we've got a drastic numbers advantage. But Oregon and California are still reliant on the weapons of the pre-outbreak world. And that'd be fine normally, but the Easterners aren't reliant on pre-outbreak weaponry. Them being outnumbered has caused their brightest minds to think outside the box, and we've got intel of them developing multiple weapons systems that are purpose built for countering what they know ourselves and California will be bringing to their doorstep."
"Fancy new toys or not, I'm still going to kill them."
"Well, your mindset is exactly what our higher ups are looking for," Birtwell commented, standing up and moving the paper into a folder. "I don't know if the Major mentioned this to you or not, but we don't have a boot camp here in Australia. You're gonna need to get on board transport 216-A at the docks by 1:00 PM sharp along with the rest of this batch of recruits."
"I'll keep an eye on my watch."
"Keep both on it."

[Sunday, June 2nd, 2030 - 12:58 PM]

After getting herself as long of a shower as the staff would permit, Malorie made her way down to Cairns port dressed in some forest camo cargo pants and a grey t-shirt with Oregon's blue flag of duel back to back M1911's and motto "We Thrive As One emblazoned on the back, provided to her and the other thirty or so recruits that would be making the oversea journey to Oregon's homeland. She still had her Walther P38, Colt, UMP, cutlass and KAbar with her, however the firearms were unloaded well before she entered the city and she and the other recruits had already been given strict instruction on keeping their weapons at their sides.

Just about all of the other recruits were already gathered near the hulking cargo ship that was going to be transporting them overseas. Malorie was quick to note that she was the only female among the recruits. There were a few small groups chatting among themselves, clearly people who knew each other before signing up with Oregon. The rest of the recruits were clearly focused on keeping to themselves, much in the same way Malorie was. Within a couple more minutes, and after several late recruits made last second arrivals, a boarding ramp was let down from Transport 216-A as a voice on a loudspeaker blared.

"All recruits to Oregon aboard." a gruff, southern voice ordered followed by three honks of the ships horn. Malorie lined up with the other recruits, marching in a single file line up the narrow ramp. She couldn't help but be reminded of the Atlas once she was aboard 216-A, despite the differences in color and layout between the two. Once the crowd of recruits was aboard, the ramp was readily pulled up before 216-A sounded its horn once more and began to depart from the port.

"Recruits front and center, line up side to side!" A female commander barked loud enough for anyone on deck to hear her. Malorie and the rest of the crowd quickly, and somewhat haphazardly lined themselves up before the officer and the two men on either side of her. She was dressed in an Oregon Navy Captain's uniform, which almost mirrored the former US Navy version of the uniform aside from the inclusion of thin blue tiger stripes running diagonally along the otherwise black uniform. Several soldiers approached the recruits, relieving them of any bags or weaponry they were carrying.

"Your things will be returned to you at the end of the voyage, for the time being we'll be keeping them in storage. Don't want potentially unstable recruits hauling off and stabbing or shooting someone. With that out of the way, I am Captain Melissa Erickson of the Sovereign Commonwealth of Oregon's Navy," She said in an authoritative tone as she began pacing before the recruits with her hands clasped behind her back, looking each over as she spoke. "You may not hold rank yet, but from this moment onward you are all tools for Oregon, her people and her goals. Many of you may know nothing but fighting and surviving for yourselves, or your family. That's one of many things that will be changing over the next weeks for you recruits. You no longer fight for yourselves, you fight for Oregon, her people, and her goals. You will all be molded into weapons of the highest caliber, and it's my job to begin that molding process before you're handed off to the instructors back home. If you thought this was going to be some pleasure cruise for you, you were dead wrong. Your training starts right now, with two hundred laps around the deck!"

[Sunday, June 2nd, 2030 - 2:38 PM]

Gasping for breath, sweating profusely and struggling to continue propelling herself forward, Malorie pressed on with the running. The past hour had been utterly miserable for all of the recruits, some more than others. Once the hundred lap mark came around, some recruits began to try stopping for rest either by choice or from their body demanding it. Whatever the reason, it didn't matter much to the soldiers monitoring the running, nor did it matter to Captain Erickson. Stopping or slowing too much would result in a kick or two to push the recruit forward, if they collapsed altogether they would receive a severe scolding and several strikes until they forced themselves back to their feet.

