A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

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[Saturday, June 1st, 2030 - 11:44 PM]

Laura watched in helpless terror as her mother and Ivy were brutally attacked by the well armed and organized Badlander's. She wanted to do something, anything to assist the two women, but she was smart enough to know all she'd succeed in doing is getting herself caught or killed. Like watching a train wreck, she couldn't help but watch until the beating was over, upon which both women were scooped off of the ground and dropped in the center of the room next to each other.

"Damn cunts." A male Badlander growled. "Didn't think anything other than the dead would be squatting in this **** town."
"You think they're from the Northern Sanctuary?" A female asked as she patted them down for weapons. "They're still breathing. What do you want us to do with them Victor?"
"I doubt it, but anything's possible, and if they know something that might make the assault easier on our end then I wanna know it too." Victor, presumably this groups leader, commented. "Tie 'em up, bandage them enough that they don't bleed to death on the way, and send them back to base camp 29, they can deal with these two while we finish clearing this town."

As Ivy and Megan were hauled outside, Laura turned herself around in the narrow vents and began cautiously making her way forward. The old metal creaked with each movement she made, if the small girl were any heavier she'd likely break the vents as she made her way through them, but luckily she seemed to be just the right size to make her way through them. Reaching into her pocket she retrieved a small Zippo lighter from it, flipping it open and lighting it after several strikes. The dinged up lighter did its job, allowing her to get her bearings a bit better and see turns and drop-offs as they grew near. At this point, Laura's main focus was on getting out of the vents and the building so she could find somewhere to contact Leonard without being overheard.

The vents, while maze like and clearly not meant to be crawled through, were still navigable once Laura reasoned that heading downwards through the drop-offs would be her best bet since their room was on the second floor. Reaching the first drop-off, she held the Zippo out over and looked down it, discomforted by the distance of the fall which looked worse from inside of the vent than it actually was.

"I can do this." She reassured herself in her head after stowing her lighter, slowly moving to where her legs were dangling over the ledge. Wanting to make as little noise as possible and avoid hurting herself, Laura spread her feet and put them against the opposite sides of the vent. With the bottoms of her feet now against the sides she steadily began lowering herself further until her hands were in the same position, allowing her to slowly and steadily inch her way down to the bottom of the vent. There was undoubtedly a fair amount of noise generated by this, but the Badlanders didn't seem to be within earshot of the particular section of vent the young girl was climbing through.

After several minutes of tediously descent, Laura's feet could finally touch the bottom of the vents running along the first floor. Getting back down to a crawling position, Laura resumed her search for a safe spot to leave the vents and hopefully escape the Grand Hotel. After some minutes of crawling she found several slits of moonlight peaking through a vent cover, stowing her lighter once more, Laura carefully crept forward to the vent cover, coming to a dead stop once the door to the room flung open. Two Badlanders made their way into the room, shining their lights around the furniture and possible hiding spots.

"This is gonna be the big one, I can feel it." A female voice said as they searched the room. "No half-assed raid like the attacks before, a full scale assault."
"You're more optimistic than I." The other Badlander, a man, replied. "They've kicked our asses soundly a dozen times before."
"And that's why we're doing things different this time." The woman responded irritably, flipping a mattress over to look underneath the bed. "I wouldn't of come along if I felt differently. We do this right, no more hungry bellies for the kids and older folks back in the 'Lands for at least three or four months."
"If our little smash 'n grab does work, then we'd better cross our fingers that the Sanctuary doesn't decide to bring the fight back to us."

"You know damn well the softies ain't gonna take a step outta their little-" The woman was responding as she and her ally made their way out of the room, their voices fading. Breathing a massive sigh of relief, Laura grabbed her lighter once again along with the small Swiss army knife she'd retrieved a week or so prior from a house the group stayed in. Fumbling through the different tools with one hand while holding the lighter in the other, she eventually found a phillips head screwdriver which fit perfectly into the screws holding the vent cover in place. Her lighter began to falter once she got the second screw off, but by this point she didn't really need the light to finish the job.

Pushing the cover off of the vent, Laura crawled out and stood back up. Her brief feeling of success was quickly subdued as the sounds of roaming Badlanders in the building brought her back to reality. Quickly Laura found the window to the room, which like all others on the first floor was completely boarded up. Not wanting to risk moving into the halls for another exit, Laura instead began searching the room for something she could use, eventually coming up with a plank of wood left behind by whoever had barricaded the window. Trying to use the plank as a pry bar, Laura stuck it in between two of the boards on the window. With all of her might Laura pushed downwards on the plank, until finally both the plank she was using and one of the boards on the window snapped almost simultaneously from the pressure.

The sudden snap dropped Laura onto the floor as she'd been leveraging all of her body weight downward on the plank, although she was quickly back up to her feet once the sounds of Badlander boots running through the halls hit her ears. Desperately she tried squeezing through the gap she'd managed to make, ignoring a cut she received on her upper arm from a nail in the process of squeezing through.
"Stop, don't **** move!" The same female voice from earlier ordered. Laura had no intentions of getting caught if she could avoid it however, so she ignored the woman's order completely and kept on squirming her way through the gap. Just as she got her waist through it, the female Badlander grabbed Laura's ankle, making her hang upside down from the window for a moment.

"Ah, a runt!" She said from inside of the building upon realizing how light Laura was. Laura in response used her free foot to kick the Badlanders hand with her heel, making the woman curse and let go of Laura, dropping her right onto her head. With no time to deal with her painful injuries, Laura scrambled to her feet in order to escape the backyard only to find that the entire yard was enclosed by a tall barbed wire fence.

"No!" She shrieked in terror as she realized she was trapped, until she spotted a small animal of some kind dart through a small gap at the bottom of the fence a few feet from her to escape the yard. Following its lead, Laura got down in the dirt and tried crawling under the fence. As she did so, the back door to the building began to flex with some dust coming off of it with each thud as the Badlanders tried busting the barricaded door down. By the time they broke it open and rushed the yard, Laura was nowhere to be found and thanks to the fence, they couldn't easily spread out to pursue her right away.

Once she'd cleared the underneath of the fence, Laura sprinted through four more backyards before coming to one filled with junked car husks. She climbed towards the middle of the group of vehicles before ducking into the back seat of an SUV which still had its rear windows in tact. Reaching to her side now, Laura unclipped the radio from the waist of her jeans and quickly worked on getting it turned on.

"Leonard, Leonard are you there?" She asked in a hushed tone with clear desperation in her voice.
"Laura!" He answered back with some excitement and relief at the sound of her voice, before he could say anything else, a brief scuffle could be heard for the radio.
"Where's my mom?" Malorie's voice demanded.
"She-She got caught by these people!" Laura tried to explain, beginning to cry now that she was sitting down and had a moment to really analyze everything. "My mum did too!"

"Caught? What do you mean caught, they're still alive?"
"Yeah, yeah they are." Laura answered, wiping her nose and trying to stifle back the tears. "The people who caught them, one said to bandage them up so they don't d-die. He said something about a, uhm, base camp I think. Twenty-nine or something I think."
"You can explain more of this when you're safe." Leonard stated after snatching the radio back from Malorie, her disregard for Laura's feelings frustrating him greatly. "Where are you right now?"

