A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

Postby TheTeddyguy » Fri Feb 27, 2015 2:40 am

[Friday, April 25th, 2030 - 10:46 PM]

"Come on, we can't stop now mom!" Malorie said to Ivy once she realized her mother was beginning to slow her pace as exertion from prolonged running took its toll on her body. The two had gotten clear of Pilliga Nature Reserve the previous day, freeing them from the stresses of being potentially stalked by the villagers but opening them back up to other threats, such as the thousands strong horde lagging a few hundred yards behind them. Along with immediate dangers such as the horde, the creeping threat of running out of supplies was beginning to rear its head more and more as the days went on, and by this point their food supplies were exhausted to the point that only one meal remained between the two of them.

Thanks to the horde having caught up to them during their resting hours, Malorie and especially Ivy were suffering from an extreme lack of energy. Still, under the threat of death both of them pushed on, hoping to either eventually outpace the horde or find somewhere to hide until they passed by.

"I'm not stopping.." Ivy said, grunting as she forced herself to pick her speed back up to Malorie's current pace despite the burning pain in her legs and lungs from exhaustion. In the glowing moonlight the two of them spotted a city closing in on the horizon, giving both women an extra boost of motivation to keep pushing a little further and faster. If they could get far enough in front of the horde, break line of sight and duck into a building they'd more than likely be alright. The two pushed past an airport and burnt out industrial area on the outskirts of town, slaying some stray zombies along the way whenever they wandered too close.

Wanting to leave no chance of the horde seeing them slip into their hiding spot, Ivy and Malorie went deeper into the town passing rows of houses and businesses to put as much visual cover between them and the horde as possible. Eventually they came by a building that stuck out to them, a large barn-like structure that had a deactivated twin prop engine plane sitting out front of it, advertised as a kids play room by a well fadeed sign on the wooden fence surrounding the front of the building. On the roof the establishments name had once been painted on, although by now it was faded to the point that the only visible word was 'tavern'.

"It's got a fence.. And I've always wanted to check out a plane anyways." Malorie said quietly as they approached.
"Still might have some zombies in it... Lets clear them out ASAP before the horde is close enough to pick up on the sounds of a scuffle." Ivy said, retrieving her Bowie knife.

The two of them worked their way through the parking lot filled with decaying cars and approached the tavern from the side entrance, both pleasantly surprised to find the windows were all still intact and the door already unlocked. Malorie entered first with her cutlass at the ready, with Ivy following close behind, shoving a stool that was laying on the floor up underneath the doorknob to reinforce it should zombies try to gain entry.

"Mom." Malorie whispered with urgency, getting Ivy to make her way over quickly. Malorie had her flashlight pointed at the body of a freshly slain zombie, just at a glance they could tell too much flesh and muscle was still present for the zombie to have been dead very long at all. Wanting to take no risks, Ivy readied her M1911 in her free hand before the two moved on with combing the place for threats. Finding the rest of the main tavern area to be clear, Malorie and Ivy both made their way to a set of double doors marked by an employees only sign. Malorie was moments from pushing the doors open herself when the doors began opening from the other side.

Malorie cocked her arm back in preparation to swing her sword, while Ivy aimed the 1911 and raised her Bowie knife so she could use either at a moments notice. Neither of them could have anticipated what they saw next however, as the doors opened up and revealed Laura, the young girl Malorie had threatened days ago at the village. She was even more shocked by Malorie and Ivy's presence on the other end of the doors, her fright was such that she couldn't even manage a shriek as she ducked back into the employees only area. Malorie rushed in behind her, forcing Ivy to do the same. On the other side they found what must have been a managers office or employee lounge area, along with four other survivors, one of whom already had a rifle pointed at Ivy and Malorie.

"Don't shoot!" Ivy pleaded in a hushed tone, although still while keeping her own gun raised. By this point the rest of the survivors were coming to and they all formed up against the wall with Laura hidden behind them, it took little time for Malorie to recognize both Megan and Laura, along with Ivy recognizing her own AUG being pointed at her.
"You.." Megan said, looking at Malorie and quickly recognizing her, her voice growing loud and agitated as she spoke again. "Kill them!"
"You pull that trigger and all of us die!" Ivy interjected quickly to try staying the mans trigger finger. "There are thousands of zombies not far behind us, if one of us shoots then the survivors of the shootout will just get ripped to pieces!"

"Yeah? Then drop your gun!" The man holding Ivy's AUG demanded. He was about Ivy's age give or take a few years and had short black hair, a full beard and sharp features to his face.
"No, because this is my insurance policy in case any of you try something else." Ivy said quietly. "Either we're all going to walk out of here when that horde passes, or none of us are walking out of here at all."
"She's bluffing." The oldest of the three male survivors said. He was balding with a long salt and pepper beard, along with a visible scar along the left side of his face.
"Wanna bet?" Malorie threatened. "Then pull that trigger, let me know if it was worth it when you have fifty pairs of teeth all trying to get a piece of you."

The survivors now stood in silence for several moments, nobody wanted to move or even breathe too heavily for risk of making someone on the other side fire their weapon. The tension in the air was as thick as blood, both groups of survivors had plenty of reason to want the other dead and both assumed the other side would try something the moment they were given the chance. Before anymore could be said or done, the sound and smell of thousands of approaching undead confirmed to the other survivors what Malorie and Ivy had warned them about.

"Now, I suggest all of us be nice and quiet for the next few hours.." Ivy whispered, her M1911 still raised.
"Because sitting in here with you two for a few hours sounds so appealing." Megan hissed quietly.
"Unless you'd rather run out into zombie hands, I don't think you have much of a choice." Malorie whispered angrily. "Trust me, the feeling's mutual."

"So.. Do we just sit here and point guns at each other until its safe for us to all murder each other?" A teenage boy asked.
"Looks that way." Malorie said, removing her backpack and letting Jade out of it before grabbing her Walther and sitting with her back against the wall directly facing the other survivors. She kept Jade's leash wrapped around her ankle so the cat couldn't wander over to the other survivors.
"Only if that's how you people want this to go down." Ivy reasoned after tapping Malorie with her boot prompting her daughter to let her do the speaking. "The only reason I went after your village was because I knew my daughter was being held there. She's all I've got, and I was just trying to make sure she got out of there alive."

"Well mission accomplished." The man holding Ivy's AUG growled, the weapon still raised on her. "Along with getting your daughter you also managed to kill a lot of people we all loved and cared about, not to mention your gunfire attracted enough zombie attention that we had to leave what had been our home for the past decade."
"And the only reason your daughter was being held was because my husband caught her pointing a gun at MY daughter." Megan added.
"I saw other people and assumed you were all a threat. People out here are always nothing but a threat." Malorie commented.
"We weren't until you pointed a gun at us." The oldest man said. "You two were the threat."

"If you'd have had some of the run-ins with people that we have, you would understand why her first instinct was to point a gun at you people." Ivy said, inwardly feeling slightly worse the more she talked with people she'd been trying to kill days ago. Normally she could demonize them in her own mind, convince herself that the people she'd just killed would have done worse, that they were worth as much as a Last Judgement member. But, things were different here, sitting and talking forcibly shattered the mental barrier and illusion that made killing another person so easy for her. As she spoke with them, her mind brought her back to the moments she pulled the trigger on these peoples friends, or put a knife through their throats.

"So you've killed a lot of people then?" The teenage boy asked.
"Far more than I'd care to talk or even think about." Ivy said.
"Then, why didn't you kill me?" He asked. "I know one of you got the jump on me, you could have killed me pretty easily, but instead you choked me unconscious.. Why?"
"Because... Because you looked too young. I draw the line when it comes to killing kids, or their parents if I can avoid it.." Ivy said quietly. "If you had been the one torturing Malorie, then it would have been different.. But you were just a kid defending his home, I didn't want to kill you if I didn't have too, so I just took you out of the fight."

"Is that why you didn't let h-her kill us?" Laura asked timidly.
"Yes.. It is." Ivy replied, glancing over at Malorie who was still gazing at the survivors with hate in her eyes. Before the conversation could continue any further the horde made its presence truly known as dozens upon dozens of zombies began to shuffle past the building, their extremely close proximity was enough to instantly bring the conversation to a halt. Now all the survivors could do was sit across from each other with their guns raised until the massive horde passed them.
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

Postby TheTeddyguy » Thu Mar 19, 2015 10:16 pm

[Saturday, April 26th, 2030 - 6:49 AM]

"I think we can forget about waiting for them to pass us." Malorie groaned, breaking the hours long silence. To the distress of everyone inside the tavern the zombie horde outside had seemed to stall with the tavern right at the heart of the undead mass. For the entirety of the night their senses were bombarded by the sound and smell of the horde all around them, causing unneeded additional stress to the weary survivors.

"Why did they stop, why aren't they moving on like you said?" The old man asked.
"I couldn't tell you." Ivy answered, slowly climbing to her feet, yawning and stretching a bit. "Could be any number of reasons, but the reason doesn't matter much. What matters is getting ourselves out of this building and out of the eye of this horde."
"And how do you suggest we do that?" The man with Ivy's AUG asked.
"Anything other than waiting for them to pass sounds like a good way to commit suicide." Megan commented.

"We don't have much choice." Ivy said as she looked out the small window in the door leading out into the public area of the tavern. "Unless you five have a backpack full of food and water that I don't know about, we've got just enough food to split a meal between two people and only a little bit more water. If the zombies happened to clear out a few days later, we'd already be in bad shape to keep ourselves going. We've gotta come up with something and act on it sooner rather than later."

"Well before we come up with something, why don't some of us try getting some actual rest?" The teenager asked. "I mean, just looking around it's obvious every single one of us just wants to sleep.. And if we go out there exhausted like this, all of us will be prone to making more mistakes or running out of energy when we need it most, right?"
"Nicholas, they aren't gonna go trusting us enough to sleep under the same roof as us, just like we aren't going to trust them." The man with the AUG said to Nicholas
"I don't know about you, Leonard, but I'd much rather be willing to give them enough trust for us to take a nap than risk running out there too drained to think straight!" Nicholas argued back before turning to Ivy and Malorie. "Does that sound good to you two?"

"He's not wrong about going out there this exhausted being a really stupid idea." Ivy said, looking to Malorie who shot a hostile look towards the other survivors before looking back at Ivy.
"If you're going to sleep, I'm not." Malorie insisted. "I'm not risking our throats getting cut while they have the chance just so I can possibly get a few hours of sleep."
"Fine.." Ivy said with a sigh. "You sleep first, then I'll get you up in four hours and we can switch off, then after that we can get a plan in motion for getting out of here."

"I'll take the first shift for us then." Leonard said, standing up and hefting the AUG. "You're taking the second, Nicholas."
"Fine by me." Nicholas replied, immediately doing his best to make himself comfortable for resting.
"I don't want her in here with us without you here Leonard.." Megan said pleadingly, referring to Malorie.

"Oh trust me, I have no intentions of snuggling up with any of you in here." Malorie said, standing up, removing her watch and giving it to Ivy before grabbing Jade and heading for the door. "I'll be in the airplane, if anyone other than my mom wakes me up, you're going to regret it, so don't."

Malorie left the room and tavern as she finished speaking, heading out front into the fenced in section surrounding the aircraft. Some childrens toys were scattered around on the ground, having not moved since the last children who played with them over a decade ago. Malorie glanced at the color drained plastic toys as she made her way up into the plane via a small metal walkway, moving quickly and quietly so as to not attract the attention of any zombies outside of the walls. With some force she managed to pry the rusted door to the interior of the plane open, shutting it behind her before letting Jade down.