Malorie was lucky that she'd kept herself in such good physical condition before and after being forced from Sydney, she managed to keep from drawing attention to herself as a result of poor performance. Still, she was by no means a marathon runner and by this point even she was struggling to carry herself forward. She wasn't even keeping track of her laps anymore, instead focusing her mind into keeping herself moving forward. Relief only came once several recruits ahead of her crossed in front of Captain Erickson and she called out that they'd just rounded off their 200th lap.

Relieved, Malorie crossed the 200th lap and immediately laid herself down on the deck of the ship alongside several other recruits, her chest rapidly rising and falling as her exhausted body took its rest. She laid there for several minutes as the others finished up their laps before she and the rest of the recruits were called to attention once more just like when they first arrived on the ship. Captain Erickson went back to pacing and observing each recruit, looking at what the run had done to each one, with exhaustion far more visible on some faces than others.

"I'm going to select a few of you to step forward right now." Erickson said before heading back down the line and pointing at select individuals before motioning for them to line up behind her, Malorie included. Of the thirty two recruits, fifteen stood in the newly formed line.

"Those of you that I just selected, congratulations. You maintained the resolve and self discipline to keep yourselves moving until your task was completed," She then turned around and faced the others, her tone quickly shifting to a more strict one. "As for the rest of you, you've let yourselves and your new nation down. We don't accept that on this ship, and we sure as hell don't accept that back home. I hope you ate good before you boarded this ship, because you won't be getting a bite of food until tomorrow, perhaps an empty stomach will temper your resolve."

"How the hell are we supposed to get better without food in our stomachs?" A male recruit asked in a distressed tone, causing Captain Erickson to sneer at him for a second before passing her captains cap off to one of the soldiers following her. She then quickly strode over to the recruit, who was about to begin saying something else when Erickson struck him hard in the gut with her knee before grabbing and hip tossing him to the metal floor of the ship and getting back up to dust herself off. She then casually returned to the two soldiers between the two lines of recruits, retrieving her cap and putting it back on her head.

"Insubordination, disrespect, or back-talk of any sort will not be tolerated here. I advise the rest of you to take the lesson he was just taught and apply it to yourselves as well, lest I have to do it for you. For now you're all dismissed to mingle and explore the ship if you so desire. Keep out of trouble, and be sure those of you with the privilege find your way to the Recruits Mess Hall by five. Welcome to the Oregon armed forces."
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

Postby TheTeddyguy » Thu Dec 10, 2015 6:36 am

[Sunday, June 2nd, 2030 - 4:58 PM]

With freedom granted to her, Malorie spent a good chunk of the next couple hours exploring the ship. Its layout was far from alien to her, being very similar to the Atlas, but she wanted to be sure of her surroundings since she'd be spending a decent bit of time aboard the ship. As she explored Malorie readily dodged any and all interactions with fellow recruits. Her mood was still poor as could be, and she was well aware that even the slightest provocation would make her lose control of her temper.

Once Malorie familiarized herself with everywhere on the ship she was allowed access to she realized with a glance at her watch that it was nearly time to eat. Arriving just in the nick of time, Malorie wandered into the mess hall in line behind three other recruits. Once it came her turn in line the miserable looking cook slapped an equally miserable looking meal onto her tray; a steaming pile of some sorta mushy meat, a piece of bread and some white rice.

"The hell is this?" Malorie asked in mild disgust, having expected much more appealing food, or at least more of it.
"What you're gonna be eatin' while you're on this boat, that's what. Don't like it, hand it off to one of the ones who ain't gettin' any food and let yourself starve," The cook replied, clearly annoyed. He then poured a glass of water and passed it over to Malorie "Here's your drink, unless that ain't good enough for ya either. Next!"

Walking over to a table in the back corner of the room, away from the other seated recruits, Malorie took a seat in an old metal folding chair and set her food in front of her. She picked at it for several moments, she was never a particularly picky eater, but even by her standards this food was mostly worthy as bait and little more. Several minutes went by, with Malorie's threatening glares deflecting anyone who considered sitting with her. That was until two of the recruits, both not permitted to get food for the day, approached Malorie.

"We've seen you playing with your food," One of them, a man with long straight brown hair and glasses said, putting his hands on the table. She glanced down at his hands then back up at him, a serious, somewhat questioning look on her face. "If you ain't gonna put it in your mouth and eat it, how about you give it to us?"