"I-I'm a few houses from the big hotel." Laura answered as she ducked down onto the floor of the SUV thanks to several vehicles coming down the street.
"Do you still have that compass your dad gave you?"
"Yeah." Laura answered, reaching to her side with her free hand and grabbing the compass which hung from one of her belt loops by a small section of shoe string.
"Well I need you to make your way north, keep going North until you reach the big dry riverbed. It's not too far from where you are now. When you get there, just keep going east along the riverbed until you find a small patch of woods, then you call me and I'll come get you. Alright?"

"I.." Laura muttered, thinking everything over for a moment before continuing. "I'm scared, Leonard."
"I know you are kiddo, anyone in your shoes right now would be, but you've gotta stay strong." Leonard encouraged. "You're fast, physically and mentally, you can outsmart these big idiots and sneak your way out of there, I know you can."
"Alright, Leonard. I'll-" Laura began before pausing for a second. "Crap, oh crap."

After muttering those last words unintentionally into the radio, she killed the volume on it and did her best to crawl up beneath the back seat as several Badlanders made their way into the small junkyard. She remained still as a stone, not even daring to breathe as a small group of Badlanders worked their way through the mess of vehicles in their search for her. They were checking high and low, searching every obvious nook and cranny. Eventually they made their way to the center of the junkyard and to the SUV Laura was hiding in, she flinched as one smashed out one of the back windows for a better look at the interior.

Laura stared wide eyed at the beam of the Badlanders flashlight as she cowered, until finally it vanished as the Badlanders moved on. With a bullet dodged, Laura waited several minutes before cautiously making her way forward.

[Sunday, June 2nd, 2030 - 12:11 AM]

Ivy awoke in a panic, bound and blindfolded in what must have been the bed of a truck rocketing across the rough remnants of the road. Added onto this, she was instantly hit with extraordinary pain in her stomach, where a bullet remained lodged. The Badlanders who'd been put in charge of dealing with Ivy and Megan hastily bandaged the wound as they were told, but she could feel her warm blood starting to seep through it. Multiple other points on her body and face were also dealing with a fair amount of pain, brought on by the beating the Badlanders had given the two before their capture.

"Megan, are you there?" She asked shakily while attempting to calm herself.
"Yeah, yeah I'm here." Megan said back, slightly relieved to hear Ivy's voice. "Are you alright? I saw you go down when they shot at us, before they got to me."
"I've lived through a lot worse." Ivy groaned.
"Ivy, I'm terrified right now."
"When we get to wherever they're taking us, you do your best to hide that." Ivy said as she struggled to feel around for some kind of tool to possibly use to free her and Megan. "I'm scared too, but the more you show it, the worse it'll get for us."
"How do you know?"
"Because I've been in this position before, more than once." Ivy growled, somewhat frustrated with herself for getting herself and Megan in this situation. "Who knows what they want from us right now, I'm shocked they didn't beat us to death then and there. But since they didn't, we've just gotta hold out long enough for Malorie and the others to track us down."
"How're they gonna do that with no car? In the time we've been chatting, we've probably covered almost an hour of walking distance."
"They'll find a way, you've seen how tenacious Malorie is, and Leonard isn't going to leave us high and dry either." Ivy said, pausing as the truck slowed down and pulled onto what sounded like a dirt road. "We're gonna make it through this, and we're gonna do it for our daughters."

After a few more seconds the truck came to an abrupt stop followed by the sound of the vehicles door opening and then shutting.
"You two come to yet, or are ya brain dead after that beating?" A male voice asked as he came around and dropped the tailgate.
"We're up." Ivy answered bitterly.
"Good, would've been damn annoying to get here and find I wasted the gas dragging a couple of corpses around." The man replied before reaching into the bed and grabbing Megan by one of her ankles, forcibly yanking her out of the bed of the truck and dropping her on the ground with a painful thud on her back. He then did the exact same thing to Ivy, making her writhe in pain as she landed face down further upsetting her gunshot wound. A moment later their captor cut the bindings on both of their ankles before forcing the two women to their feet with his hands holding onto their bound arms to guide them and keep either from bolting.

"Y'know, the man you shot was a good friend of mine." Their captor growled as he led them somewhere down a dirt path. "I know outsiders like to paint us as barbarians, but he was a good man, and you deserve all of what you're about to get for doing him in."
"She didn't shoot him, I did." Ivy said.
"I don't really give a ****." He responded gruffly before his tone changed, speaking to someone else. "Caught these up in Hughenden."
"Northern scouts?" A female voice inquired.
"Possibly, that's why Vic wanted them brought back here. These two also put a few rounds in one of our own, so even if they sing like birdies on whatever they know, you make sure they pay for that."
"I'll pass the word along." The female said as she unlocked and opened a metal door, agitation appearing in her voice at the news.

After passing Ivy and Megan off to the other guard, the truck driver took his leave as the two were escorted deeper into whatever building they were now inside of. The two were made to walk for about a minute before being forced to their knees and ordered to wait. Blindfolded with their hands bound and inside of a foreign location, the two had little choice in the matter.

"If their main thing is wanting revenge for their friend, I'll do my best to take every bit of whatever they wanna dish out." Ivy whispered nervously, trying to calm Megan as she heard the woman's breathing pick up considerably.
"Because I shot him.." Ivy said, taking a deep breath. "And your daughter's younger, as much as I hate even talking like this, she needs you more than mine needs me."
"To hell with that, we're in this together, both of our daughters will get to see us again, not just one!" Megan responded passionately, failing to stifle back some tears as her nerves started to overwhelm her.

Before Ivy could give a response, a metal door could be heard creaking open as foot steps approached on the concrete floor. The two braced for anything, although the first thing the person did was undo their blindfolds. As Ivy's came off she squinted hard thanks to the bright lights in the garage they were inside of, before she could see clearly, another woman's voice spoke.

"I can't believe it." The voice said, seemingly taken aback by something. "I honestly never thought I'd see your ****' face again, any of your faces."
"Who-" Ivy began to ask, her eyes finally adjusting. Once she could see properly, it didn't take Ivy long to make a startling realization; the woman standing in front of them was the same girl the group had taken hostage years ago in exchange for supplies.

"Yeah, you remember me too I think." She said, her demeanor surprisingly calm at the moment. "My name's Holly, you made me watch as your people killed my dad, then you used me like a human shield to make it past my town, remember?"
"I remember.." Ivy muttered. "I also remember sparing you, because I felt terrible that we had to use you and your father like that."
"Well that makes it all better then, doesn't it?" She asked, quickly becoming more upset as Ivy's face brought the traumatic events back to her. "You deciding to not execute me, that makes up for me being forced to watch my father poisoned? It makes up for all of my friends that you killed when they tried to get justice for my father?!"
"I-I didn't say it did." Ivy muttered, trying in vain to reason with Holly. "But I didn't want things to happen like that either, none of us did, if your people hadn't poisoned the water then-"

Ivy was cutoff mid sentence by a heavy handed punch from Holly to the side of her face, almost knocking her onto her side from the force of the hit. Megan, terrified and completely out of the loop as to Ivy and Holly's past with each other, remained silent for the time being. After throwing the strike Holly shouted for the other guards in the garage to leave her be, sending them outside and to other buildings in the compound.

"My hands were clean when you and your people did what you did." Holly hissed as Ivy recovered from the strike. "Despite that, no amount of pleading saved my father or friends, so don't you **** think for a second your words are going to get you out of this!"