A quick look around the interior revealed no zombies, large spider webs being the only sign of life within the long dead airplane. As Jade explored the rows of seats, Malorie set her bag down in one before making her way towards the cockpit which held the only shut door left on the plane. The moment she yanked the door open two zombies came out after her, although she managed to backpedal before either got their claws on her. The adult zombie was a male, with a blood stain running down the collar of his darkened, once white t-shirt. The other zombie's gender was only recognizable by her clothing, her left arm was ripped completely off and large chunks of flesh were missing entirely from her face revealing bits and pieces of the skull.

Malorie quickly snapped out of her tired state for the moment after taking a few steps back, unsheathing her cutlass and thrusting it through the adult zombies nose and into his brain before quickly retrieving the blade and striking the girl in the side of the head with a sideways slash. With the threats now out of the way Malorie took her blade and wiped the gore off of it on one of the passenger seats in the plane before sheathing it and heading up towards the cockpit. Inside she found everything except for the ceiling exposed to copious amounts of blood and gore, with the skeletal arm of the young zombie she'd just slain laying in there.

"Guess he got bit and turned with her trapped in there." Malorie said to herself as she and Jade looked at the scene, thinking back to Cora who suffered a somewhat similar fate. Before long she snapped out of her thoughts and made her way to the tail end of the plane to be as far from the zombie corpses as possible while she slept. Using a pair of orange ear plugs she carried for heavy gunfights to block out the sound of the undead Malorie quickly drifted off to sleep in one of the stretched out seats with Jade on her lap.


"So, what are you thinking for getting out of here?" Leonard asked Ivy quietly as the two peaked out the windows to the horde outside.
"As much as I hate to say it, if they haven't shifted around by the time we're about to move, we're going to have to try just fighting our way through them." Ivy replied as her eyes watched the countless walking corpses outside.
"There's gotta be something better than that." Leonard said.
"Our only other option is waiting, which will just kill us in the long run because of our supplies.. If you come up with something better then I'm all ears, but until then, fighting our way out is our best, no, our only bet."

The two were quiet for a while longer, the circumstances being undeniably awkward, until Leonard spoke again.
"You killed someone who meant the world to me." He said after retrieving a small photo from his pocket while Ivy turned and faced him, unsure of how to respond initially. "I got her through a lot, she got me through a lot.. She was the very best friend I've ever had in this world, you took that away from me."
"I..I'm sorry." Ivy said softly, she caught a glimpse of the photo and recognized the face of the woman she'd killed with her knife. "I didn't have any choice when she-"

"Stop explaining yourself, you already did.. I don't feel like the blame should fall on you, if you were really there just to save your kid." Leonard said before looking from the picture to Ivy. "But at the same time, a big part of me wants you dead.. If it weren't for those zombies, one of us already would be."
"I'd imagine, I would feel the same if I were in your shoes." Ivy said, trying to be sympathetic as her guilt over the killings only built higher. "I know the woman in your group wants my head also, she's made little attempt at hiding that.. Can't blame her either, she's got more self restraint than I would be able to muster sitting across from my husbands killer."

"I think blame is a word we need to stop throwing around." Leonard said after a moment. "It was all just a shitty situation, that went wrong in nearly every possible way for both sides. As much as want to hold you and your girl responsible, I know that isn't exactly right. Know that if you give me no further reason, I won't be a threat to you two."
"Thank you." Ivy said, surprised at Leonard's fairness now that he was assessing the situation more clearly. "If you don't mind me asking, how's the girl holding up?"
"Laura? She's been having a real hard time adjusting. We'd only just began to take her out of the village for foraging and hunting to teach her things she needs to know, so skill wise she's completely incapable out here. On top of that, she's been wrestling with losing the place she's lived her whole life, alongside numerous people she looked at as family and her father."

"Poor thing.." Ivy said, frowning. "My daughters were thrown into a similar situation a few years ago.. We had a cargo ship that we'd been living on for over a decade, but a hurricane sent us crashing onto land when they were twelve. Over the next few weeks, they'd lose over half of the people they'd ever known in their entire lives, and even more in the coming months.."
"Sorry 'bout your other girl." Leonard said, assuming Mary was dead thanks to her not being present.
"No need to be, she's safe and sound in Sydney right now, with my best friend." Ivy replied. "Knowing that is one of the few things I've got to be happy about anymore."

"Sydney?" Leonard asked, surprised. "Surprised she's still standing, we left there in the second year of the outbreak when we saw a chance because we thought the place wouldn't stay standing for more than a couple more months."
"Well it's still there, they've managed to make themselves pretty stable all things considered.. Will you be taking your people back there?"
"I don't know.. Why did you and your daughter leave?"
"She found out that the piece of **** that was dating her sister had beaten her badly." Ivy said with a sigh. "She found him and some other girl the same day and brutalized them for it. The SDF caught her red handed, so she was removed from the city the next morning. I wasn't going to let her be out there alone, so I gave up living in Sydney for her sake."

"That's pretty selfless of you."
"Every parent should be nothing but selfless when it comes to their kids if they give a damn about them, in my eyes anyway. I'd take a bullet for Malorie without a second thought, since I can't return to Sydney she's literally all I have left in this world."
"Well she'd better count her blessings that she's got a mum like you, most wouldn't throw themselves back into this-" He motioned out the window at the zombies. "-for something their kid did when they have a choice not to.

"Thank you, and, well I guess I'm just not like most then." Ivy said.
"What about you two, what were your plans for a destination?"
"The Northern Sanctuary, see if we can't do some kind of dirty work in exchange for supplies as payment." Ivy told him. "It's far from foolproof, but it's the best her and I could come up with that didn't involve climbing into another boat or going back to the Badlands."

"I see.." Leonard said, contemplating his next words for a moment. "What do you think about all of us heading up there, as a group?"
"What?" Ivy asked, slightly taken aback. She expected that at best they'd part ways with the other group immediately after escaping the horde, at worst it'd end in a shootout between the two opposing sides. However, the idea of teaming up was something she was somewhat open to if it bettered the chances of her and Malorie surviving.

"I mean, I'd need to talk it over with Malorie, she won't be happy about the idea." Ivy warned. "At all.. But why would you want to pair up with us?"
"If I'm being honest? We need the both of you if we're going to survive. There were three extra people with us when we left our village, they've all fallen to zombies. I'm the only one half way decent at fighting out of those of us left. The only one who comes close is Nicholas, and he's still just a kid. Jordan, the older guy, he can't fight worth a **** whether it's his hands or guns. Megan had Jack to do any dirty work she might have had to face, so her experience is minimal."

"Well.." Ivy began as she thought. "I'll talk to Malorie about it, she's not going to be happy that I'm even considering this."
"You've gotta face her, I've gotta face Megan, so we've both got ourselves an uphill battle but it's worth fighting if it might save all of us in the end."
"You're not wrong." Ivy said before extending her hand and adding "My name's Ivy, by the way."
"Leonard." He replied, shaking Ivy's hand.
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

Postby TheTeddyguy » Sat Mar 21, 2015 10:46 am

[11:08 AM]

Ivy stepped into the airplane the moment she noticed on Malorie's watch that it was time for them to switch up their shifts. By this point Ivy was so drained of energy that even standing and walking she still found her eyes fighting with all their might to close and stay that way to make her rest. Looking to the left she saw the cockpit door still open with the zombies corpses right outside of it. Ivy then turned to the right to see Malorie already sitting up and rubbing her eyes as Jade made her way down the aisle towards Ivy to see who had entered.

"There's no way it's really my time already.." Malorie moaned, her eyes squinting thanks to the sunlight coming in through the window next to her being too bright for her immediately after waking up.
"I've been counting down the seconds, trust me, it's your turn." Ivy said with a small smile as she walked down the aisle towards the back of the plane with Malorie.

"I've gotta talk to you about something. Ivy said with a sigh, resting her arms on the seat in the row in front of Malorie as she leaned over it to talk to her.
"And that something is?"
"Those people in there-"
"What about them?" Malorie said irritably, cutting Ivy off.
"Their leader, the guy with my gun, he wants his group to pair up with us until we reach the Northern Sanctuary."

"And you didn't tell him to **** off the second he suggested that why?!" Malorie asked, her anger quickly growing, although she kept her voice down.
"Because having them with us will increase our chances of staying alive." Ivy said calmly. She knew Malorie would react aggressively to the suggestion, so she brushed off Malorie's tone.
"I walked from Melbourne to Sydney alone and I survived, the two of us can make it to the Northern Sanctuary just fine without those asswipes!"

"Malorie, I understand why you're reacting like this and I-"
"Do you?!" Malorie asked, incensed. "Because how I feel right now is about how you'd probably feel if I came to you talking about getting help from the people who put all of those cuts on your body! If you hadn't found their camp, or you failed when you got there, I'd either be broken and beaten beyond repair or a corpse rotting in the forest and you know who would be responsible? Those people! The only reason they didn't gun us down last night is because of the rotting zombies we dragged along with us!"

Ivy wasn't sure of how to respond, she wanted to be careful about not infuriating Malorie further but at the same time was still convinced joining forces with the other group was the best bet for her and Malorie. Her lack of an immediate response as she thought only annoyed Malorie further, she climbed to her feet in a hurry and extended her hand.

"Give me my watch back so I can start my shift." Malorie demanded. As Ivy handed it over she added "If you want to pair up with them still, then fine, be my guest mom. But when we wake up to knives going through our necks, or get abandoned by them when we need them most, just remember this moment."

With that Malorie walked out of the plane with Jade once she had her watch back, leaving Ivy to herself and her thoughts in the plane. Slumping back into the seat she'd been leaning on Ivy looked up at the planes ceiling before reaching down to her neck and grabbing her necklace to look at the two rings.

"More than ever, I wish I had you here." Ivy said to Teddy's ring. "It's a lot easier to appreciate the decisions you had to make now that I'm the one who makes them, I'd always known the job of leading loved ones through this world had to be immensely difficult, but... I never could have imagined just how tough it truly is. All those times I gave you **** over petty, stupid things while you had decisions even more difficult than these to make weighing on your conscience... I'm sorry for those."

Ivy spoke quieter and quieter as she rambled to herself and the ring, her sleep deprived, stress filled mind lulling her into a desperately needed slumber before too long.


Once she stepped back into the Tavern Malorie barely had time to shut the door behind her before she was greeted by Nicholas.
"Hey there!" He said warmly, catching Malorie off guard. "Sleep good?"
"We aren't friends." Malorie replied plainly before walking past Nicholas who followed her after a moment.
"Well I know that, but from what Leonard said we're going to be travelling together, so I was thinking I should try talking to and getting to know you a bit more."
"I'm not someone you want to get to know." Malorie warned. She wanted Nicholas to leave her alone for numerous reasons, the main one being that no matter how angry she got she couldn't escalate things in any way without possibly alerting the undead.

"Meeting and getting to know new people is something I have gotten to do only a couple of times in my life, I cherish it, y'know?" Nicholas said, ignoring Malorie's attempts at brushing him off. "So I've gotta disagree, you are someone I wanna get to know."
"You don't really know how to take a hint.." Malorie growled, glancing over her shoulder at him. "Do you?"
"I do, I'm just choosing not to." Nicholas answered, smirking a bit. "Come on, humor me a little at least.. Answer five questions, and I'll answer them myself, then I'll leave you alone until we get out of here. Sound good?"