"And why should I?" Malorie asked after a moment of thought, lifting her boot and putting it on the edge of the table before tilting her seat back a bit.
"Well, for starters we haven't seen ya speak to anyone else since we got here," The other recruit began; he had a very small build, shorter and even a bit skinnier than Malorie, although he seemed a couple years older. "Everyone needs friends and-"
"Everyone needs friends?" Malorie interrupted. "If that were the case, then why am I sitting here with a tray of food while you two have to come and beg me for it?"
"We're not begging you for anything!" The man with glasses said angrily, insulted by Malorie.
"What my friend means, is we're just asking, and trying to offer what we can in return."
"If friendship is all you've got to offer me, then you don't have much to offer."
"I disagree, outside of the captain and a few of the ranked soldiers, you're the only woman aboard this ship. You need people like us looking out for yo-"

The recruit grew silent as Malorie, annoyed by the insistence that she couldn't handle herself, leaned forward, scooped the meat up into the piece of bread along with a handful of rice before taking a big bite as she looked the two in the eyes.

"Oh man, that is better than it looks!" Malorie said after doing her best to hide how disgusted she actually was with the food. The two recruits were less than amused, getting up in silence and storming out of the mess hall, much to Malorie's amusement. Once they stepped out of the door Malorie quickly scarfed down the rest of her food, chugging down the glass of water immediately after to wash down the unpleasant after taste.

[Sunday, June 2nd, 2030 -7:51 PM]

After finishing her food Malorie proceeded to spend some time on the deck of the ship, the setting proved to be greatly cathartic to her after the traumatic events only the other day. Malorie naturally felt at home while at sea, particularly on a ship so close to her childhood home in appearance. Once she'd spent enough time relaxing her mind and body on the deck Malorie made her way to the recruits sleeping quarters. It had been a rec room like on the Atlas, only instead of a bar and other amenities it was filled with several rows of bunk beds. The smarter recruits had already made note of the fact that there weren't enough beds for all of them, and as a result claimed their beds early, with Malorie being among them.

Once night began to roll in over the ocean and curfew neared, the other recruits began to file into the tightly packed room in order to secure beds for themselves. With over half of them already taken, the rest filled up very quickly indeed. Malorie watched with mild amusement as the less prepared recruits scrambled for a bed, laid out on her back with her hands clasped behind her head. Well after all of the beds had someone in them Malorie spotted the two recruits who'd tried getting her food earlier enter the room. Her eyes tracked them as they looked around the room, somewhat distressed. Eventually they began whispering something to each other, glancing over at Malorie as they did so.

After formulating some sort of plan the duo made their way to Malorie's bedside, much more serious looks on their faces than when they approached her earlier.
"What, come here to beg me for my bed now?" Malorie asked, a smirk meant purely to annoy them worn on her face.
"You're half right, we want the bed, we just ain't asking." The man with the glasses said in a threatening tone. Malorie was still far from taking either of them serious, viewing both as pampered safe zone dwellers and little more.
"What, the metal floor isn't good enough for you two lovers?" Malorie asked condescendingly, getting a chuckle from a few nearby recruits watching the exchange.
"Listen girl, we ain't gonna ask you again, get up." The shorter man demanded through gritted teeth.
"Why don't you make me, little man?" Malorie asked with a smirk and raised eyebrow, daring either to try something. With the other recruits finding Malorie's taunting more and more amusing, the taller of the duo took action.

"That's it woman, I've-" The taller man began, grabbing Malorie by the arm. The second his skin touched hers she jumped to her feet and shoved him back in the same motion, flipping a switch in her head right back into fight or die mode. Before either side made another move, the barracks was struck silent by the commanding voice of Captain Erickson.

"Enough!" She demanded once, instantly silencing the rowdy crowd before she stepped into the barracks, her two guards at her back. "You're all supposed to be getting to sleep so I don't kill you with tomorrows training. There'd better be a damned good reason all of you were doing anything but preparing for bed!"

"These two wanted my bed," Malorie explained. "After they tried conning me out of my hard earned food earlier. I'm not just gonna roll over and let either of them have my place!"
"As you shouldn't, if you were feeble enough to do that then you'd belong in California, not Oregon." Erickson said, looking at the two men then back to Malorie. "Normally, a dispute as petty as this would be settled by your ranks, or by your commanding officer. But, seeing as how you hold no rank yet, I think letting you three fight it out is the best way to handle this. Not only will it give myself and the others some entertainment, but it'll also give me a chance to see how well some of you can handle yourselves."
"All three of us fighting against each other?" The shorter man asked.
"You expect me to let both of you team up on one person?" Erickson asked while glaring at the recruit.
"N-No ma'am, but I think I'll sit this one out."
"A coward in Oregon's forces," Erickson scoffed. "You won't last long. As for the two of you, are either of you about to back down?"
"No, Captain Erickson." The two answered in unison before glaring back at one another for it.
"Good to know not everyone I'm dragging home is craven," Erickson said before motioning to the doorway. "Everyone into the hall, line the walls at attention."