"Now you, I don't remember your face." Holly said, turning her gaze to Megan and crouching down to face level with her.
"That's because she wasn't there." Ivy said, spitting some blood from her gums out onto the floor.
"Is that so? Well regardless, a friend of yours is bound to be as bad as the rest of the group that I did encounter."
"You're wrong, I'm not her friend, just the opposite actually." Ivy explained, causing Holly to raise an eyebrow and for Megan to shoot a questioning look her way. "In fact, I arguably ruined her life more than yours."
"That's a tall claim." Holly said, fists clenching as she took offense. "Even if that were the case, then why in the hell were you two together?"

"Because she didn't have much choice in the matter." Ivy said regretfully, glancing over to Megan before back to Holly. "She lived in a village in the Pilliga reserve North of Sydney, I brought an end to that village. I personally shot or stabbed almost a dozen of her friends, and I put several bullets in her husbands chest. The only reason we were paired up when you found us was out of necessity."
"This true?" Holly asked Megan, who looked at Ivy for a moment before nervously nodding her head to Holly.
"Then you must want to hurt her as badly as I do, maybe even a little more." Holly said to Megan, speaking in a much more welcoming tone with her now.
"I-I did." Megan said sheepishly.
"Well, then you've got yourself a once in a lifetime opportunity." Holly said, a slight grin coming over her face as she grabbed Megan by the arm and stood her up, positioning her so she and Ivy were facing each other. "Let's both take our revenge against her, help me make her pay for what she did to the people I loved, and the people you loved. No more traveling with this human trash and her group just to keep yourself alive, I'll see to it you get a spot among me and my people."

"I'm not g-good at hurting people." Megan said while looking down at Ivy, clearly shaken and conflicted by the proposition just laid out in front of her.
"I wasn't either, I was the kind of girl who never wanted to hurt anyone who didn't deserve it, but I can say she deserves it." Holly explained, using her knife to cut the bindings on Megan's wrists. "We need to get some important information from her, then we can make her pay for every ounce of pain she's caused to people we loved and cared about, and for whoever she may have hurt before she crossed our paths."
"What kind of info?" Ivy asked, doing her best to maintain a tough outward appearance, hoping to further play off the fact that her and Megan had reconciled in hopes of keeping Megan safe.

"Well first and foremost, I wanna know where the rest of your people are cowering." Holly said authoritatively. "The rest of them are as guilty as you, some even more so. My people are spreading out to hit the Northern Sanctuary hard, they'll be found soon regardless. But give them up, maybe you'll get a chance to say a goodbye if my new friend and I are feeling extra generous."
"Anyone else from my group that you want dead, you'll need to go to Sydney for." Ivy said, a slight smirk on her face, not wanting to give Holly the satisfaction of knowing almost all of them were now dead.
"Fine. That's fine." Holly growled menacingly. "I'll just have to string your punishment along for long enough to make up for the rest of them getting away with it. You won't have the strength or will left to smirk like that when my new friend and I are finished with you."
"The ASF couldn't do that, the bastards who scarred my entire body couldn't, Wade couldn't, you sure as hell won't." Ivy said defiantly. "Nothing you do will surpass what they did to me, and I still bounced back from them."

Holly sneered at Ivy for a moment before walking off to the side of the garage where a number of tools the Badlanders had scavenged in the building were collected. As she sifted through them, Ivy whispered to Megan who was still standing in front of her.

"Do what she tells you, anything she asks you to do to me, you do it." Ivy told Megan, grim seriousness carried on her quiet words.
"Ivy, I-"
"Jack was his name, right? Well you think about him, you think about your home, you think about every person that was alive the day before we crossed paths and wasn't by the end of the next. And most important, you think about Laura."

Megan got no time to respond as the two noticed Holly approaching them once more, a crowbar held firmly in her hand.

"Stand her up." She ordered Megan as she approached. Megan looked at her like a deer in headlights for a moment before looking back to Ivy who gave her a small nod. Grabbing Ivy's arm, Megan brought her up to her feet as Holly closed the distance between them. Ivy had barely fully stood up before Holly swung the crowbar, driving the hook of it directly into the side of her knee. Ivy howled in pain, falling over almost instantly and landing on the crowbar, the force dislodging it from beneath her kneecap. Megan covered her mouth with her hand and took several steps away, absolutely horrified to see Ivy take such a gruesome injury.

"Nobody told you to stop standing." Holly hissed, grabbing Ivy by both of her arms and forcing her back up to her feet, subjecting Ivy to even further agony as her left leg instantly buckled. "Take the crowbar out of there, you get the other knee, make sure escape isn't an option for her!"

Megan didn't respond, too shocked and conflicted to make a decision. Weeks ago she would have loved to do hurt and kill Ivy, she wanted to make her pay just like Holly wanted to make her pay. But, even then, Megan had no intentions of prolonging Ivy's suffering in such a way, having never had a sadistic side to her personality. Now that she'd reconciled with Ivy, this horrific attack was something she could hardly stomach to watch, let alone take part in the torture herself.

"I...I can't." Megan said after picking up the bloodied crowbar, stepping backwards slowly with a terrified look on her face.
"What?" Holly asked, a mixture of anger and confusion in her voice.
"I just can't be part of something like this, I don't have it in me to torture a person no matter what they did!" Megan tried explaining as she stepped back from Ivy and Holly.
"Spineless." Holly said through gritted teeth, letting go of Ivy and allowing her to fall back to the floor. Megan's hesitation made her question if Ivy's story was true, and as a result took away any chance of her trusting Megan.

With her knee injury Ivy could do little other than watch what happened next, as Holly quickly closed the distance between her and Megan. Instinctively Megan started to raise the crowbar as Holly got close, fearing for her life. Megan's lack of fighting experience and killer instinct left her virtually helpless as Holly stepped forward, effortlessly avoiding Megan's clumsy swing before driving her knife into Megan's stomach. As the knife plunged into her gut, Megan dropped the crowbar as a look of shock came over her face, an agony filled scream issuing from her lungs a moment later as Holly forcibly dragged the blade downwards, splitting open her stomach.

"I gave you a chance." Were the last words Megan heard before Holly let her collapse to the ground, shock taking hold of her not too long after. Ivy, still on the ground clutching what was left of her knee, could do little more than await whatever Holly had planned as the woman turned her attention back to her.

"I'm sorry, Malorie."


Once she was confident the coast was clear, Laura made her way out of the SUV husk she'd taken shelter in and under another fence to get back out onto the street. She ducked behind a green plastic trashcan as another Badlander truck came driving down the road on patrol for her.

"North, go North until the riverbed." She whispered to herself, wanting to be sure she followed Leonard's instructions to the letter. "Then East until the woods."

With no car or Badlanders in sight after the truck turned, Laura ran forward across Stansfield street and right into more fenced off yards. Keeping her head on a swivel as she moved, Laura did her best to not stop for even a second as she quickly either climbed over or under several sets of fences before reaching Brodie street. Here she stopped for just a moment, looking both ways for Badlanders before sprinting across the street again. Unluckily for her, a Badlander truck quickly and unexpectedly rounded the corner as she reached the other side of the street and her next obstacle; an iron gate between the chain businesses on that side of the street.