"Yeah, fine, whatever." Malorie answered, clearly still pissed off as she turned around with her arms crossed. "Answering if it sounds good was one, you have four more."
"Heh, guess I should have seen that one coming." Nicholas said a bit nervously, scratching the back of his head. "Where are you from? You've got a bit of Aussie in your accent, but I can tell you haven't been here for too long or it'd be a bit more pronounced."
"The ocean." Malorie said. "What? Don't give me that stupid look, I was born on a ship. I've got more of an American accent because that's what most of the people on the ship were, including my parents."

"Oh! Sorry, I thought you were yankin' my leg there for a minute. But that's cool!" Nicholas said, there was a brief pause before he spoke again after noticing Malorie tapping her foot impatiently. "Oh, right, my answer.. I'm not sure where exactly I was born, although I know it was somewhere in the Badlands. My parents lived somewhere in Western Australia when everything hit, and I guess they wound up joining one of the Badlander groups. From what I was told, my parents fled the Badlanders once they got together and mum realized she was pregnant. They happened upon our little village back there and ended up joining it."

"Were they there when...?" Malorie asked.
"Nah, sadly they both died in a botched looting run when I was about a year old, everyone else took it upon themselves to take care of me from there. Especially Leonard, I know him as my dad more than my real father."
"Gotcha." Malorie said, stepping over and seating herself atop a bar stool. "Three."

"If you had one wish that didn't involve bringing someone back to life, what would it be?"
"That the Atlas never crashed." Malorie answered quickly, when she saw the somewhat confused look on Nicholas's face she added "The ship I was born on."

"Well that makes sense, having a ship must be a good way to avoid zombies and bandits completely." Nicholas said. "For me, it'd be to get a chance to sit down for one week and enjoy movies and video games to myself. Leonard says there's so many games and movies out there that if you tried playing and watching them all you'd die before you got through half of them! I've only got to hear stories and see some pictures or cases for them, but god the idea of playing any game sounds so fun and exciting to me!"

"We had some games on the Atlas, and lots of movies." Malorie said, remembering the happier times of her childhood doing a little bit for her bad mood. "The video games we didn't get to play with super often, because the newer systems took up too much power or something. But when we could, it definitely was a lot of fun. As for movies, I must have watched over a hundred different movies at least a few times each on the Atlas."

"Can you tell me about some of them?" Nicholas asked excitedly.
"You said any questions I answer you'll answer too, how can you answer that question yourself?"
"Right, I guess I'll just ask another time."

"What's your favorite weapon for killing zombies?"
Without speaking Malorie quickly drew her Walther P-38, almost making Nicholas jump before realizing she had drawn it to answer his question.
"My Walther P-38, my dad gave it to me, before it was his it was my grandpas, and before him it was my great grandpas. My dad said that even before him it was some German soldiers in World War 2."
"Wow, that thing must be really reliable then."
"I had to switch out a couple of old parts like the firing pin while I was back in Sydney to make sure it stayed that way, but yeah other than that this gun is almost a hundred years old and is still saving my life every other day. It doesn't hold as many bullets as some newer guns, but the accuracy and reliability make up for it in my opinion, not to mention I love the way it looks."

"You know a lot more about guns than I do." Nicholas commented.
"If you met my dad or my best friend that I lost, you'd see why." Malorie said, a barely noticeable smirk slipping out as she thought of the countless range sessions with Teddy and Michelle on the deck of the Atlas.
"For me it's gotta be this-" Nicholas said before reaching into his jeans pocket and retrieving a well worn but still plenty functional SOG Fasthawk. "I found it on the very first looting run Leonard took me on, it was stuck in some zombies shoulder and I grabbed it after he killed it. It's saved me more times than years I've been alive since then."

"Mine would beat yours." Malorie said plainly as she holstered the weapon. "One."
"What's your favorite quality in another person?"
"Being at least a little intelligent goes a long way. I met some drooling idiots working as a security guard in Sydney that did a real good job making me appreciate people with a brain. Either that or being happy most of the time. My old best friend was just about the happiest, nicest lady you'd ever meet, nobody would put a smile on your face more consistently than Michelle could. There aren't many people with that quality left."

"Well good news for you, I'm definitely one of the happy types I'd say." Nicholas said with a smile. "As for me, extreme bravery has always been something I've looked up to. Leonard's one of those brave guys, I know damn well your mom is after what she pulled off to get you back from us."
"This isn't a world for cowards."
"No, it's not."

"Are we done?" Malorie asked after a small awkward silence.
"Yup! Was that so bad?"
"It's not the most unpleasant thing I've had to put up with this week." Malorie answered before standing up and walking over to the other end of the tavern, with Nicholas not following this time. Inwardly, she was surprised that Nicholas had managed to disarm her anger for that long of a talk when she still felt seething hate towards him and his group. She did find him physically attractive, but that normally didn't have much effect on her interactions as she hadn't so much as attempted dating since being rejected back in California when she was thirteen over her scar. She thought about it a bit before brushing it off to the back of her mind, focusing entirely on the horde outside and the struggle they were going to face in a few hours to fight through them.
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

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[3:14 PM]

(Play until the next one of these saying stop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7Tg_wjWT1g )

"So, we're really about to do this?" Jordan asked, clearly shaken. He and the rest of the group were gathered near the back doors of the tavern, while there were no windows the moans were still ever present.
"Now or never." Ivy said. "This horde could sit here another hour or another year for all we know, we don't have the supplies to keep waiting."
"Like Ivy and I decided, we'll head north where there's more buildings." Leonard said to everyone. "We'll hopefully be able to slip in and out of them if need be so we aren't under a constant assault."

"Can we get going now?" Malorie asked impatiently, she had her Walther held in her hand and ready to go.
"Yeah, just one second." Ivy said before turning to Leonard and holding her hands out with one open and the other holding the UMP. "I'd like my gun back, if we're really working together. I know how to use that better than this also."
"Alright, fair enough." Leonard said, handing the AUG back to Ivy while he took the UMP.
"I'm taking that back when my hand's better." Malorie told Leonard.
"Sure, hopefully I'll have something for myself by then."

"While we're going remember to stay in formation, anyone who breaks off could be bitten or accidentally shot." Ivy warned as she reloaded a fresh magazine. "Leonard, Malorie and I up front, Nicholas and Jordan in the back with Megan and Laura in the middle. Everyone has to keep pace no matter what."
"Sir yes sir." Megan muttered bitterly under her breath.
"Hey Mal, mind if I use your revolver? I only have my tomahawk and-"
"Two things." Malorie said sternly, cutting him off. "One, don't ever call me Mal. Two, don't EVER ask to touch either of these guns."

"Knock it off Malorie." Ivy warned her before saying "Alright everyone, get ready."
"Mummy, I don't want to go out there.. Please.." Laura pleaded with tears leaking from her eyes. "M-My stomach hurts cause I'm so scared."
"I'm sorry sweety, but you gotta be brave right now okay? Just until we get out of here, Leonard will keep us safe and I won't let nothin' happen to you." Megan reassured her daughter as they got behind Leonard, Ivy and Malorie.

"Hang onto this until we get out of here-" Ivy said to Megan as she turned around and held out the handle end of her Bowie knife. "-use it to keep her safe."
Megan was surprised by the gesture, tentatively taking the large knife from Ivy and not saying anything to her.

"Will someone get the damn door already, standing in the shitty tavern isn't getting us away from this horde." Malorie said irritably.
"Yes your majesty." Leonard responded, clearly annoyed with Malorie's poor demeanor. "Everyone be ready, this is it!"

(Stop the song)

A moment later Leonard swung the door open, smacking one zombie over with it in the process. Malorie then pushed out past him as he went to raise the UMP, firing five rounds and killing the same number of zombies in a line right in front of her before the others caught back up and the planned formation took shape. Ivy, Leonard and Malorie worked efficiently at carving a swathe through the horde in front of them. Their advance however was hampered severely each time a reload was performed, forcing them to stop and then clear out the zombies that had filled into the previously cleared stretch of ground.

By the time the group pushed roughly a hundred yards they stepped over a torn down chain link fence and entered what seemed to be a repair shop for industrial farm equipment that was rusting away all over the property. The zombie population however had not slimmed down, but the groups ammunition quickly was. By the time they reached the back double doors Ivy was down to a handful of bullets in her current magazine and whatever amount happened to be left in the magazine the gun had when Leonard handed it to her. Leonard was down to one magazine and Malorie had run dry on the ammunition already loaded into her weapons forcing her to resort to her cutlass.

They rushed in through the unlocked back doors of the Mcgregor Gourlay Agricultural building, shoving one zombie on the inside of the building aside which was quickly finished off by Malorie. The interior consisted mostly of farm machines that were being repaired at the time of the outbreak, with some shelves covered in parts near the back door. In the center of the room was a massive hole in the steel ceiling, with a burnt out and wrecked aircraft sitting on the concrete floor in the center of the hole.

Spinning back around Malorie and Nicholas both took turns hacking at the zombies trying to push through the doors until the rest of the group managed to get them shut and locked for the time being.

"We've gotta keep going!" Megan urged the group, breathing heavily already.
"We need time to reload our magazines before we go back out there!" Ivy explained. "You, Jordan and Leonard need to move some of these shelves in front of the doors to buy us some more time."
"Why the **** should we be doing the heavy lifting while you sit around?!" Megan asked, furious at being ordered by Ivy.
"Because she has to reload her gun, dumbass!" Malorie snapped, throwing the now dirty rag she'd used to clean her face of blood onto the floor.
"Megan, guys we don't have time for this!" Leonard pleaded. "It's a matter of you keeping Laura alive so **** go!"

"You have any ammo for this?" Leonard asked Ivy, approaching her once Megan gave up on arguing.
"It's my gun not hers, I have the ammo." Malorie said. "It's in my bag, front pouch, I find anything missing that's not .45 ACP and I'll **** you up."
"I'm no thief, so you don't need to worry about me dipping into your things without permission" Leonard said, going into Malorie's backpack which was already open on the floor from her retrieving her own ammo.
"I'd only be worried if I couldn't take what you stole back from you. The warning was more for your benefit than mine." Malorie stated as she finished reloading her revolver, the task proving an annoying and frustrating one with the injuries to her hand.

"You three locked and loaded yet?!" Jordan called out about a minute later. He, Megan and Nicholas were desperately holding up the shelves they'd laid against the doors as hundreds of zombies slammed their bodies against the doorway and metal walls making a thunderous noise throughout the building. Several small windows had also been breached, but their size ensured no zombies would be squeezing through easily.
"Close enough." Malorie answered, tossing spare bullets into her bag and zipping it up once she got a seventh round into her Walther's second magazine.
"Yeah-" Ivy agreed, slinging her bag over her shoulder. "-lets go!"

The moment Nicholas and the others let go of the barricades the shelves were toppled over and the doors forced clean off of their hinges by the furious and innumerable horde. The group was already well out of their reach however, sprinting into the front of the building where they found around a dozen zombies scattered around after having broken in through the larger front windows and glass door. Malorie, Nicholas and using a large wrench he picked up, Leonard, cleared the way through the storefront with their melee weapons to conserve ammunition, moving with haste thanks to the massive numbers behind them still funneling through the garage area.

As they rushed back onto the street the group was partially relieved to see the zombies weren't packed shoulder to shoulder in this area, instead spread out with about five to ten feet between each zombie give or take. This made clearing a path considerably easier once the groups guns began opening fire once more, with everyone managing to maintain almost a full jogging pace as they run and gunned through the streets.