"Now you two recruits, what are your names?" Erickson asked once the halls were lined and the fighters were ready.
"Callum McAneney." Malorie's rival answered, looking over to Erickson after passing his glasses off to his friend.
"Malorie Julock." Malorie quickly added, not taking her eyes off of Callum.
"Well Malorie, Callum, my only stipulations for this fight are that you don't kill each other, and that the loser accepts their defeat once the better man," Erickson paused, looking over to Malorie. "or woman comes out on top. The fight's over either when one of you calls for mercy, can't call for mercy, or I call the fight myself. Now get to it, I doubt your fellow recruits wanna be kept up all night long for this squabble."

With that Erickson stepped down the hall a bit and the fight began with the two squaring up against each other. Malorie wanted for Callum to make the first move, but after a little more than five seconds of staring each other down her own impatience and the jeers of those around her got the better of her. Malorie lunged forward at Callum to punch him, only to have it dodged. Thanks to the way she came at him Malorie was left completely open for a counter attack, with Callum delivering it via a knee to her gut. With the air taken out of her lungs, Malorie took several steps back while clutching her stomach. Callum took this as a sign of blood in the water and decided to go on the offensive, grabbing Malorie by her throat with both hands and pushing her back until she hit the wall, the other recruits just barely getting out of the way.

"Bet you wish you'd just decided to give me the bed, huh?" Callum asked Malorie as he choked her and fought to maintain the hold. After prying uselessly at his hands for several seconds, Malorie started swinging her fists at his unguarded face, landing several punishing strikes before he relented his grip on her throat. The moment he was out of striking range for her fists Malorie raised her leg and delivered a hard kick to his stomach, shifting the tide.

He staggered back a couple of paces, still regaining his footing when Malorie threw herself at him with a hard tackle, bringing both crashing to the metal floor of the ship with Malorie perched on his chest. Callum swung his fists in desperation, catching Malorie with a glancing hit before she caught his arm under hers right at the elbow. Realizing how well she had his arm entangled, Malorie began to lean back, putting immense strain on his elbow while she swung at his face with her free hand. His lone free hand was unable to block Malorie's repeated hits, between the strikes and the hold she had his arm in, Callum came to the realization that Malorie had him beaten.

"I give, for fucks sake I give! Don't break my **** arm!" Callum called out as Malorie raised her fist for another hit. She very nearly didn't stop, her instincts telling her to keep going until he was no longer breathing, but her common sense kept her in line.
"I bet you wish you'd just decided to let me keep my bed," Malorie hissed before standing up and dusting herself off. "Huh? If you thought I was an easy target just because I don't happen to have a **** between my legs, you were wrong. Try and demand anything from me again and I will finish snapping that arm. That goes for anyone else who gets the bright idea of trying to threaten or steal from me."
"Well fought, Julock," Erickson said once Malorie was finished threatening Callum. "You've earned yourself a bed to rest your head on tonight, that's for certain. Those of you who have them, get back to your beds now as you've got a much longer day ahead of you tomorrow than today was. The rest of you, I suggest finding a good spot on the floor before you start bashing each others heads in over who gets the prettiest spot."
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

Postby TheTeddyguy » Mon Dec 28, 2015 9:50 am

Friday, June 28th, 2030 - 4:11 PM]

One arm in front of the other, Malorie swam forward against the harsh and choppy ocean waves alongside the rest of the recruits. The past weeks had been anything but easy for all of the recruits, one grueling physical task after another keeping everyone constantly expended of their energy. While some recruits like Malorie began improving their performance over time, a few of the lowest performers were lagging behind worse and worse with every passing day. Captain Erickson continually reinforced her policy of the lowest performers going without food, causing some of them to improve through sheer willpower, while others only got worse as their strength faltered. Malorie figured they were trying to weed out the weak while sending a clear message to the strong that they would receive no sympathy from Oregon if they ever failed to meet their expectations.

Out in the water, Malorie held a distinct advantage over all of the other recruits. Having learned how to swim even before she could run properly, Malorie was more than at home in the ocean waters. The swimming exercises were still quite draining even for her, but she suffered far less than most others as they went on.