As its headlights illuminated her she quickened her pace even further, nearly injuring herself as she clumsily clambered over the gate. The truck pulled up and stopped for a moment as she sprinted down the narrow alleyway, quickly turning around and speeding off in another direction a moment later. Laura paid it little mind however, instinct and adrenaline being the driving forces for her at this point as her legs and lungs screamed out in pain from exertion they weren't accustomed to. Laura felt a sense of relief come over her as she reached the Flinders riverbed. She now allowed herself to stop for a brief moment, catching some breath as she looked at her compass to confirm the direction he needed to head in.

Once she knew for sure which way was East, she immediately set off in that direction, still running as quickly as she could manage. After a few minutes of running, Laura could see the outline of rows of trees against the dark sky. However almost simultaneously, a bright light started growing closer, illuminating her and the ground around her. She didn't even need to turn to know that a Badlander vehicle was now on her tail, presumably the one that had spotted her earlier as she climbed the gate.

"L-Leonard!" She struggled to scream out as her exhausted lungs fought for breath, putting one last burst of energy into her legs to carry her forward to what she considered safety. Laura made it mere feet from the treeline before the truck came up directly behind her, the passenger jumping out before the vehicle even came to a stop in order to catch Laura. His fresh pair of legs allowed him to effortlessly catch up to Laura, tackling her just as hard as if she were an adult and slamming her into the dirt.

"And just where do you think you're going kiddo?" He asked as he pinned her face against the ground with one hand, turning around to speak with his friend as he held Laura in place. "Radio back that we got the last straggler!"
"Will do." The other man replied, jogging back to the truck.
"Well, you're a tiny little thing ain't ya? I think you'll make for a nice little housekeeper, how's that sound, huh?" The Badlander jeered, taking a pair of handcuffs from his side and preparing to put them on Laura.

"Shut up." Leonard's voice issued from behind the man, causing him to turn his head only to be knocked out cold with a solid strike the moment he did. With Nicholas's help, the two lifted the unconscious body off of Laura and tossed him aside. She quickly sprang forward once she could, embracing Leonard in a tight hug as she sobbed between gasping breaths.

"It's alright now kiddo, you're safe now." Leonard assured her. As he did his best to comfort Laura, Malorie turned off the truck for the moment, having stealthily killed its driver at the same time Leonard made his move.
"Mum an-and Ivy aren't!" Laura said, struggling to speak clearly.
"Where'd they take them?" Malorie asked, wiping some blood from her K-bar off on her shirt as she approached.
"She probably knows about as much as we do, Malorie." Nicholas said, trying to get Malorie to give Laura a chance to collect herself.
"I'm sure our friend here has some info that could help us plan our next move." Leonard said, motioning to the Badlanders unconscious body.
"I've got him." Malorie said, a deathly serious look on her face as she approached him. Already laid out on his stomach, Malorie grabbed his handcuffs from out of the dirt and slapped them tightly onto his wrists. "Help me load him into the back of the truck, we'll drive around for a bit until I get a location from this guy, then we head straight there."
"What are you gonna do?" Nicholas asked.
"Whatever I need to do in order to figure out where my mom is." Malorie responded simply. "The same kinda stuff that Laura's dad did to me."

With Nicholas's help, the Badlander was hefted into the back seat of the truck with Malorie climbing in beside him. Once the truck pulled back onto a dirt road and they were free from earshot of other Badlanders, Malorie delivered a solid strike with the handle of her K-bar to the hostages nose, breaking it and waking him up with a shout.

"Quit **** crying." Malorie ordered, forcing the mans silence by pressing her forearm up against his throat, choking him and pinning him against the window as she placed the edge of her K-bar to his cheek with her other hand. "Those two women you people just captured, with your next breath you're going to tell me where they were taken, or you're losing a piece of your face."
Malorie then took enough pressure off of the mans throat to allow him to breathe for a moment and let him speak.
"I....I don't know where-" He began, cut off as Malorie put pressure onto his neck again.
"What did I tell you?!" She barked, suddenly sawing off a thin layer of flesh on his cheek and causing him to scream out, his voice filling the truck. Laura covered her ears in response, while Nicholas turned to see what was happening after initially trying to avoid seeing the torture.
"Malorie.." He said, somewhat stunned to see her so coldly and brutally torturing the Badlander.
"Not now, Nick!" She yelled without looking back before striking the Badlander twice on the same spot she'd just skinned. "You're going to die here, the only difference holding your tongue makes is if you'll die quickly in a few seconds, or if I'm going to have to bleed you dry by peeling you down to a **** skeleton with my knife. Now we're gonna try this again, I let go, you tell me what I want to know, or I take some more of that cheek until I can see those pearly **** whites."

"No, no more!" He pleaded once he could breathe, staying Malorie's hand for a moment before he spoke again. "Th-They were sent to the base camp we established before Hughenden, out West, just a cluster of buildings off'a Flinders!"
"You hear him Leonard?" Malorie asked.
"Getting us on route now." He responded, pulling a U-turn on the dirt road they were on.
"And why are you Badlanders this far East setting up camps?" Malorie asked, mostly out of curiosity.
"There's a food shortage in the homelands, worse than usual. Our scouts discovered the great hordes in the East are finally hitting their expiration dates, so we decided that this was the time to make our move on the Northern Sanctuary, sack it with as much manpower as we can muster by spreading out all along their southern border and attacking at once. We thought those women were from the Sanctuary!"

"You were wrong." Malorie said simply before thrusting her K-bar straight through his jugular, piercing all the way through his spinal cord with the tip of the blade before she opened the door behind him and kicked his body from the moving vehicle.

There was a relatively long silence after the Badlanders slaying, Malorie's cold effectiveness in torture proving unsettling the other three survivors, especially Nicholas.

[Sunday, June 2nd, 2030 - 12:28 AM]

"Hey, I think I see a fire!" Nicholas spoke up, pointing to a small orange glow some distance off of the highway. After driving on Flinders Highway for sometime in the direction they were given, doubt was beginning to grow among the survivors as to if their information was accurate, but luckily this was their first real sign that it was.
"There we go." Malorie said, eyeing the fire and slowly starting to make out the silhouettes of nearby buildings as she gazed in that direction.
"Okay, assuming this is where they're at, now what?" Leonard asked.
"We need a distraction." Malorie said after a moment of thought. "We're low on guns and even lower on bullets, if we went in there as is we'd either be shot to pieces or join mom and Megan as prisoners. Assuming that **** stain was telling the truth, there's gotta be a decent number of Badlanders here along with every other checkpoint they've setup."
"So how do we go about distracting them?"

Without another word, Malorie passed Nicholas her UMP which had a single mostly full magazine she'd been saving.
"Just like I showed you the other week, except this time you're gonna be actually shooting it." Malorie told Nicholas. "Leonard pulls up to the camp, you hose down anyone outside with that, then Leonard gets the hell outta dodge and hopefully takes most of them with you."
"And what about you?" Leonard asked.
"I'll be dropped off just before we make ourselves known, with any luck I'll be able to sneak in there and get mom and Megan out without too much getting in my way."
"And if they take the bait, what then?" Leonard asked. "Kinda leaves us in a bad spot."
"Figure something out, I don't know." Malorie said. "It's not a perfect plan, but it's better than anything I've heard suggested so far."
"We'll do it, we don't know how much time we can afford to waste planning this out." Nicholas said after a moment, getting a nod from Leonard who pulled the truck off road at a low speed with the lights off to stay concealed.