Within several more blocks the group found themselves in a suburban area of the small town, this proved beneficial as zombies were generally even less clumped up in this area save for a few groups that remained clustered here and there. Still, the threat of the thousands still following behind them kept the group from even thinking about slowing their pace.

It wasn't until they reached the end of Balo street that the group was faced with another threat in the form of a wall of zombies easily a thousand strong that stretched on in either direction as far as they could see. For the first time since leaving the tavern the survivors completely froze at the sight of the daunting horde, even normally unshakable Malorie got chills at the sight of so many undead between them and their goal. It didn't take long for heads in the horde to begin turning and spotting the survivors, steadily sending a wave of new found fervor throughout the mass bringing them from an idle state back to one of actively seeking humans.

"They are everywhere.." Jordan muttered, dropping the pipe he'd been carrying as he shakily stepped backwards.
"They're behind us too!" Laura shrieked after turning and spotting the horde from earlier slowly but steadily shambling towards the group, threatening to envelope them completely.
"Onto the roof of that Caltex gas station!" Leonard urged, trying to think of something quickly before it was too late. With no better ideas to be thrown around everyone listened, following Jordan to a canopy extending out to the right of the station in order to protect employees vehicles from the elements.

Standing on the roof of a rotting van, Leonard boosted each group member up to the canopy roof one by one while Ivy and Malorie provided covering fire until it was their turn, upon which he boosted both of them up before being pulled to safety himself. By this point hundreds had already gathered in the gas stations parking lot, dozens smashing their way into the store beneath the frightened survivors feet.

"What now?!" Nicholas asked, desperately looking around the group for any ideas. From the looks on their faces, it was clear almost every group member was contemplating that this could be it for them.
"First you attack us, then you lead what's left of us to our deaths!" Megan yelled at Ivy tearfully over the deafening moans and growls as she knelt on the roof with Laura crying hysterically onto her shoulder. "We should have taken our chances and just shot you cunts to death last night!"
"You wanna talk **** to me then go ahead!" Malorie snapped as she approached Megan, having overheard her. "But you leave my mom the **** out of-"

She stopped mid sentence as gas station began groan under the force of hundreds of zombies pushing against it relentlessly, with the canopy over the gas pumps giving way a moment later. The two supports furthest from the building gave first, allowing the canopy to fall at an angle and crush several dozen zombies beneath it as it shook the entire gas station and shocked the survivors. Just as zombies began using the slanted canopy to ascend towards the survivors, cracks began to form on the roof near the entrance of the store running all the way to the back of it.

"Onto that other canopy!" Leonard said, pointing to one adjacent to the gas station and slightly higher off of the ground but not to the point of being out of reach for the group. Recognizing the gas station wouldn't be there much longer everyone scurried for the Jukes & Son Tyre Service shops canopy. In the frantic dash Ivy was just about onto the top when she was inadvertently knocked off and back onto the gas station roof by Jordan, who didn't even notice in his own fear fueled break for safety. Ivy brushed off the pain from the fall and jumped right back up to her feet, unfortunately as she reached for Malorie's extended hand the building gave its last breath and buckled beneath her.

A sudden vibration threw her balance off as the structure began to collapse, causing her to fall off of the roof and beneath the Tyre service shops canopy. Ivy landed directly on a pile of old tires, undoubtedly saving her from any serious injury for the moment. A huge dust cloud was kicked up by the fallen gas station in all directions, limiting the sight available to Ivy, the zombies and the rest of the group. With the dust and dirt irritating her eyes Ivy put one of her arms over them while holding her M1911 in her free hand as she got off of the pile of tires. With her mind currently in too much shock to make a real plan or think logically, Ivy instead moved on instinct.

Blindly, she stumbled forward without thinking about the possible consequence until it was too late. The sound of one zombie finally stood out above all the others as it came within attacking distance while still invisible to Ivy, grabbing hold of Ivy's left arm in one hand and her shirt on the other it yanked her towards it instinctively. However, the only thing its mouth met was the business end of Ivy's M1911 before she pulled the trigger and forced herself free of its grip. She had no time for respite, her senses immediately picking up on another zombie approaching her from her side.

Spinning around Ivy struck the zombie in the side of its face with her elbow, diverting what might have otherwise been a successful bite to her side and following up with a shin kick that knocked the zombie onto its face. By the time Ivy had stomped on its skull enough times to be certain it wouldn't be getting back up she realized the dust had begun to clear. Still somewhat in a daze she looked around seemingly without any knowledge of the situations urgency, looking almost like a lost child looking for their parents. That changed when a zombie just behind her lost a portion of its skull from a bullet and its cold brain matter splattered onto her skin, seeming to jolt her back to full awareness.

"Mom!" Malorie screamed to Ivy, getting her mothers attention. She was standing on the roof of the canopy holding her UMP, balancing the foregrip on her wrist thanks to her hand injury. It was clear just how terrified and distraught Malorie was to see Ivy down there with a majority of the zombies turning their attention on her, a thick wall of them already formed up to ensure she couldn't just make her way back to the others.

"Lay down and stay quiet, all of you!" Ivy yelled out after several seconds of quick thinking, although her order initially only confused the rest of the group before she clarified. "I'm going to lure them away, don't make a noise until they're all gone then head North like we planned!"
"But-" Malorie began before Ivy fired several shots into zombies closing on her.
"There's no time!" Ivy yelled, being sure to take one last look at Malorie for what maybe the last time she'd see her. "I love you, Malorie!"

Immediately after yelling that Ivy fired two more shots into the crowd before yelling more calls out at the zombies as she retreated down an old dirt covered alleyway with a majority of the massive horde following after her.
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

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"Malorie, we've gotta go now." Nicholas said as he approached her from behind. Within a few minutes of leaving Ivy had taken almost the entire bulk of the horde with her, leaving the path ahead safe for the rest of the group. While Nicholas and the others discussed their next move, Malorie sat with her gaze locked on the last spot she'd seen Ivy at as she cradled Jade in her arms trying to both comfort the stressed cat and herself. "Come on, don't ignore me.. We've gotta get going Malorie."

"Leave her be." Megan told Nicholas. "She wants to stay here, sulk and die, then let her."
"Wow, screw you Megan!" Nicholas replied angrily, catching the rest of the group off guard as he was normally not an assertive individual. "Her mom is the only reason we aren't all about to die ourselves, what the hell's wrong with you? I get it, you hate their guts because of what happened to Jack, but can't you give it a break for five seconds after what her mom just did for all of us?!"

"While I haven't known Ivy for long at all, I know the last thing she would want is for you to stay here." Leonard said to Malorie a moment later. "We both know the main reason she did that so willingly was for your sake, not ours, so why waste that?"

Malorie sighed, conflicting thoughts racing through her head and even more being put into it by the things being said by the group. Finally she relented, slipping Jade gently back into the pouch on her backpack before slipping it on and standing up and facing the rest of the group without muttering a word.

"Good." Leonard said, smiling. Shortly thereafter the survivors made their way off of the canopy, slipping onto the roof of the Tyre shop and through one of the glass skylights. The group only had to slay a handful of zombies as they worked their way back onto the street heading North. It was now that they spotted what had been holding the horde up, the raging, slightly flooded Mehi River which still had zombies floating by from further upstream. On the other end of the river the group found even more densely packed buildings than on the end of town they'd just left, although this wasn't much of a big deal as the zombie presence on this end of the river was little more than annoyance.

The survivors managed to trek through the rest of the town of Moree with little incident, however they elected to move a little further out of the town to be sure they were safe from any chance of the horde crossing Mehi River as they rested. Not entirely convinced Ivy was dead, Malorie stopped at every turn to mark down an arrow and small note on the street signs using a marker she'd found in the airplane she slept in.

"We'll stop here for the day and wait for Ivy." Leonard said to his group as they came upon a tiny one story house on the other end of the Gwydir River.
"And just how long can we afford to wait?" Jordan asked while he and the others trekked through the overgrown front yard.
"We can at least give her until one PM tomorrow, if she's not back by then, we'll be forced to assume the worst."
"She'll be back." Malorie assured.


As she made her way down the alleyway Ivy made sure to pace herself so the horde was able to keep up and those further towards the rear of the pack hopefully wouldn't lose interest and make themselves a problem for the rest of the group once again. Whenever she wasn't letting rounds loose from her M1911 into the crowd Ivy yelled as loudly as she could manage, doing everything in her power to ensure all pressure was put onto her and relieved from the others with little thought for her own well being. This wasn't from any lacking of fear or her will to live, but more from her personal need to ensure Malorie remained alive at whatever the cost.

These heroics caught up with Ivy before too long, once she crossed Anne Street into another adjacent alleyway she kept up the same process of gathering and maintaining the hordes attention. As she neared the end of that alleyway which opened up to Adelaide Street she turned from the horde following her down the narrow pathway and caught sight of several zombies moving to intercept her, the excessive noise from her distraction now backfiring on her. Recognizing that her window of escape was rapidly closing, Ivy opened fire while still moving down the alleyway, only scoring one hit out of the five rounds she fired before the magazine ran dry.

With all of her pre-loaded ammunition expended and Megan holding her Bowie knife, Ivy found herself feeling like a cornered animal as over a dozen zombies began to funnel in through what had been her escape route. Turning back around she could see the megahorde she'd gathered still inching ever closer, the stampede kicking up a large trail of dirt into the air and crushing zombies at the front who lost their footing. Wanting no part of being caught in the middle of the two sides, Ivy opted to attempt climbing over one of the concrete walls to either side of her that led to backyards.

Her first attempt at climbing the AUG got in her way, so Ivy let it drop from her shoulder and onto the ground before trying again. Despite her height, Ivy found it nearly impossible to both reach and get a solid grip at the top of the walls which were somewhat sloped at the top. She fell back to the ground before trying once more, putting her back up against one wall before running at the other and jumping with her arms out. She managed to get her left arm mostly over the wall, after which she mustered all of the strength in it to pull the rest of her body up enough for her right arm to get over as well.

With her grip secured Ivy now began pulling herself up, which wouldn't have been too difficult from that point if it weren't for the fact that she spotted some thirty zombies in the yard she was about to climb into, causing her to let go of the fence in a panic and drop back to the ground. By this point she had almost no time left, with the hordes on either side of the alleyway both now within a dozen feet or so of closing her in and ripping her limb from limb. Desperately Ivy darted her head around for anything else she could use, any other possible escape route.

She found her route when she looked down, spotting the almost completely dirt covered manhole cover under her boots. Dropping to her knees Ivy put her fingers into the small pick holes and pried uselessly for a few seconds before looking to her AUG and grabbing it off of the ground. Holding it by the receiver and stock Ivy plunged the barrel of the weapon into one of the pick holes and pried at it with all of her might, with the AUG holding out for only a few moments before the barrel began to warp and the receiver started to crack and break from the stresses being placed on it. Ivy didn't complain however, as the weapon served its improvised purpose just well enough for her to get her hands underneath the cover and with the help of her adrenaline, flip it over onto the ground before quickly ducking into the hole as the zombies descended upon her position.

Grabbing hold of the ladder on either side, Ivy slid straight down as quickly as she safely could straight into waist deep water. The moment she got off of the ladder Ivy practically leaped back just in time to avoid several zombies as they either followed after her or just clumsily fell into the manhole. Once the bodies began to fall down they didn't stop, with the overhead zombies falling in as fast as they could fit, their bones snapping and cracking as they impacted in the shallow water. Having no intentions on waiting around, Ivy raced to recover her flashlight from her backpack as lighting inside of the tunnel was nonexistent outside of the meager rays of sunlight peaking through the hole.