"Pick up the pace, McAneney!" Erickson yelled over the side of the ship while watching the swimmers down below, spotting Callum stalled in the water trying to catch his breath. Callum looked up at Erickson then back at his other recruits, still failing to push himself forward. Annoyed, Erickson motioned for one of her guards rifles before taking the M4 and firing five rounds into the water around Callum, frightening him into motion.

"Captain Erickson?" A voice called over the radio at her side.
"What is it Bryant?" She asked while continuing to watch Callum closely. "If you're calling about the shots, I was just scaring one of the pups into moving his ****."
"I wish that was the case Captain, but I didn't call about those shots."
"Then what is it? I'm not fond of having my ear talked off for no reason, you know that."
"It's not for no reason Captain, it's because of a declaration of war." Bryant said grimly, getting a visible reaction from every soldier who overheard the conversation.
"Who shot first?" Erickson asked after a pause.
"All reports my ears have caught are saying the Easterners decided to push up on Amarillo en masse from their bases in the south, apparently trying to further secure their hold on Texas."
"And the current situation? How far in are they?"
"I can't say Captain, these reports are all hot off the presses. My most up to date information is that we're sending in forces immediately from Perryton, I think we can safely assume a healthy response is being formed back home."
"I want every update you hear from back home. I'm going to drag these recruits out of the water and give them an idea of what's going on."


The recruits were promptly retrieved from the water via the life boats on the sides of the ship. All of them were somewhat confused as to why the exercise was cut short, but they were all more relieved than anything. Everyone lined up with their backs to the decks railing, stood in their underwear and dripping from head to toe. It was here that their performance over the weeks was most visible, with the highest performing recruits like Malorie displaying healthy bodies and developing muscles, while the lower echelon recruits such as Callum looked sickly and frail by comparison, receiving only the base nutrients to be kept alive while the others received steadily better rations as performance grew.

"A lot of you are likely wondering why you were brought up without finishing your exercise. The reason is that I have a very important announcement to make, one that affects all of you recruits more than anyone else on this vessel. Oregon and her people are now officially at war with the Eastern Republic."

This caused a mixture of expressions in the crowd; some seemed happy or excited at the prospect of getting to fight sooner than they thought, others grew worried.

"Whoever recruited you may or may not have told you this, but this event's likely to expedite your training process. Obviously you don't have much else to do but train while you're still aboard my ship, but you can consider your training on land to be scrapped. As members of Oregon's Vanguard Legion, your place is going to be on the frontlines of the war. You all know by now I don't sugarcoat things to make you feel better, so here's the honest truth. A majority of you will not be alive by the end of the next month, you are all expendable in comparison to native Oregonian's in the eyes of our leaders. Your place on the battlefield is softening up the opposition for the proper army to crush the weakened targets."

Erickson paced in front of the recruits as she spoke, her hands clasped behind her back as they generally were during her speeches. Several recruits wanted to speak up and voice their opinions, but by now everyone was well aware of the immediate consequences for interrupting Erickson.

"Some of you are undoubtedly disheartened by what I'm telling you. The weakest among you very well should be, if your performance aboard my ship is anything to go by. However, those of you with determination, strength and resolve have a great opportunity for glory you never would have held in your lives prior to stepping aboard this ship. Fight well, fight heroically, kill the Easterners like the dogs that they are and you will stop looking expendable to your superiors. Continue the trend, and by wars end you may even be heroes to the people of Oregon, putting you in a position a survivor digging through rubble for decades old food could only dream of. If any of you have any worthy questions, now's the time to ask them."

"Is there any way for some of us to get a non-combat role in the Vanguard?" A recruit standing next to Malorie asked.
"If you just so happen to be a surgeon, then perhaps. Outside of that, your place is on the frontlines with a gun as far as I and the rest of Oregon is concerned." Erickson answered, waiting several more seconds without receiving another question. "If that's all, then you're all on leave for the rest of the day as I figure out more precise details on what's happening down in Texas. Enjoy it, because the next few days will be more grueling than anything prior so that I can make as many of you as possible ready to face down the Easterners."
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

Postby TheTeddyguy » Wed Jan 06, 2016 8:12 pm

[Thursday, July 4th, 2030 - 9:18 AM]


That was the only way Malorie could describe how she felt ever since she and everyone else caught wind of the new war they were now a part of. She had no worries about killing Easterners, to her they were worth as much as zombies thanks to her experiences with them and everything her parents had told her about them. But she was worried about facing their forces en mass, especially if they had advanced as much as some of the soldiers she'd spoke to had let on. Erickson's rigorous training exercises had grown to be something of a relief for Malorie mentally, as they occupied her thoughts completely while she was fighting through them, leaving no room for anxiety to plague her.