"Alright, here's my stop." Malorie said once they came close enough to clearly make out the structures around the small compound.
"Malorie, are you sure you don't want me or Leonard with you?" Nicholas asked, terrified of sending his girlfriend off alone like this.
"You need someone to drive, and someone to shoot. I don't think Laura's quite up for either of those things yet." Malorie said as she readied her weaponry. Nicholas was about to protest further, but she silenced him by leaning her head into the front seat and kissing him once before stepping out of the truck. "I love you, Nick. Keep Jade safe. I'll get moving as soon as I hear the shots."

With that, Leonard pulled the truck forward to the cluster of buildings while Malorie crept up to a better position.
"Laura, you take Jade and get in the back. Keep your head down, alright?" Leonard said to Laura, who nodded in response, taking Malorie's cat in her arms and climbing into the back.
"So any, idea as to what we'll do after I unload?" Nicholas asked as the truck got closer and closer to their target.
"I'm gonna stick off road, should keep us from stumbling into another one of their camps and bringing more heat down on us. With any luck, we'll be able to outrun them and get back to pick up the girls before the Badlanders make it back."

With no more time for discussion, the truck pulled up to the cluster of buildings. Around a dozen Badlanders were gathered around a decent sized bonfire, they noticed the truck right away but didn't think much of it as they recognized it as one of theirs. That changed once Nicholas rolled the window down enough to stick the barrel of the UMP out and open up with it, while his fire was far from what anyone would call accurate, the close proximity of the Badlanders allowed for him to wound several with the wild spray.

The magazine ran dry within seconds of sustained fire however, and the Badlanders were quick to start returning the favor. Leonard stomped on the gas, peeling the truck out for a moment before speeding away from the compound and deeper into the outback.

"It's working, they're following!" Laura said after a few moments of driving, spotting several sets of headlights behind them bobbing up and down on the uneven ground.
"Come on, dumbasses!" Leonard yelled from the drivers window, getting caught up in the adrenaline fueled moment. Without thinking about it, Leonard was leading the Badlanders eastward, straight towards Walker Creek.

Leonard didn't spot the creek until the last possible second, managing to slow down enough to not crash the truck, but still with too much momentum to avoid slipping into the creek. The water was sitting a little higher than usual, submerging the truck up to about the height of its hood and quickly flooding the engine, causing a stall.
"Son of a ****, come on, you can't stall out here!" Leonard cursed, trying the keys repeatedly in vain.
"They're on our tail Leonard, what do we do now?" Nicholas asked, terror quickly filling him once he realized they now had no chance to outrun the Badlanders.
"We've gotta get outta the truck and hide, try and ambush them." He said after a moment of thought, quickly opening the door and dropping into the water which came up to his chest. As Leonard searched for cover, Nicholas grabbed Laura and Jade from the back seat, bringing them to a small alcove at the edge of the creek just large enough for them to duck into. Leonard elected to use the water for cover, submerging all but his head and leaning that against a mostly submerged tree.

It wasn't much longer before the Badlander vehicles pulled up to the side of the creek, having seen their truck plummet into the water they knew to avoid doing the same. Several sets of doors could be heard opening and shutting before flashlight beams started dancing around the creek.

"Looks like they ducked outta their truck, spread out and find them." A man ordered, with the twenty or so Badlanders doing just that. Leonard remained tightly pressed against the tree he was hiding behind, knowing that being spotted prematurely would surely mean his end. Luckily for him as several Badlanders approached he could hear their sloshing in the water, giving him the heads up to duck underneath the surface for a moment. Once he was confident the line of Badlanders had passed, he poked back up to see one obliviously standing in front of him, shining her light around with one hand to illuminate the other side of the creek as a few of her friends walked to the other side of the creek while she held her weapon in the other hand.

Before she knew he was even there Leonard knocked the woman out cold with a punch to the side of her head from behind. Quickly he snatched her gun from her hands, a semi automatic AK-47, turning it on her allies who were just now turning around after noticing her light vanish as it dropped into the water. They had no time at all to react as Leonard put several rounds into each of them, squeezing the trigger as fast as his finger could manage. His advantage didn't last, as some Badlanders from further down the creek realized what was happening and started laying down a flurry of suppressing fire in his direction.

One bullet found its mark on his forearm, causing him to shout in pain and try ducking to the other side of the tree. Doing so only brought Leonard under more fire however, as the relatively disciplined Badlanders zeroed in on his position and closed the noose. A few rounds sprayed from an automatic weapon hit the water around him before one finally found its way into his chest, taking the fight out of Leonard as he took his final breath and dropped underneath the surface of the water.

Sadly, Nicholas and Laura were both able to witness this from the tiny alcove they were hiding beneath. Nicholas didn't allow his emotions to get in the way of survival however, taking Laura and making a break for the vehicles still parked alongside the creek while the Badlanders were focused on confirming Leonard was dead. Before any of them noticed, Nicholas hopped into a still running SUV with Laura and Jade before spinning it around and speeding off back towards the Badlander base, intent on not losing the others as well.


Once Malorie saw the trucks speed off into the distance she made her move, slipping past a small treeline and approaching the cluster of buildings. She quickly noticed several wounded Badlanders around the fire being treated by some of their allies that had stayed behind. Two well aimed shots from Michelle's revolver brought an end to the medics, leaving the wounded helpless as Malorie closed in, slashing their throats with her cutlass until she came to the last surviving Badlander.

"Your prisoners, where are they?!" She demanded, putting the revolver to the woman's head as she held her by the collar of her shirt.
"Th-The garage." The terrified woman stuttered before Malorie executed her with the revolver, immediately turning her attention to the building.

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Am7eHyJ8_1Y )

Approaching the metal door, Malorie readied her Walther before forcing it open, trying to be prepared for anything. She wasn't prepared for what she found however, Megan and Ivy both laid out on the ground, the grey concrete awash in their blood.

"M-Mom?.." Malorie said in a barely audible tone as the sight punched the breath right out of her. She shakily stepped forward, not able to peel her eyes away from Ivy, the extent of her injuries becoming more and more apparent as she got closer. Both of her knees were torn apart, her face was bloodied and bruised, almost to the point of making her hard to recognize. Her fingers all appeared to have been forcefully bent backwards and broken, along with her left forearm snapped in the middle. The sight overwhelmed Malorie in every sense of the word, it was almost incomprehensible for her to see the most cherished person in her life so broken and battered.

"Mommy.." She said through growing tears, dropping to her knees before her mother. To her shock, Ivy coughed up some blood before opening her one eye that wasn't swollen shut. As she saw Malorie, her eye widened, she opened her mouth to try speaking, but only pained breaths could escape her mouth as her dislocated jaw couldn't move any further.

"I knew there was at least one more of you still with her." A voice said from behind Malorie alongside the sound of a shotgun pumping. Malorie turned her head slowly to see Holly standing there, the barrel of a 12 gauge shotgun aimed straight at her head. "You're her kid, right? I remember your scar."

Malorie didn't respond, she only gave a murderous glare to Holly.

"Ah, not one for words when it's your parent suffering then? You were plenty capable of running your mouth when it was my father in her position."
"Your dad didn't suffer like this." Malorie said through gritted teeth, realizing who Holly was.
"Maybe not, but a lot of my friends suffered in a lot of ways that day after your people were through, you and her are going to pay that debt. She's paid about half, you're going to pay the other. Now put your hands behind your back."