Once she had the light in her hand and turned on Ivy began moving through the water as quickly as she could manage to put space between her and the zombies piling into the tunnel from where she'd entered. The passage ways were much tighter and narrower than Ivy had come to expect from different pieces of media she'd seen throughout her life that often portrayed sewer tunnels as large, open and spacious. She had roughly three feet to either side of her at any given time as she sloshed through the tunnel, and only a few inches above her head anywhere that didn't have a ladder leading to another manhole.

She cringed with disgust as she looked down at the algae coated water she was being forced to wade through, although this river runoff water was a fair bit better than dealing with actual sewage. The moans coming from the zombies who'd fallen into the tunnel behind her proved even more disheartening than when there had been a thousand more on the surface, the echoing sounds of their growls and moans causing Ivy to question if one was right behind her every time the sound reached her ears. These factors all combined with the maze like structure of the tunnels to really start making Ivy panic in a big way, making her senses begin deceiving and playing tricks on her mind as she rounded corners.

With her fear getting the better of her Ivy started rushing up the next ladder she found, only to discover once she reached the top that pushing the manhole cover off from on a ladder was even more difficult than the prying she'd done minutes before to the point of seeming impossible without serious risk of injury. Disheartened, Ivy climbed back down quickly into the water once again as the sounds of more and more zombies started to fill the air all around her. The frightening overload to her senses was nearly too much to bare, and if Ivy hadn't faced so many horrors already, they would have been.

But doing her level best to keep as calm as she could Ivy continued on, trying to remember where she'd entered so she could head in the complete opposite direction and avoid a lethal run in with the zombies following her. Her attempts proved vain within several minutes however, as she turned one corner and found a number of zombies illuminated in the dim glow of her flashlight either stumbling or crawling through the water towards her. Immediately Ivy did an about-face and began running through the tunnel as fast as she could manage until one of her feet didn't make contact with any ground as she took her next step, sending her plunging into deep water.

Without any time to look down with her light through the murky water Ivy ran straight into a drop-off in the tunnels that was flooded, although the water looked to be the same height as everywhere else in the tunnels at a glance. Suddenly finding herself submerged was a very unneeded shock to Ivy, who let go of her only waterproof flashlight as she fell in, costing her the only reliable light source available to her. Ivy was so thrown off by falling in mid run that in her attempt to swim to the surface she actually swam straight down, only realizing this once she felt the cold concrete against her hands at the bottom of the drop off.

By the time she confirmed to herself that she was upside down Ivy was already well out of breath, having had no time to catch it before falling in. A small flood of the water rushed into her lungs as she instinctively gasped for air beneath the surface of the water, increasing her desperation to get turned around and above the surface. To Ivy's despair she found herself unable to swim up with her heavy backpack, forcing her to let it slide off of her shoulders along with everything useful inside of it before rushing to the surface as fast as she could possibly manage.

Once her head emerged from the water Ivy got several seconds to gasp for air before a zombie that she couldn't see fell into the water almost right on top of her, sending both of them under once more. Trying to yell from the fright and shock of the zombie suddenly getting hold of her only exacerbated things for Ivy by filling her lungs with even more water to replace what little breath she had mustered in her seconds above the surface. Without a single weapon other than her entirely empty M1911, Ivy knew she had to improvise and do it fast.

The zombie's momentum and weight pushed both of them against one of the walls in the drop off, Ivy instinctively grabbed at the wall for something to grab hold of and her hand managed to find a long line of continuous pipes. With one hand on the zombie's neck to keep its teeth at bay and the other on the pipes, Ivy puled at the pipe several times before the old, rust coated metal gave way and handed her a foot long section of pipe. Ivy took two useless swings against the zombies head, the momentum proving too little with the water in the way. However her third attack was a thrust with the end of the jagged pipe straight into the zombie's open mouth, upon which its grip relented and it began drifting back into the depths alone.

As Ivy swam back to the surface her mind was beginning to grow dark, the lack of oxygen getting ready to force her unconscious. While she ascended through the depths once more, two more zombies plunged in from the same direction Ivy and the other zombie had, however this time Ivy was lucky enough to be on the other end of the drop off keeping her safe as they sank. Emerging from under the surface of the water she didn't wait to catch her breath this time, quickly feeling for and finding a concrete lip that led up to the tunnel on the opposite end of where she'd fallen in the drop-off.

Ivy scurried several dozen feet from the edge of the drop-off before stopping to cough up water and recover her breath, wanting to be absolutely sure no more zombies would be getting a hold of her while her guard was down. It was only now that she had time to stop and think that Ivy became truly aware of how dire her situation was, that she was trapped underground without a single light source or weapon with an unknown number of zombies. Even if she could escape the tunnels, she would still be resurfacing in the middle of a town plagued by a giant horde, and then she still would have to find Malorie and the others if she could escape that.

"Th-this isn't g-g-good." Ivy whispered to herself as she held her empty M1911, teeth chattering from the cold tunnel air and even colder water. "Should have s-saved one for mys-s-self.."

Reaching down to her neck Ivy grabbed the rings on her necklace once more and held them close as tears began to roll down her face. Completely alone in those dark, dank tunnels the closest companionship available to her was Teddy's wedding ring. Holding it tightly in her hand, she could almost feel his presence in the total darkness, providing a modest and basic, but desperately needed comfort for her mind.

"You have to keep going." His voice told her inside of her own mind after about a minute, although she perceived it as if he'd actually been there and spoke, her mind so overwhelmed that she couldn't even bring herself to question it.
"How?!" She called out tearfully, her distressed voice echoing throughout the tunnels alongside the moans of numerous zombies. "I-I'm trapped, I c-c-can't see, I don't ha-have any weapons and I'm alone!"
"You're not alone, I'm always with you Ivy. I promised I would be." Teddy's voice reassured softly in her mind. "You can find your way out, I know you can, and I know you will. And you'll find your way back to our daughter, and you'll keep making it, just like you always have, with or without me. You're too strong of a woman to give up like this, we both know it Ivy."

"You...." Ivy began, her thoughts struggling against each other in a way she'd never felt before.

"You're right.. I will... I have to keep g-going." She finally said, mustering the spirit to stand once again. "I have to do it... for her.."
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

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[11:32 PM]

"DAMN IT!" Ivy yelled out in frustration as she stood atop a ladder leading to another manhole doing her best to open it but once again to no avail. For the past few hours she had been constantly roaming the pitch black tunnels, searching for any kind of an exit that she could use whilst dodging zombies that she couldn't see. On top of this, her body was fighting a constant battle to avoid becoming hypothermic as she was still dripping head to toe in the cold water she'd plunged into and the chilling air only got slightly cooler with the setting of the sun on the streets above.

The maze like structure of the tunnels was difficult enough to navigate when she still had her vision, but now that she was blind as a bat Ivy couldn't help but feel she was wandering in circles. In the hours she'd been underground she hadn't even stumbled back across the manhole she originally crawled through. Added onto this was the never ending echoing moans coming from seemingly every direction as they bounced around the sewer walls, the constant bombardment of their moans combined with her lost vision was slowly clawing at her psyche more and more, even drowning out her own thoughts.

Wanting nothing more than to reach fresh air and see again, Ivy pushed against the manhole once more with everything she had. Putting both hands on the bottom of it while keeping her feet on the ladder she put her entire body into pushing up against the manhole cover, but just as it began to finally lift a couple inches from its place one of her boots lost its grip on the metal ladder. Ivy was incredibly lucky to catch a step in the ladder with both of her hands before she fell too far, but the incident was enough of a scare to force her off of the ladder, lest she make the same mistake and fail to catch herself.

As she got to the bottom of the ladder a zombie that she hadn't spotted grabbed hold of her pant leg, startling Ivy for a moment before she solidified her grip on the ladder with her hands and began kicking with her free leg at where she assumed the zombies head was. It held on tight for a solid six or seven kicks before the damage to its skull and brain became too much and it let go, falling backwards into the water and giving Ivy a chance to dismount the ladder safely. Before she started moving again Ivy took the time to stop and focus her hearing, doing her absolute best to detect where the nearest zombies were despite the difficulty brought on by the echoes.

As she focused Ivy managed to eventually pick up on the sounds of water splashing not too far from her down one end of the tunnel. With the information she wanted, Ivy now headed down in the opposite direction with one hand on the wall to help with keeping her bearings. By this point she was starting to run dangerously low on energy, her four hours of sleep having done little to prepare her body for this situation where resting simply wasn't an option in any way. Added onto this were the facts that she'd now gone over twenty-four hours without food, and she hadn't had a sip of drinkable water since she left the tavern.

With her will to live and need to reunite with Malorie being the only things keeping her going, Ivy pressed on despite the growing number of issues plaguing her as the minutes ticked by. After walking cautiously for another ten or so minutes Ivy felt one of her boots drop into deep water again, although this time she was moving slow enough to prevent herself from completely plunging into the drop-off. Unaware of if this was the same drop-off she'd fallen into earlier or a new one she'd stumbled upon, Ivy decided she'd be best off playing it safe and turned around rather than swimming into potentially zombie infested waters.

She only walked for a few more seconds in the opposite direction before her senses told her more than one zombie was approaching down the pathway she'd already gone through heading towards her. Knowing it would be flat out suicidal to fight more than one zombie in total darkness Ivy took a deep breath before turning back to the drop-off and lowering herself into the cold water. Terrified of being grabbed from beneath the water, Ivy swam as fast as she could, crossing to the other end of the drop-off in just a few seconds before climbing back up and continuing on her way, the sounds of zombies plunging into the water hitting her ears not long after that.

As she continued pressing forward Ivy's ears began picking up on a noise other than zombie moans, growls and movements for the first time in hours, fast flowing water. The new sound gave Ivy the very important feedback of letting her know she was in a new area, rather than retracing the same parts of the tunnels. Her ears did their best job isolating roughly which direction the sound was emanating from, eventually managing to lead her on a slightly upwards slope until she found one more turn. Rounding the corner, Ivy's legs were hit with a rush of rapidly flowing water at knee height that nearly knocked her off of her feet. Along with this flowing water however was something Ivy had longed for ever since losing her flashlight, a source of natural light reflecting off of the water and wet concrete walls.

Ivy felt a wide smile grow over her face once she spotted the silver moonlight shimmering through the tunnel, the feeling of relief coming over her being one that was difficult to describe. Without hesitation she started trying to rush towards it, only to promptly lose her footing and be sent sliding back down the few feet she'd managed to climb.

"Right.." Ivy muttered to herself as she stood up and looked up the incline, contemplating her next move. The tunnel was at about a thirty degree slope and was roughly thirty yards long before it straightened out at the top just barely concealing what Ivy assumed was her way out. She made her next attempt at a much more methodical pace, leaning against one side of the wall for some kind of support. She only made it about a third of the way before she was swept off of her feet once more, the currents pushing on her knees combined with the slick concrete beneath the waters surface proving to be a major hindrance.

Ivy smacked her hand against the surface of the water in frustration upon coming to a stop at the bottom again, her goal within sight but just out of reach. Trying to think of a different approach Ivy sat there for almost a minute before zombie moans met her ears once again, telling her that at least a few were not far behind. With urgency once again added to her situation, Ivy stood up and moved over to the wall, feeling up and down it until she found a pipeline. Grabbing hold of a section she pried with both hands, finding this section less worn out than the one she'd ripped away earlier Ivy put her boot up against the wall as well, finally making the pipe come loose along with a nasty sludge inside of it seeping out.