( https://listenonrepeat.com/?v=wtqUGLbPg ... Apocalypse )

After over a month at sea, the ship finally came upon mainland Oregon's coast, right at the mouth of the Columbia River. As they approached, Erickson had all of the recruits line up at the nose of the ship at attention. It was clear that she wanted to proudly display them to her superiors in Portland, before they were sent off to fight and die. Stood on the deck with the rest of the recruits, Malorie eyed the formidable defenses prepared all along the coast of the Columbia river. Immediately visible were several very intimidating large caliber gun emplacements, alongside dozens of pillboxes scattered all around and surface to air missile turrets constantly patrolling the sky. Barbed wire, concrete fences and all sorts of other static defenses were also spread about strategically.

"I see you all eyeing the Columbia Defense," Erickson stated, looking out at the array of emplacements. "They were ordered only a year into Oregon's rebirth, as a way to keep the Eurekan Navy's away from Portland and repel any direct invasions from the ocean. You see that bit of steel sticking out of the water there? That's the only visible remains of several Eurekan ships our guns and missiles sent under during the closing days of the Western Unification War. The rest of their ships realized what they were up against and backed off, if it weren't for these emplacements, many more lives would have been lost in Portland."

The ship continued on along the Columbia River for sometime further, passing several small towns, along with some construction projects that had been abandoned after the outbreak of war. It carried on until they reached the fork that split the Columbia and Willamette rivers, where they encountered a massive steel gate that stretched from one end of the river to the other. A thick and sturdy bridge sat above it, hulking steel chains attaching it to the gate. As Erickson's ship neared, several yellow lights lit up and began spinning on the bridge while the heavy gears beneath it started pulling the gate out of the water. Passing beneath the gate, the recruits had water drip onto their heads as they bared witness to even stronger defenses the closer they got to Portland.

Turning onto the Willamette River, there was a fifteen foot high concrete wall lining either side of the river with small gaps in ports and harbors for ships to enter. Even those gaps however had gates ready to slide shut at the press of a button, allowing the military to segregate and lock-down sections of the city at a moments notice. As downtown Portland came into view for the recruits for the first time in their lives, the buzzing activity from the fresh war was readily apparent. Various helicopters were busily flying from one are of the city to another, transporting troops and supplies to where they needed to be. Alongside that the buzz of C-130 aircraft engines was constant as the massive transport planes flew to and from the Portland International Airport.

Nearing Portland's downtown area to enter the main shipyard commerce center, the recruits all turned their gaze to the lone tower in the city. The Oregon Tower, formerly the Wells Fargo Center, dominated the skyline, having been added onto in recent years by the government occupying it. Pulling into Swan Island Basin and docking at the shipyard center, Erickson warmly greeted another officer wearing a steel grey uniform with a matching beret which had the emblem of a bloodied shield stitched to it.

"Lieutenant Boyce." Erickson said, extending her hand.
"Captain Erickson, it's been too long." Boyce responded warmly as he shook Erickson's hand.
"I'd have you buy me a drink to do some catching up, but something tells me you have more pressing issues."
"Indeed," Boyce said, turning his attention to the recruits who all saluted as he approached, as Erickson had already ingrained in even the most defiant of them. "Thirty-two eh? Most of them look to be doing pretty well, most."
"Anyone you aren't interested in we can send up north."
"Nah, I can find a job for each and every one of them," Boyce said to Erickson before speaking to the recruits. "I'm Lieutenant Quin Boyce, Platoon Commander for the 90th Vanguard Legion B-Company. You are all now soldiers under that umbrella as well, and under my direct command. I advise you retrieve any personal belongings from below deck and meet me on the docks. We've got a flight to catch, and you never want to be late in Oregon."

Without hesitation everyone headed to retrieve their things, Malorie feeling a strong sense of relief when she had her personal weapons back on her. They were the closest physical things left to remind her of lost loved ones, and at this point they were all she had to her name, even the clothes on her back were Oregon's. Within minutes everyone else got back out onto the deck to depart the ship, Erickson stood near the ramp with her hands clasped behind her back.