Malorie didn't say anything, nor did she follow the order, she maintained her threatening glare, almost daring Holly to try something.
"I said put your hands behind-" Holly began angrily, shoving the barrel against Malorie's head. As the cold steel touched her, Malorie suddenly smacked the barrel to the side, causing Holly to discharge the shotgun into the floor. Knowing it was now or never, Malorie pressed her advantage, jumping to her feet and kicking the barrel as Holly tried to bring it to bear once more, throwing Holly off balance.

Malorie then lunged forward with a tackle, forcing Holly to crash to the ground on her back, losing the shotgun in the scuffle. Malorie rained several enraged punches onto Holly before Holly retrieved her knife from her pocket, slashing at Malorie and giving a long, shallow cut along her forearm as she tried to block it. Holly then forcefully rolled Malorie off of her, reversing the position to where she was sat on Malorie's stomach before trying to plunge her blade into Malorie's face. Malorie grabbed hold of Holly's wrists with both of her hands, trying to keep the knife from finding its mark.

The two struggled like this for almost a minute, Holly steadily inching herself and her knife closer and closer. Seeing that she was losing this battle, Malorie became desperate for something to get her out of the situation. Finally, she lunged her face forward without warning, biting onto Holly's cheek and the far right side of her lips. This unexpected, vicious attack stunned Holly, making her drop the knife and attempt pushing Malorie away, but Malorie only bit down harder and harder before shaking her head like a rabid animal, shredding the flesh in her mouth until she finally ripped a section of her cheek and lips away.

Holly jumped to her feet and staggered backwards while holding onto her fresh wound, yelling out in pain. She didn't backpedal for long before tripping over Megan's corpse, allowing Malorie to pounce on her once more. Her K-bar at the ready, Malorie now stabbed straight down into Holly's face, killing her. Not satisfied in her rage filled state, Malorie now began stabbing over and over, turning Holly's face into nothing but a pile of bone, muscle and brain mashed together.

"Malorie!" Nicholas called out, finally breaking her from the hate induced trance she was in. Malorie turned to see Nicholas and Laura standing there, both with looks of pained horror on their faces. Laura slowly stepped forward towards Malorie, making her way to her mothers side before completely breaking down as she looked into Megan's cold, dead eyes. Seeing this brought Malorie all the way back to reality as she quickly jumped to her feet and ran to Ivy's side.

"Mom.. I.. I'm so sorry." Malorie said, starting to cry freely, while at the same time Ivy began as well. "You saved me, when I was getting picked apart and tortured, you got there in time.. But I couldn't do the same for you, I failed you, I failed Mary, I failed dad.. It's my fault you were ever out here to begin with, you should be sitting in Sydney with Mary and Church, not here!"

Malorie was almost hysterical as she spoke, listing off what she considered to be her failings. Ivy wanted to speak, to comfort Malorie, to tell her it wasn't her fault, but she couldn't. Her dislocated jaw ensured it.

"Malorie, you know I don't want to rush this, but the Badlanders are coming back." Nicholas said solemnly, struggling to cope with bot the loss of Leonard and what he was currently baring witness to.

"Mommy, I-I'm sorry for everything, for every little thing I've ever done to upset you, for bringing you out in this, for not being more like Mary.. For not being a better person.. It should be me dying, not the other way around. But, I can promise you, I'm going to keep Laura and Nicholas safe, I think that's what you'd want, and I'm gonna try, harder than ever, to be more like you.. I can't promise that I'll succeed, but I can promise I'll try to make myself a better person."

Malorie now noticed the slightest smile come across Ivy's face, her eye closing for a brief moment before opening once more.

"One more time, I'm sorry for everything, and I love you so much mom, you and dad will always be my heroes. And, now, you get to be with him again, that's what matters most.." Malorie now brought out Michelle's revolver, hesitantly cocking the hammer back before placing it to Ivy's head. "You don't have to hurt or suffer anymore, you get to be with everyone you lost.. I'll see you there someday, I-I-I love you mom!"

Malorie pulled the trigger a moment later. Understanding their closing window of opportunity, Malorie and Laura reluctantly left Ivy and Megan's remains behind, racing to the SUV outside before racing off northward, hoping to reach the Northern Sanctuary's borders before the Badlander assault kicked off.
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

Postby TheTeddyguy » Tue Nov 03, 2015 9:48 pm

[Sunday, June 2nd, 2030 - 1:15 AM]

Once the trio left the compound in the Badlander SUV, not a word was muttered between the three young occupants. Over the course of an hour all three of their lives had been utterly turned upside down. Suddenly and for the first time in her life Malorie was without the support and guidance of someone older and more experienced than herself. For the first time, she was the one in charge of making the choices that would decide if she and her companions would survive, or suffer the fates of their late guardians. Having seen her father fulfilling that position on a larger scale for most of her childhood had made her always want to be a leader herself, but now that she was in the shoes of a leader, the endless list of needs to meet and decisions to make running through her head only added to her already overwhelming stress levels. As all of this compounded with the loss of her mother, Malorie couldn't stop silent tears from escaping her eyes throughout almost the entire drive.

"I want another conversation with him," Nicholas commented finally, his gaze still fixed on the window and the shadowy trees they were passing by on the old developmental road Malorie had managed to find. Malorie shifted her eyes over to him for a moment before looking back to the road. "Just one more good talk, something memorable. That's what I kept thinking when Jordan died, that's what I keep thinking of now that Leonard's gone."
"I-I'm sorry..." Malorie muttered in response after glancing over at Nicholas.
"You don't need to be sorry, you lost just as much as Laura and I. You didn't kill them, it's not your fault." Nicholas said quickly, putting a hand on Malorie's shoulder. The attempt at making her feel slightly better had just the opposite effect, as it only brought up the feelings of guilt she had for callously murdering Jordan.

"I-" Malorie began after a moment, clearly choked up. Before she could complete her thought however her attention was stolen by the sudden appearance of several bright beams of light over the treeline in the distance ahead of them. The sight caused her to bring the SUV to a stop, once the engine was quieted the three could make out a distinct droning noise that only Malorie recognized as helicopters. It was difficult to tell at first, but it quickly became clear that the choppers were rapidly closing the distance between them and the SUV.

"What are those?" Laura asked meekly, terrified by the speed and noise of the machines. For her and Nicholas, this was their first time seeing an aircraft in the sky.
"Helicopters..." Malorie muttered in response as she watched them, the noise sending chills up her spine as it reminded her distinctly of the Harpy. Before the helicopters closed the distance the trio took notice of extra headlights appearing, these ones on the ground. This snapped Malorie into action, as she realized what must be going on.

"Grab everything and get outta the car, now!" She ordered, quickly snatching up her weapons and jumping out of the Badlander vehicle.
"Why? We don't have any ammo to fight with, and we'd be better off running in the car!" Nicholas tried arguing.
"We aren't fighting and we aren't running," Malorie explained, rushing over to the passenger side of the vehicle to speed Nicholas up. "That's gotta be the sanctuary, and we don't wanna be in a Badlander car when they see us!"

With this, Nicholas agreed and alongside Laura and Malorie they moved several dozen feet from the vehicle and not a moment too soon. Four Eurocopter Tiger attack choppers flew directly overhead of the road. One pair continued on into the distance from the way the trio had just come from, while the other pair dropped altitude a fair bit and homed directly in on the young survivors and their captured ride. One shone its blinding searchlight directly on the three while hovering in front of them as the other began circling the area, seemingly searching for hidden threats. A moment later the Tiger began to open up with its 30mm cannon, terrifying the survivors for a moment before they realized the cannon wasn't firing on them, but their empty vehicle. The sight of the heavy duty tracer rounds shredding and torching the SUV was an impressive and frightening one, but after only a few seconds of sustained fire the helicopter gunner let off the trigger as the Tiger and its ally broke off and headed in the direction of the Badlanders.