With the several feet long piece of pipe in her hands Ivy began up the slope once again, this time trying to utilize the pipe as a sort of walking stick, giving her a fourth point to grip with along with her feet and hand on the wall. At first, the pipe didn't seem to be helping all that much until Ivy started finding small cracks in the concrete that she could bury the point of it into, providing a solid point to pull herself forward a couple of feet. By the time she was half way up the slope Ivy looked back and with the reflecting moonlight could make out the silhouettes of at least three or four zombies waiting for her to make another mistake and fall into their arms.

With this extra bit of motivation to not slip up, Ivy did her best to keep a level head and not rush herself. Inch by inch she worked her way up, finding a few more cracks in the concrete to sink the pipe into for the extra leverage, until she finally reached the top. At the summit of the tunnel Ivy's heart sank, for instead of an open way straight to the outside, she found a large steel grate. After a few moments Ivy decided to try pushing against it, and to her surprise the grate actually budged slightly. Now putting actual muscle into it, Ivy pushed against it once more and found it starting to lift slightly, so she pushed harder.

Dipping into energy reserves she didn't know she had, Ivy lifted the grate higher inch by inch, until it was just large enough for her to fit through. In one motion she let go of the grate above her head and dove forward, narrowly avoiding being crushed as the gate slammed shut behind her with a thunderous clang. Standing back up Ivy felt as if she'd just conquered the world, with her eyes able to see the world around her once more, warm air hitting her cold skin, and the sounds of nature replacing the endless growls of the undead. While it had been mere hours she'd spent underground, to her it felt like days imprisoned under the earth.

"You were right." Ivy whispered under her breath as she stumbled out of the creek and onto Boggabilla Road. "I did find my way out, I was too strong to give up."
Her joy at having escaped the sewers was quickly reinforced, her eyes spotting the reflection of neon orange marker written onto a sign in the moonlight. Written in the marker was an arrow pointing further down the road, away from Moree, along with a small note in what Ivy instantly recognized as Malorie's chicken scratch handwriting.
"Staying North, stopping soon, keep eye out."


Nicholas was on watch alone on the front porch of the modest home the group was staying at for the night, with Malorie patrolling the field behind the building. However most of his focus was on digging through the groups remaining supplies and tallying up what they had, which didn't amount to much. Not counting the supplies Malorie was carrying and refused to share, they had two gallons of clean water, an almost empty lighter, some bandages, stitches and an almost empty bottle of antibiotics. With the dwindling supplies only serving to worry him, Nicholas quickly finished jotting down the grim supply tally before he began putting them all away.

"N-Nicholas?" A voice called out from the front yard as he stood and turned to enter the house with the supplies. At first he panicked, dropping the bag and spinning around to face the source of the voice with his tomahawk raised. But once he squinted and made out Ivy's face as she approached, he felt a rush of relief to see her still breathing.
"Ivy!" He exclaimed in a surprised tone, quickly stepping down off of the porch to check on her. "Are you alright, what happened?"
"Where's Malorie?" Ivy asked in response, looking around the overgrown yard.
"She's out back on guard, I'll-" Nicholas began.

"Mom?!" Malorie asked as she came around the corner of the garage, cutting Nicholas off. Without another word the mother and daughter both ran to meet each other in the middle of the yard, both wrapping their arms around each other. Ivy collapsed to the ground crying, shortly after meeting with Malorie, causing both of them to fall to their knees while still embracing each other.
"Are..Are you okay mom?" Malorie asked worriedly at the sound of Ivy's crying.
"Of course!" Ivy said after a moment, her voice cracking as she cried. Looking up a wide smile was on her face, making it clear they were tears of happiness.

The two embraced for almost another minute before they let go to stand up, upon which Ivy found her legs giving out on her from sheer muscle fatigue.
"I'm sorry-" She muttered as Malorie and Nicholas helped walk her to the house. "-it's been... A long day."
"Well your day's over now." Nicholas reassured as he and Malorie helped Ivy into the house.
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

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[Sunday, April 27th, 2030 - 9:22 AM]

"Feeling any better?" Malorie asked softly as she shut the door to her mothers room behind her, holding a glass of water in her hand.
"Not at all.." Ivy moaned in response, her hand over her face as she lay in bed. Over night numerous symptoms of a nasty sickness had begun to show themselves, including vomiting stomach acid, severe diarrhea and a high fever. The group had been hoping Ivy's symptoms would begin to subside within a few hours, but now it was becoming clear that they would have to stall their travel for her sake for at least the day.

"Here, take this." Malorie offered, handing Ivy the glass of water. "I think I'm going to talk to them about getting a few pairs together for looting around us, see if we can't scrounge up enough to maintain us until you get better. Hopefully we'll find some medicine for you also."
"Stay away from Moree." Ivy warned weakly after sipping on her water.
"Don't gotta tell me twice, all of our looking will be done well north of that shitshow." Malorie said as she turned to leave the room. "I'll come let you know what's going on for sure before we head out."

Stepping out of the bedroom Malorie quickly found her way to the living room where she found the rest of the group gathered together, discussing something that was quickly dropped as Malorie entered the room, annoying her somewhat.
"My mom's not better, in fact she looks worse." She explained. "So we can't move on today, but our supplies are also bad enough that we can't sit here with our thumbs up our asses."

"Alright, boss-" Leonard said sarcastically at Malorie's authoritative tone "-what do you have in mind?"
"That we don't sit here with our thumbs up our asses." Malorie replied in an equally smartass tone. "Two of us follow the road north, two of us follow the river behind us downstream, two of us stay here and hold down the fort with my mom."
"You know, I honestly don't think that's too bad of an idea." Jordan mentioned, looking around at the rest of his group. "Along with maybe getting us food, it's a good idea to know if anything dangerous that we'd want to avoid is waiting down the road before we dedicate ourselves to going that way."

"I'll go with you Malorie." Nicholas readily volunteered.
"Not so fast bud." Leonard interjected. "You're coming with me this time 'round, have things we need to discuss between us."
"Laura and I are definitely staying here then." Megan stated, adamant that neither her or Laura would be left alone with Malorie.
"Are you actually capable of guarding the place?" Malorie asked condescendingly, heavily doubting Megan's ability to do much of anything.
"I'm capable of a lot more than you think little girl." Megan hissed, shooting an intense glare at Malorie.
"Really? That's good news then, because I was starting to think you were as useless as a child."

"Quit it!" Leonard snapped at the two, almost eliciting a negative response from Malorie but she managed to stop herself. "We all decided to work together for now, that extends to you two whether you like it or not. Megan, Laura and Ivy will stay here. Nicholas and I will head on down the river and Jordan, you head with her up North."
"Are you sure I shouldn't stay behind?" Jordan asked nervously. "I mean, no offense Megan, but I think we should have at least one more person here."
"And send Malorie off alone?" Leonard asked.

"I think I'll be just fine without him, not like he'll make me any safer." Malorie said bluntly, correcting herself after a few moments of thought. "Then again, if I find stuff I don't want to have to make two trips for it. So maybe you should come along Jason."
"My name's Jordan."
"Whatever." Malorie said dismissively. "We can all start heading back an hour or two before nightfall. Just like you all decided when it was my mom out there, if a pair isn't back by 1 tomorrow then we assume they are dead. I'll tell my mom what's going on and get ready, then we'll get going because enough daylights already been burnt today."

[Sunday, April 27th, 2030 - 10:57 AM]

"How do you do it?" Jordan asked Malorie after having just watched her cut down two zombies that wandered too close on the highway.
"Do what?" Malorie asked, unsure of what he meant.
"I mean, how do you just walk up to a couple of these things and kill them like it's nothing? The look in your face, it's almost like you're crushing a bug, like it's just something you need to move outta your way and nothing more."

"Because that's exactly what they are." Malorie stated as they got back to walking, passing a sign reading 'ASHLEY Matthews Bridge Marshall Ponds Creek' before stepping onto a small bridge over the dry creek.
"If that's all they were then I don't think they would have killed over half of the worlds people." Jordan said, not content with Malorie's answer.
"That's what they are to me." Malorie clarified. "They are only dangerous if there are a lot of them, if you're not paying attention or if you're scared of them. Any other time they are manageable."

"But, it's like ingrained in me to fear them on sight, I look at one and instantly just see a terrifying thing that can kill me in one blow if I get unlucky."
"Everyone feels that way at some point after running into them." Malorie said, not particularly interested in talking with Jordan but rather just happy to vent some thoughts and opinions to someone new. "Even I did a little, they are dead bodies walking around that wanna eat you, and they aren't easy to stop. That's scary no matter what at first, but you know what's scarier?"
"What's that?"

"Dying." Malorie stated as they reached a jackknifed semi truck blocking the path ahead on the bridge. She continued speaking as she began climbing onto the roof of the trailer via a small ladder. "And being scared of them is just what will let them kill you. It's just as bad as being careless or unlucky. I knew a boy who was just as terrified of zombies as you are. After the ship we were on crashed, me, him and my sister were caught off guard by a horde while the adults were inside.. He froze solid, like a statue, just staring at the zombies as they walked towards him. I killed as many as I could, those were the very first zombies I ever killed, but there was no way I could have stopped them all."

Malorie paused for a brief moment to scan the horizon before continuing to speak.
"I cared about him a lot, he was my first boyfriend and the only kid my age I'd known my whole life other than my twin. I did everything I could to move him, and that almost got me killed too. I had to watch him die there, all because he was too scared."
"I...I'm sorry about him.." Jordan said softly, taking Malorie's words to heart.
"Don't be, I've come to terms with the fact that there's nothing I could have done for him, the only one who could have saved him there was him. My point is get over what they are, realize that being scared of them is what will give them the ability to kill you or someone you care about. Look at them as a problem to avoid or force out of your way, nothing more and nothing less."

"Now come on-" Malorie said after a moment as she climbed off of the trucks trailer. "-let's see what the town of Ashley has in store for us."


"What's the point of searching the river again?" Nicholas asked as they walked along the Gwydir River, covering their noses as a strong breeze swept the decaying smell from what they assumed was Moree's horde their way.
"Animals need water just like we do." Leonard explained. "Following this river is gonna be one of our better chances at getting some kinda game to put a bullet in. Along with that we might be able to catch some smaller critters if we're lucky."
"Right." Nicholas said, agreeing with Leonard's points.

"What do you think of them?" Leonard asked after a couple more minutes of walking.
"They both just wanna survive." Nicholas replied. "That's what's driving them, that's why what happened at our village happened. I don't think either of them are bad people."
"The girl, Malorie, she worries me." Leonard stated. "She's got a bad attitude and it's pretty clear she's no fan of our group after Jack tortured her."

"I probably wouldn't be either." Nicholas responded. "The fact that Jack tortured her is why I forgave her and her mom so quick once we first talked to them. I mean, you'd kill a whole lot of random people too if one of them was torturing me and you knew it, right?"
"You're right."
"But I don't know, I think we can get both of them to warm up to us a bit more. The other day in the tavern, I managed to get Malorie to talk with me for a bit and while she was kinda standoffish still, I got to see a side of her that ain't the cold blooded thing she's been showing everyone else."

"Would you trust her in a life or death situation?"
"We already kinda did, running through Moree." Nicholas said, stepping over a fallen tree. "She didn't let us down there, in fact if her and her mom didn't show up, we probably wouldn't have gotten out of that town to begin with. Our story would have ended in that building. I know you're second guessing yourself left and right, but I'm telling you Leonard, you made the right choice by convincing them to tag along."