"I know I've been hard on all of you, but trust me when I say it was for your own good. Life off of this ship won't get any easier once you're in Texas, but at least you're a little more prepared for it. Good luck, and take an Easterner head for me." Erickson said before motioning for the recruits to depart. She'd never attempted to personally bond with any of them, but it was clear she was still at least somewhat worried for them.

With little fanfare, the recruits were all ushered onto several Deuce and a Half's which quickly departed from the shipyard and further into the city. The sight of Portland's streets up close kept every one of the recruits silent as they took in the surroundings of their new countries capital. Military vehicles dominated the streets, driving in every direction on countless different jobs. Some were designated as police vehicles with lights and checkered paint jobs, with a very small minority of traffic belonging to civilians, alongside government run buses to get workers where they needed to be.

The convoy passed through a new checkpoint and layer of wall every five blocks like clockwork. This alongside virtually every building looking identical to the last in the totalitarian, orderly layout gave the city a very gloomy feeling from the outset. Not a shred of green vegetation was visible anywhere that the recruits saw as they rode through town. Occasionally, they'd pass by a small square that held a statue of some sort to break up the monotony. These would always be alongside a loudspeaker spouting government propaganda and news to anyone within earshot at all hours of the day via the Portland Horn news outlet, the only one in the nation.

As they reached further out, the endless brick homes were replaced by rows upon rows of massive factories dishing out a deafening bombardment of noise and black clouds of smoke from their stacks. This kept up for several more blocks before they came upon the airport which like the rest of the city was rife with activity. Taking a side road, the convoy of trucks came upon a checkpoint which they quickly passed with a flash of Boyce's ID, taking them right out onto the tarmac and to the C-130 awaiting them.

"All aboard boys and girls," Boyce yelled over the noise of the airport. "Next stop, Amarillo!"
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

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Thursday, July 4th, 2030 - 3:52 PM]

After a long and uneventful flight, the C-130 touched down at the Amarillo-Oregon Unity Airport in the southern area of the city, near an elementary school that had been repurposed as a barracks for Oregon troops alongside nearby houses to accommodate officers. The moment Malorie left the plane she and everyone else could just make out the sounds of distant explosions and gunfire far to the south.

Following Boyce into the barracks, he led the recruits down the halls and into an already crowded room where a dozen other recruits were sat with their own officer standing at the front of the room.

“I see Melissa had herself a nice haul. Good, we’ll need every one of them.” The other Lieutenant, another young man like Boyce said as he looked over the recruits while they took what seats remained. He was of Middle Eastern descent, his nametag reading “Msouti” and a thin pair of glasses was worn on his face.
“I figured we would, you have all of the intel ready to go?”
“Have for the past half an hour waiting on you.” Msouti replied, grabbing a projector and wheeling it out in front of the recruits. Turning it on, he placed something onto the projector and a map of the former state of Texas appeared.

“Alright everyone watch closely because we’re only going over this once,” Msouti stated, taking a ruler and using it to point at the first spot on the map, a blue dot over Amarillo. “We’re here in Amarillo. Amarillo does not belong to us, but they are an indispensable ally in the south, and the Easterners are trying to crush this city to force us out of the region.”

He now pointed to three red dots, at Midland, Abilene and Fort Worth.
“The Easterners established settlements in these three towns along with a strong military presence two years ago, we had presumed to form a buffer zone between Amarillo and their main stake in Texas,” he now shifted his rulers point down to the south eastern edge of Texas. “Houston.”

“But I’m forced to admit, they surprised us. We never expected them to go on the offensive so long as us and the Eurekans were at peace. On the twenty-eighth of June, the Eastern Republic used Midland, Abilene and Fort Worth as staging points for a three pronged assault on Amarillo, with considerable forces we’ve never seen them muster before.”

He now pointed to the three arrows emerging from the Eastern cities in the direction of Amarillo, the one from Fort Worth holding a large X over it in southern Oklahoma.
“While the bulk of their forces pushed in from Abilene and Midland, they sent a fast moving assault force from Worth. Luckily for us, it seems they were unaware of the considerable forces we had situated into Perryton months prior. Once our scouts caught wind of the force from Worth, the 11th Rubicon Battalion moved out from Perryton and headed the Easterners off in Lawton where they were forced to retreat after the Rubicon’s inflicted significant losses with few of their own. This does not ease our problems to the south however. A large front has formed, with a recent bulge pushing up to Lubbock after the Easterners received further reinforcements from what we believe to be their forces fought off in Oklahoma.”