"Put your hands up, both of you." Malorie ordered as the helicopters left and the ground vehicles approached. They faced towards the small legion of APC's, IFV's, tanks and supply trucks before them. It wasn't too long before several soldiers appeared from the blinding glow of the headlights, quickly and efficiently snatching up the trio, their weapons and Jade. As most of the vehicle column moved around and on down the road, two Humvee's and some sort of prison transport truck remained behind.

"You three seem a bit young for even the Badlanders to send out to something like this." An officer standing near the prison transport commented. To Malorie, Nicholas and Laura's surprise his accent was distinctly American.
"That's because we're not Badlanders." Nicholas said in response.
"Yeah, you just so happened to have a Badlander vehicle, and just so happened to be here as they're making an offensive," The officer said back before looking to a subordinate holding a clipboard. "File the two older ones as fit for labor, the other one's young enough that she can go straight into a Prime Guard Academy."
"We aren't Badlanders!" Malorie shouted furiously, catching the officers attention.
"Your accent-"
"Is exactly like yours. Because I'm not even from Australia. These two are, but they aren't Badlanders either," Malorie explained. "We had a Badlander vehicle because we stole it from them to get away from them after they just killed my mom, her mom and his dad. I promise you, if you put fresh ammo in my hand and point me at them, I'll kill as many of them as any of your boys."
"Heh, I'd take you up on that offer if it weren't for the potential risk to our trained soldiers. That being said, I'm convinced you three are telling the truth about not being Badlanders, so that does change your situation slightly, luckily for you."
"How, exactly?" Malorie asked.
"I'll explain on the road, I've already wasted more than my fair share of time standing here," The officer said after having the trio uncuffed and their things returned to them including Jade. He then pointed Laura and Nicholas to the second Humvee. "You two hop in that one, space is just about filled up in my Humvee."

With a nod from Malorie, Nicholas and Laura listened and headed into the other Humvee while Malorie climbed into the back of the officers Humvee, nestled uncomfortably between two soldiers on either side of her.
"Major Cooper here," The officer stated into his radio. "Negative, turns out they were fleeing the Badlanders, not charging or scouting out the Sanctuary. Yeah, I'm sending the prisoner transport your way, my men and I are taking these kids back to the Sanctuary for debriefing and possible recruitment."
"Recruitment into what, the Northern Sanctuary's army?" Malorie asked.
"Oregon's." Major Cooper corrected, catching Malorie off guard.
"Oregon? That's where you guys are from, what are you doing here?!"
"Fulfilling our end of the deal we have with the Sanctuary. After we re-established contact with the Australians, our politicians were quick to mingle with theirs for mutually beneficial deals. Basic trade aside, a couple of months back we struck a deal where if the Badlanders, zombie hordes or anything else the Sanctuary doesn't like comes marching to their borders, that Oregon troops would be handling the fight on the ground. In exchange for our people fighting in place of theirs, we now have an established military base in Cairns, among other things."

"So I'd be recruited to keep killing Badlanders?" Malorie asked, not at all apposed to the idea as she initially considered it.
"In all honesty, probably not," The Major explained. "The higher ups back home are far more focused on the Eastern Republic. There's about a single percent of our overall forces here in Australia."
"Eastern Republic?" Malorie asked.
"You might also know them by their old moniker, ASF. They've been vamping up their aggression in the heartland of Americas corpse, both Oregon and California are bracing for war with them."
"What do you mean, California still exists?"
"Unfortunately, yes, that's the case," Major Cooper growled. "Very long story short, we pushed deep into their land, but they eventually pushed us back. Before anymore fighting went on, the politicians used their thinking caps and realized the ASF would rip into both nations if we kept weakening each other, and we've been tentatively at peace ever since."
"Alright..." Malorie said, pausing for a moment as she processed everything in her head. The confirmation that Oregon didn't overrun California like her father had predicted was disheartening as she considered the possibility of many of her now dead friends still being alive. She was quick to shove those thoughts aside though, trying to get back to the matter at hand.

"Is joining Oregon's army the only choice for us at this point?" She asked, somewhat nervously.
"What, you're fine with offing Badlanders, but not Easterners?" Major Cooper asked in a mildly threatening tone.
"I killed my first ASF member when I was three **** years old, I have no problem with butchering one or twenty of them," Malorie clarified. "I'm asking because of the other two I was with, Nick and Laura. Neither of them are ready for something like being in an army."
"We'll make them ready."
"I don't want you to," Malorie clearly stated. "I want them to be safe, I promised my mom I'd keep them safe. We both know they won't be safe in a damn army. I promise you, I'll work hard enough to make up for them not being in your army."
"Well," Major Cooper began, considering alternative options for the other two. "They're both clearly too young to be pre-outbreak, so living in the Sanctuary is out of the question for them. However, there shouldn't be any problem with them hitching a ride on the next supply ship to Sydney, assuming they don't have some kind of a record there."
"I..." Malorie began, pausing as she considered that this option would all but ensure she'd never see Nicholas again. No part of her wanted to split ways with him, or Laura for that matter. But, considering the fact that the two of them would be almost guaranteed to be safe there, Malorie was quick to make the choice. "I'll need to talk to them, but I like that idea."

[Sunday, June 2nd, 2030 - 10:07 AM]

Malorie awoke with a jolt thanks to one of the soldiers seated with her shaking her shoulder. As she opened her eyes she realized it was now morning, and she was in the Sanctuary. More specifically, in Cairns, approaching the docks off of Dutton Street.

"About time you came to." The soldier seated to the left of Malorie commented, getting Major Cooper's attention.
"Did I sleep through everything with the Badlanders?" Malorie asked, confused.
"Technically you did, but you didn't actually miss anything." Major Cooper explained. "We weren't there to be on the frontlines, my men and I simply had the job of sorting out captured Badlanders to be put to use in Oregon. You didn't miss anything exciting."
"Alright, so why are we pulling up to these docks now?"
"As soon as we got to the gates of Cairns and explained the situation, they sent us straight to the dockyard to see your two friends off. You said you need to talk to them, so I suggest you get to it. As soon as they're off, we'll start on making your recruitment into Oregon's Armed Forces official."
"Right, thank you."

Stepping out of the Humvee, Malorie quickly spotted Nicholas, Laura and Jade. The two of them were visibly in awe of everything around them, the sheer amount of activity was nothing like they'd ever seen on such a scale.