"Mummy, what's wrong?" Laura asked, looking up from the Barbies she'd found in the house to play with and seeing a somewhat grimacing look on her mothers face.
"A lot of things, Laura." Megan responded shakily after a few seconds. "But that's nothing for you to worry about, keep playing."
The house went quiet for several minutes after that, until finally Laura spoke up again.

"I want daddy back, I miss him." Laura whimpered, almost under her breath as she played without looking away from her toys. "I miss everyone.."
Megan didn't respond, her grip tightening on the arms of the chair she was sat in as her emotions began to flare internally. She'd been contemplating something, and Laura's words gave her the gumption to act on that something.

"Laura.. Sweety-" Megan began after standing up and looking outside into the backyard. "-why don't you go outside, and play in the backyard for a little while?"
"I feel safer in her mummy.."
"I know you do, but there's a fence out there. I just want you to get a few minutes of fresh air, okay?" Megan assured. "You see anything scary or dangerous, you yell for me, alright?"
"I...I.." Laura hesitated, looking out the window before sighing. "Okay, I'll go play outside."
"That's my girl." Megan said, a feigned smile on her face as Laura went out the back door with her toys.

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXHjcHSUv90 )

The moment the door shut Megan's face became grimly serious once more. She watched Laura for several seconds before turning and stepping further into the house, stopping at the coffee table to reach down and grab something. In her hand Megan held up Ivy's Bowie knife, examining it for several seconds before testing its edge on the wall and cleanly shaving off a layer of wood. Taking a deep breath, Megan continued into a hallway before coming to a stop at Ivy's door and listening intently.

On the other side of the door Megan could make out the sounds of Ivy snoring slightly, telling her that she was indeed asleep. Just as she prepared to enter Ivy went into a brief coughing fit that surely woke her up, but after some brief pained moans the snoring seemed to continue as Ivy drifted back off to sleep. Shaking and sweating, Megan nervously went over in her head once more on if she really was ready to do this. She was no killer by any means, but her bottled rage over Jack's death was boiling over and with Ivy sick and nobody else around, this would be her best chance to get the vengeance she'd found herself desperately craving.

Turning the doorknob slowly Megan gradually pushed the door open until she was able to step into the room. She jumped slightly as Jade, who had been waiting for a chance to get out of the room, came running through the doorway and out into the hall. Megan sneered at the feline as it disappeared around the corner before turning her attention back to Ivy as she shut the door behind her. Ivy was facing towards Megan as she slept, a pained look on her face and cold sweat running down her forehead as the sickness ravaged her body. Megan stood there staring for several more moments, until Ivy's eyes opened ever so slightly.

Ivy was just about to mutter something before Megan charged her, catching the sick and still very worn out woman entirely off guard. The first slash very narrowly missed Ivy's face, taking off a section of her hair and cutting into the bed sheets. Completely confused and disoriented, not even fully aware of who was assaulting her, Ivy took several wild swings at Megan, who was now almost completely on top of her. Most of the swings either missed or didn't connect with enough force to matter, but one lucky hit landed squarely on Megan's jaw, throwing the smaller woman off of the bed and to the floor along with knocking her glasses off.

Still, Ivy was very far from being in fighting condition. Already after mere seconds of activity her muscles were screaming in pain, her stomach churning and her head feeling dizzy and light. Unable to properly follow up, Megan was given ample time to recover, upon which she stood up and spun around with the blade outstretched. This time the weapon did find its mark, the tip of the knife slashing Ivy's throat just a couple inches below her chin. Immediately Megan saw blood begin leaking from the wound as Ivy instinctively grabbed at the injury, leading Megan to believe for several moments that she'd done it.

Ivy also believed herself to be dead as she felt her warm blood leak from her neck and onto her hands, but after a second she realized she was still capable of breathing normally, the knife having entered shallow enough to miss her jugular and arteries. Instead the cut had simply sliced her skin open, causing no major damage. Megan watched Ivy for several seconds expecting her to keel over, only to be completely surprised when Ivy used what energy she did possess to lunge off of the bed and haphazardly tackle Megan. Ivy's superior size and weight allowed her to force Megan to the ground without extra exertion.

The two hit the wooden floor with a loud thud, Megan's head smacking against it violently and stunning her. Ivy, now fully aware of the situation she was in, reached both of her hands for the hand holding onto the Bowie knife. She grabbed hold of Megan's fingers with one hand, trying to pry them off of the handle while her other hand grabbed the knifes spine to give herself a good grip on it and ensure Megan wouldn't be swinging it again anytime soon. The two struggled like this for almost a minutes, while under normal circumstances Ivy was both stronger and more skilled than Megan, her severely weakened state from sickness and exhaustion left them at roughly equal levels of strength.

However energy was a different matter altogether, and Ivy was quickly losing all of what she had as her and Megan struggled while Megan had ample energy to spare. This started to become apparent as the struggle for the knife wore on, with Megan gradually finding herself getting closer and closer to shaking Ivy's grip.
"I..... Don't wanna hurt you." Ivy growled quietly between laborious breaths for air.
"Well I do wanna hurt you!" Megan snapped in response, suddenly making another powerful pull to try freeing the Bowie knife. This attempt worked, with Ivy finally losing her grip and Megan regaining control of the weapon.

Yet before she could make actual use of the weapon Laura's voice screaming out distracted Megan, making her turn her head towards the doorway as she realized her daughter was in danger. This let Ivy have the brief window of opportunity that she needed, allowing her to swing a haymaker powered by nothing but adrenaline straight into the side of Megan's head, knocking the woman out cold. Ivy almost allowed herself to pass out right then and there, her body being at its absolute limits, but Laura's continued screams kicked in Ivy's instincts. Retrieving the Bowie knife from Megan's hand Ivy stumbled out the door and towards the back door, blood still running down her neck and chest.

Shoving the back door open and stumbling outside, Ivy spotted two zombies trying to squeeze past each other to fit into a small doghouse that Laura was obviously inside of. Ivy shambled off of the porch as quickly as she could manage, intent on keeping the young girl safe. Halfway across the yard Ivy stopped abruptly, dropping to her hands and knees as her stomach forced out more stomach acid and water from vomiting. The sound of Ivy heaving as she threw up in the middle of the lawn was enough to catch the attention of one of the zombies, who had been a heavy set man in its past life.

By the time Ivy's gut was finished emptying itself of whatever it could find the zombie was only a few feet in front of her. Spotting this at the last possible second, Ivy scurried backwards as the zombie threw itself at her. She succeeded only partially, as the top half of the zombie still landed right on her legs, pinning them down and causing a fair amount of pain. The zombie then reached on arm forward, catching the blood soaked collar of her shirt and pulling her towards its teeth. Without hesitation Ivy stabbed at the zombies temple several times with her knife, taking chunks of flesh off until finally she hit flush with the tip of the knife and pierced his brain.

With Laura still screaming in horror from the other zombie still focused on her, Ivy now had to focus on rolling the bear of a corpse off of her. Grabbing hold of his tattered sweater she pulled to the side as hard as she could to try and roll him off, but the sweater gave before he was off of her and ripped, giving Ivy significantly less to grab hold of. Grabbing hold of his side Ivy tried to roll him off of her again, her fingers eventually puncturing his rotten skin which while disgusting, gave Ivy a slightly better grip and using her arms and pinned legs she managed to roll the body over and off of her with a yell as she exerted herself.

Stumbling to her feet and nearly falling over twice, Ivy managed to cross the rest of the yard and reach the doghouse. The almost skeletal female zombie had her head and arms inside of the doghouse, having been able to squeeze in once the larger zombie was out of the way. With Laura still shrieking Ivy wrapped both of her arms around the zombies waist in a kind of Heimlich position, after which she forcibly yanked it out of the dog house. With its grasp on one of her ankles the zombie also forcibly dragged Laura out with her, who appeared physically unharmed.

Pushing the knife against the back of its neck, Ivy managed to sever the zombies spinal cord rendering it motionless. The moment the zombie finished moving Ivy looked up at Laura, the two staring at each other for a few moments before Ivy fainted from everything effecting her.
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

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[Sunday, April 27th, 2030 - 11:05 AM]

"We're just gonna skip these houses?" Jordan asked Malorie as they passed the first several buildings in Ashley.
"Pretty much." Malorie stated. "The buildings on the outskirts of towns are always the first to get searched by people, and as a result the least likely to have anything of use to us. In my experience in Australia, if you want any chance of finding anything you go to the heart of the town and search those buildings."
"I understand what you mean, but shouldn't we be thorough?"
"Yeah, but we don't have the time to be thorough with every building in the **** town." Malorie stated, quickly beginning to find herself annoyed with Jordan. "So we'll be thorough with buildings that are more likely to have **** in them."
"I guess that makes sense." Jordan agreed, picking up his speed to keep pace with Malorie who was keeping her head on a swivel for any buildings that looked worth stopping at to her.

In comparison to the chaos of Moree, Ashley was a desolate and eerie place to be, no sign of human or zombie life present outside of the decaying buildings and cars dotting the town. Malorie and Jordan both turned to look at a childrens playground as they passed by it, the sounds of a set of swings squeaking as they swayed in the breeze catching their ears.

"Food and fuel eh?" Malorie stated, reading off a sign atop a long abandoned store aloud as they approached it. The building appeared well secured , a solid metal door with flaking white paint and a metal mesh window at the front, a dusty barred window a few feet to the right of it and metal double doors for employees on the left side of the building. "I'll put my money on that being bullshit, but stores like this don't take long to search so lets dip in and out real quick before we move onto the houses. Place seems sealed up tight so maybe we'll get lucky."

Stepping up to the front door Malorie tried forcing it several times before realizing it wasn't going to budge anytime soon. Before backing away from the door she saw several zombie silhouettes begin to stir at the very back of the store at the sounds of her banging, which gave her an idea as she stepped over to the buildings side doors with Jordan following behind her.
"Try busting these down will you?" Malorie asked, motioning towards the doors. "Be of some use."
"Fine." Jordan groaned, stepping in front of Malorie to begin ramming the doors with his shoulders.

"You know, breaking down doors tends to work better when you use your boot instead of your shoulder." Malorie stated after watching him fail to bash through the doors five times in a row. Jordan grunted and began kicking at the doors in response, with them flexing and finally giving in after three solid hits. Before Jordan even regained his balance from the kicking Malorie delivered one of her own straight to his back, sending him stumbling forward into the building before losing his balance and falling to the floor.

Caught completely by surprise Jordan quickly tried scurrying to his feet and retreating back outside, only to find that the double doors had been somehow tightly sealed behind him. A second later the sound of shattering glass sounded from the front of the store, so Jordan ran to the noise and found Malorie on the other side of the barred front window which she'd just broken. She was sat atop a picnic bench directly in front of the window and appeared to be smirking slightly as she looked back at Jordan on the other side of the bars.

"What the hell kid?" Jordan asked desperately, grabbing hold of the bars. "Why are those doors jammed shut, why'd you force me into here?!"
"Because people like you get real survivors like myself killed with your incompetence." Malorie stated matter of factly, her arms crossed as she glared back into Jordan's terrified eyes. "I'm not waiting for you to get me or my mom killed, not to mention we can use one less mouth on our supplies."
"What the hell is wrong with you?! Malorie I-I won't get anyone killed just l-let me-" Jordan begged to Malorie, stopping once he noticed her gaze had shifted from him to behind him. He quickly spotted four well rotted zombies closing in on him, with the closest already reaching out to grab him.