“And this is where you all come in,” Boyce chimed in. “Lubbock has been a battleground for the past several days, and we need that stalemate broken. Our division has been gathering strength for weeks, and with the fresh batch of recruits command is prepared to send us in alongside the 89th Vanguard Legion Division in there to force them out.”
“Backing us up will be several artillery divisions that are going to be hammering the city before our arrival, alongside some limited Eurekan air support,” Msouti added. “We’re moving within the hour, any questions?”

“Not all of us have weapons from Australia, what are we supposed to do?” One young man Malorie couldn’t see in the crowd asked.
“In the northern end of the airport you’ll find the armory and armorer Hayder, he’ll outfit you with fresh weapons if you need them. If you already have weapons, ammunition can also be acquired from Hayder. But if you’re looking for an odd caliber like 10mm then You’re gonna have to dig that up in the field. Anything else?”
There were a few seconds of silence, with nobody raising any further questions.

“Good, Lieutenant Msouti here will show you all to the armory, and one other thing you all need to go over before we head out,” Boyce explained. “But before that, it’s my honor to declare all of you Privates, First Class, of the Oregon Vanguard Legion. You are all now officially citizens of Oregon, and I expect you to fight for her with all of the fury and devotion you would give to any loved one.”

With their new promotion, everyone followed Msouti to the armory, receiving weapons and ammo as fast as they could fill out the paperwork that went alongside checking out weapons and munitions. The weapons provided were all post-outbreak variations of the AR-15, all chambered in .308 for the extra punch Oregon felt its troops needed to properly face the new battlefield.

Malorie on the other hand happily stuck to her old standy’s; the UMP 45, Walther P38, Colt Single Action alongside her combat knife and cutlass. Ammunition for all three guns were readily available in the armory, allowing Malorie to stock up significantly. Holding hundreds of rounds on her person, she felt a large confidence boost. Knowing that she could now shoot her weapons without worrying about being unable to replace her ammo was a large relief after years of the opposite being true.

Alongside their weapons and ammo, the privates all received their combat uniforms. With time being of the essence none of them held any nametags or any distinguishing features outside of the rank on the shoulder and bloody shield emblem of the Vanguards beneath it. After suiting up in a women’s restroom, Malorie looked at herself in the mirror. The uniform was a light steel grey color, with small black accents along the edges and seams of the outfit. On her head was a loose fitting grey helmet, a relatively simple cushion on the interior providing little comfort. The helmet extended down towards the rear, protecting the ears and some of the back of the neck.

Emerging into the halls with her sleeves already rolled up thanks to the miserable Texas heat, Malorie stood waiting on her fellow recruits to finish changing for several more minutes when air raid sirens began to blair. Some panicking Vanguards emerged from the bathrooms at the sound, recognizing that it signalled serious danger.

“What’s going on?” Boyce asked frustratedly over his radio while Msouti did his best to keep everyone else collected. Before Boyce got a response the ground and building shook as several explosions went off near the armory. Noises alien to most inside of the armory continually screamed overhead followed by further explosions until one found its mark on the armory itself, detonating on the roof of the southern part of the building. While safe from the initial detonation thanks to being in the northern part of the building, everyone including the officers were now frightened enough to leave the building to avoid being buried alive if it came down from subsequent strikes.

Outside everyone now saw exactly what was happening, as dozens upon dozens of fiery rockets screamed over the city before slamming down into random parts of it. Looking over onto the tarmac Malorie could see the C-130 they had been on less than an hour earlier now in pieces, burning on the runway after being struck directly by one of the rockets.

“The sons of whores are striking us from positions set up in Lubbok, mobilize the Vanguard divisions now!” The voice of a furious high ranking commander shouted over Boyce and Msouti’s radios.
“Well, you heard the man!” Boyce shouted to Msouti before looking to his soldiers. “Everyone, we’ve got APC’s waiting for us at the southern end of the base, move with a **** purpose!”

With the sight and sound of the rockets still streaming overhead and the ever present threat of one striking them, the Vanguards didn’t need to be told twice as they all ran along the side of the runway until the APC’s and transports met them halfway. In a rush, the undisciplined troops all piled into the available vehicles. Everyone tried to rush for the available APC’s first, knowing they would be more immediately safe than in the other vehicles. Malorie was unlucky, finding herself with no option but to board an old Humvee alongside some others.

The moment all of the Vanguards were aboard the convoy departed from Amarillo with haste to both escape the bombardment zone and get to Lubbok ASAP.
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