"Hey, Malorie," Nicholas started once he spotted Malorie approaching. "What's going on? The guys in the car we were in kinda kept us completely in the dark."
"Nick, hun, I'm joining up with Oregon, the guys we were riding with."
"Then you can bet your **** I am too! I'm more than ready to go back and give more Badlanders exactly what they deserve."
"No, you aren't," Malorie stated in a commanding tone. "Even if you were ready to go face more Badlanders, that's not what you'd end up doing joining Oregon. You'd be facing The ASF, and they make the Badlanders look like girl scouts."
"Malorie, I wanna do whatever you're doing, I want to go wherever you're going. I don't give a rats **** about the danger to myself-"
"Well I do care!" Malorie said, almost yelling. "I just watched my mom die last night, Nicholas. I can't watch you die next, I can't, I won't."
"So how's it fair to me, that you just get to decide for both of us what our fates are?" Nicholas asked, quickly growing very emotional.
"How's it fair to Laura that you want to run off with me? You're the only family she has left now, she's the only family you have left now. Please Nick, don't make this harder on me than it already is."
"You're our family too..." Nicolas muttered.
"No. I'm. Not." Malorie stated as she and Nicholas both started to have tears well up in their eyes. "At the very best, I'm your first love, at the very worst, I'm the person who destroyed your life and almost everyone in it."
"Malorie, I love you, nothing you say's going to convince me that parting ways with you is the right choice."

Malorie paused after Nicholas said this, looking off towards the Trinity River the dock was alongside as she weighed her response.

"What if I told you that I killed Jordan?" Malorie asked finally, shaking slightly as she looked Nicholas in the eyes.
"You... No, you're just trying to make me go along with what you want by making things up, I-"
"There's nothing made up about it, Nick," Malorie said grimly. The last thing she wanted to do was reveal this to Nicholas, but she now saw it as her only hope of convincing him to part ways with her. "I wish I was telling the biggest, dumbest **** lie in the world, but I'm not. Jordan and I went to a store just like I told you, but that's the only part of the story that was true. I thought h-he was weak, and too soft, and that he was a liability that would get the rest of us killed. I looked at his weakness as a threat, and I was stupid for it, but I could only see that once it was far too late..."
"How," Nicholas began after a moment, his fists clenched and his eyes fixated on the dirt as he thought about what Malorie was saying. "How did you kill him, then?"
"Well, I... When we got to the store, there were quite a few zombies locked inside, and, and... I kicked him into there, and locked the doors behind him. He begged me to let him out, but, I didn't, and they got him."

Nicholas didn't say anything back now. He began crying more and more despite his best efforts, thinking about how Jordan had died, and how he'd been unknowingly loving the killer of his friend for well over a month. The sight made Malorie's stomach twist in knots as guilt consumed and overwhelmed her like never before.

"Nick, I'm sorry, I-" Malorie began, trying to bring Nicholas into a hug only to receive a stiff shove from him pushing her a few steps back. That single rejection hit Malorie harder than any physical injury she'd ever received prior, but she was quick to tell herself that this was what she needed to happen if Nicholas and Laura were to be safe.
"You win, Laura and I will go to Sydney without you..." Nicholas finally managed to say. "Give Jade back to her, Laura."
"No, I want her to keep her," Malorie interjected, crouching down to Laura's level. "I want you to keep her. I love Jade, but I can tell she's happy with you also. Please, take good care of her, she's as sweet and innocent as you are."

"Nicholas, before you go, hear me out on this last thing I have to say, please." Malorie said once she stood back up. "When you get to Sydney, they're gonna check your health and everything. While they're doing that, tell them that you're close friends with Ignacia Galauiz. They'll take you to her house, she and my twin sister, Mary, should be there. Both of them should recognize Jade right away, explain to them that I sent you there, they shouldn't give you any hassle about moving in once they know that we know each other. They're both really good people, I swear on my mother and father, and my sister's a better person than I could ever hope to be. You'll be safe with them in Sydney. All I ask, is that you don't tell Mary exactly how our mom died. She doesn't need to know how much she suffered."

As Malorie finished speaking a man aboard a small cargo ship blew a whistle over the railing and yelled out for all to get aboard.
"Okay, Malorie," Nicholas said before turning to start walking away, stopping to say one last thing over his shoulder. "Despite everything, I'm still going to miss you, and I'm not ever going to forget you. Stay safe."

"You too, Nick." Malorie whispered under her breath as she watched him board the ship. She wanted to watch the ship depart, she wanted to keep her eyes on him until the last possible second, but Major Cooper approached her from behind, putting a hand on her shoulder and guiding her back to the Humvee.
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

Postby TheTeddyguy » Wed Nov 04, 2015 12:23 am

[Wednesday, June 5th, 2030 - 2:38 AM]

After a couple of days at sea, Nicholas, Laura and Jade arrived in Sydney. The two were constantly nervous, especially Laura, around so many strangers. While he was normally ready and willing to be social, the events from a few days ago kept him extremely subdued. Just as Malorie had told them, they and a small handful of other immigrants were processed for diseases and prior criminal histories in Sydney upon their arrival. Sure enough, dropping Church's name resulted in the duo being brought right to Church and Mary's front door.

"Well, here goes nothing I guess." Nicholas said as they approached the door.
"I really hope they aren't like Malorie..." Laura whispered, practically hiding behind Nicholas. He knocked tentatively at first, upon receiving no answer he knocked a bit harder.
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

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Just a few hours earlier, Church fell asleep on the couch after unsuccessfully trying to cure her insomnia with coffee. After spending so many years in safety, both on the Atlas and in Sydney, she expected her sleep patterns to return to normal at some point, but unfortunately it hadn't happened for her yet. Apparently the trauma of the apocalypse was impossible to recover from; it was a conclusion she was already well aware of, but knowing why she couldn't sleep didn't help her sleep.

The first knock at the door was enough to wake her up, but she stayed put on the couch, not realizing what woke her up until the second series of knocks at the door. It was too early for any normal visitors, so she made sure to grab her M1911 from its place on the coffee table. Church walked to the front door in the darkness, sticking the pistol in the waistband of her sweatpants with one hand and brushing her unruly hair out of her face with the other. Despite the limited visibility, she navigated the room thanks to muscle memory; had she been sleeping in a random abandoned home on the road she probably would've stubbed her toe on something, but she knew the layout perfectly thanks to owning her own house.

When she looked through the peephole at the door, Church could barely make out the silhouettes of two children, a boy and a girl. Both of them were visibly younger than Mary, so Church didn't understand why they were standing on her porch at night. She opened the door enough to stick her head outside, wary of their intentions. It wasn't unheard of for people to use their children to beg for supplies, and Church's paranoia made her consider the possibility of it being the setup for a robbery.

"Can I help you two?"
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

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"Yeah, if this is the right place, the soldiers said it was," Nicholas said, clearly quite nervous. "Are you uhm, Ignacia?"
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

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"Yes, I am," Church replied. She got confused when the boy said that soldiers directed them to her address. "Who are you?"
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

Postby TheTeddyguy » Wed Nov 04, 2015 12:58 am

"I'm Nicholas Grayson, this is Laura Riley," Nick said before stepping aside so Church could see her clearly. Once Jade got a glimpse of Church she immediately meowed as she recognized her. "Malorie sent us here, she said you and her sister live here, and that you should be able to help us out."
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

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Church was shocked at the mention of Malorie's name. It hadn't even been two months since she and Ivy were kicked out of Sydney, so hearing the mention of her was surprising to say the least. She opened the door, stepped to the side, and motioned for the kids to come inside.

"Malorie sent you here? Where is she?"
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

Postby TheTeddyguy » Wed Nov 04, 2015 1:07 am

"Last time we saw her, she was in, I think the place was called Cairns, in the Northern Sanctuary." Nicholas explained once he and Laura sat down on the couch next to each other. "That was a few days ago though."
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

Postby coinsruledude » Wed Nov 04, 2015 1:10 am

"What about Ivy? Were they together?"
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