Jordan reacted by smacking the zombies outstretched hands aside before darting for the front entrance. Reaching the door he fumbled with the lock, his hands trembling as he attempted to make his escape with the zombies still closing in. Once he managed to unlock the door Jordan got it to open a few inches before the door was forced shut from the outside by Malorie with a kick, crunching his fingers on his left hand in the process and forcing him to withdraw them from the doorway, upon which Malorie leaned her body against the door to keep it from being opened again.

"Let me out!" Jordan demanded to Malorie through the metal mesh, tears of fear streaming down his face.
"And end the show prematurely?" Malorie asked, obviously amused by Jordan's desperation.

A moment later the zombies caught back up with Jordan, with one grabbing a fistful of his beard and forcing him towards it. Before it sunk its teeth into his face Jordan managed to land a heavy handed, fear powered punch that took the zombie off of its feet, its grip still remained however and Jordan was forced right down to the floor with it. With the other zombies right behind the first, they immediately began grabbing whatever part of his body they could reach. Malorie did her best to get a good look as Jordan screamed in horror and agony, but found it difficult through the mesh with him on the ground, so she rushed over to the employees entrance and removed her cutlass from the door handles so she could push the doors open.

To her surprise a fair number of zombies she hadn't seen made their appearance from the back of the store to join in on the feeding frenzy. By the time they all reached him there were eight zombies in total fighting for the meal as Jordan still screamed. The zombies began yanking his body back and forth violently, only adding to his pain until finally they managed to completely rip him in half, separating everything from his waist down from the rest of his body. This both surprised and entertained Malorie, especially once she realized Jordan was somehow still alive by this point.

With the zombies focused purely on their meal, Malorie was easily able to walk right up to them and begin putting them down one by one with her cutlass. Only a couple of the zombies even noticed her and by the time they did it was far too late. Once all eight zombies lay dead Malorie began pulling them off of Jordan and rolling them off to the side, once she finished she could see just how gruesome all of his injuries were. The man lay in a pool of his and the zombies blood, bite marks covering his face, limbs and body. One chomp had taken his nose almost entirely off, while another had completely removed his left cheek.

"You're a bit tougher than I gave you credit for. Too bad you were as bad at fighting as I suspected." Malorie said, taking a seat on the chest of a zombie laying next to Jordan. He didn't respond, so far into shock that the only thing he could manage vocally were some barely audible moans and mutters. Malorie glanced back down to the bottom half of his body, personally amazed that he was still breathing despite the lower half of his guts practically beginning to spill out onto the floor. That didn't last long, as the numerous wounds and blood loss claimed Jordan's life within that minute, one last breath leaving his body as his eyes remained open wide.

"I gave you my advice, you clearly didn't take it. It's your fault that you decided to beg me to let you out instead of killing the zombies." Malorie stated, standing up once she had finished observing the brutal scene in front of her. "Now that I don't have a child following me around, time to see what this place has for me."


Laura quickly went over to Ivy once she fainted, doing everything she'd been taught to ensure someone was okay. After rolling Ivy onto her side with some serious effort so the woman couldn't vomit and drown it, Laura checked Ivy's breathing. Once she was sure Ivy was still alive Laura scrambled to her feet and rushed inside to find Megan, she wasn't sure why Megan wasn't the one to come out and save her but for the moment she didn't care. Once she was in the house Laura quickly found her mother walking into the living room, an intensity in her eyes that Laura hadn't really seen before.

"Where is she?" Megan demanded, still very much intent on finishing Ivy off. Laura responded by pointing to the back door, frightened by her mothers demeanor at the moment. Without another word Megan stormed past Laura and out the back door with her daughter following. Upon spotting Ivy Megan made a b-line for her, kicking the unconscious woman onto her back before sitting down on her gut. Retrieving the Bowie knife from off of the ground Megan cocked her arm back to slash at Ivy, but as she attempted to bring it forward Laura grabbed hold of her arm.

"What are you doing?!" Laura yelled out, completely confused as to her mothers motives. "She saved me!"
"She killed your dad!" Megan yelled in response, trying to force her arm free without hurting Laura, with Laura in turn wrapping her arms tightly around her moms.
"I know!" Laura exclaimed through tears. "But she's saved me three times now, she's not bad, she's not! Please mummy!"

Megan looked at Laura wide eyed, unsure of how to respond. She still wanted revenge, she wanted to finish cutting Ivy's throat open, but at the same time her daughters passionate reaction forced her to question those desires. Looking back at Ivy Megan could see her complexion becoming even more pale from blood loss, the wound on her neck still leaking blood onto the grass beneath her.

"Please, we have to save her, 'cause she saved me, she saved us." Laura pleaded with her mother. Closing her eyes Megan relented, dropping the knife onto the lawn before exhaling.
"Let go of my arm and grab her feet, you have to help me get her inside." Megan said shakily, still conflicted.

[Sunday, April 27th, 2030 - 3:16 PM]


Ivy's eyes opened slowly as she came to, still feeling extremely groggy and ill.

"Ivy!" Laura's voice exclaimed happily as she saw her begin to stir. "Mummy, she's awake!"
"La-Laura?" Ivy asked as her eyes adjusted and she saw the girl seated next to her, everything that happened before her blackout coming back to her.
"Yes, it's me." She said softly, but with a hint of elation at Ivy's survival. "My mummy and I got you back into here after you saved me.
"Your.. Mom?" Ivy asked, confused as she thought back to Megan's assault on her.

"Yeah." Megan stated simply once she appeared in the doorway, holding a coffee mug with some water in it. Ivy's eyes tracked her as she tentatively stepped closer, setting the mug down on the night stand.
"Laura, can you go in the living room?" Megan asked. "I need to talk to Ivy, alone."
Laura appeared unsure, still somewhat worried that her mother may try and hurt Ivy to avenge Jack. But ultimately she gave a nod to her mother before stepping out of the room, shutting the door behind her. A silence lingered between the two for several moments as Megan took Laura's seat, Ivy tensing up as she braced for whatever may come next, as her ability to defend herself was now entirely gone.

"Laura says you saved her from those zombies out back." Megan said finally as her and Ivy stared at each other.
"I did.." Ivy replied quietly.
"Well.. I....." Megan began, clearly struggling with her own thoughts as she paused, looking down before looking back up at Ivy. "I'm sorry, Ivy."
"I am too." Ivy stated in response, looking up at the ceiling and closing her eyes for a moment. "I killed your husband, I'd want me dead too if I were you."

"Part of me still feels that way, I think part of me always will." Megan stated. "I lost one of my two reasons for living in this hellhole that night, by your hand.. Nothing will ever fix that, or make the pain go away for me.. I felt like I had to punish you, get revenge for him, and for Joshua, and Greg and all the others..."
"If you wanted to punish me, cutting and beating me isn't the way to do it." Ivy responded. "You wanna get back at me, you wanna make me hurt? Then tell me about the people I killed, tell me about your husband. What were they like? What made them happy, sad, angry or anything in between? Knowing who the people I killed are, knowing things like that about them, that will hurt me more than anything physical you could ever do to me."

"Well.. I don't want to hurt you like that, not anymore." Megan stated. "The other times you saved Laura and I, I thought those were just a side effect of you also trying to save your daughter. That you wouldn't have done something like that just for me or her or anyone else from our group.. Then I tried to kill you, tried with everything I had, you still got the upper hand. But you didn't kill me, you could have so easily, in an instant once I was knocked out, but you didn't... Then you saved Laura from two zombies, right after her mum had tried to take your life.. You aren't a person who deserves to be hurt, that's clear to me now."

"Thank y-" Ivy began before being cut off.
"No, thank you, Ivy. You are the only reason my daughter is still walking and breathing.. It would have been so easy to let her die after what I tried to do to you, but you didn't."
"She didn't try to kill me, I can't punish her for what you did.. And I understood why you tried to do what you did, in all honesty I may have just let you end me if I didn't have Malorie to care for."
"Well I'm glad you didn't let me end you, because I would have been killing someone who simply didn't deserve it." Megan replied. "But, how are you feeling?"

"I'm aching everywhere.." Ivy said honestly. "Inside and out... And my strength is completely gone."
"Well rest, hopefully the others will come back with something to help you." Megan said, standing up and passing the mug of water to Ivy. "You need to hydrate yourself.. If you need something else, call for me or Laura, alright?"
"I will." Ivy replied meekly before sipping the water.
"Alright." Megan said before turning to walk out of the room, stopping and turning around before leaving. "Once more, I'm sorry.."
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

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[6:54 PM]

"And just what are we going to tell her kid when she gets back?" Leonard asked Megan. He and Nicholas had returned from their scout for food several minutes prior, having only acquired a single tree frog which Nicholas was preparing on the coffee table as they talked. "That girl isn't gonna react pleasantly when she sees a bandage on her moms neck and finds out you're the reason it's there."

"I know." Megan muttered, watching Laura as she sat at a dining room table staring intently at a childrens book, trying to read it to the best of her ability. "All I can think to do is tell her the truth, and hope she doesn't kill me the second she finds out."
"You know I wouldn't let that happen, she'd have to go through me, Nicholas and Jordan first." Leonard assured. "But if we can get the kid to get over what you did, then we should be able to keep this group together long enough for us to reach the Northern Sanctuary at least."

A moment later the front door burst open, everyone turned expecting to see Jordan and Malorie, however a feeling of dread came over them as they only spotted the latter walking in the door before quickly darting into her mothers room.

"Hey mom I've got some good-" Malorie began, setting her bag down and pausing once she looked up and noticed the bandages wrapped around her mothers throat.
"Good what?" Ivy inquired weakly.
"Why's your neck bandaged?"Malorie asked, ignoring her mothers question as she quickly made her way across the room to Ivy's bedside. "What happened, did one of them hurt you?!"
"Malorie, listen, I-" Ivy began, stopping as the rest of the group appeared in the doorway.

"Malorie, where's Jordan?" Nicholas asked worriedly. Malorie turned on her heels and faced the rest of the group, her teeth gritted.
"Which one of you hurt my mom?!" She demanded furiously, face turning red from anger at the mere idea of her mother being attacked in her weakened state. At first nobody answered her, tensions running high as both parties were heavily concerned about two entirely different things.
"I did." Megan said, speaking up as she tentatively stepped past Leonard and Nicholas. "And I was wrong for it, I see that now, I-"

Once Megan stepped forward Malorie's ears were essentially shutoff as she tunnel visioned on the woman who'd attacked Ivy in her absence. Any ounce of trust she'd managed to build up was shattered once more, and in her eyes the villagers were once again as much of a threat as when one was torturing her. Without a word she took two quick steps forward and drew her Walther in the same motion. Leonard's quick reflexes intervened however, with him lunging forward and smacking the pistol from Malorie's hand. Malorie looked to the side as her gun slid across the floor, turning her attention back to Leonard just in time to see the left hook coming at her before it connected just beneath her right eye, sending her reeling back.

Leonard was prepared to stop the assault there, but as he spotted Malorie going for her K-bar he was forced to keep up the attack. Striking Malorie in the head with two more lighting quick swings she staggered backwards until her back was up against the wall, upon which her eyes rolled back before shutting as she slid down the wall and to the floor before slumping over on the ground, knocked out cold. The room was quiet for several moments until Leonard turned around and looked at Ivy, who was now stood up with one hand held on the head of the bed for support as she looked at Malorie.

"Ivy, I'm-"
"Save it." Ivy said, taking a sigh of relief once she saw Malorie breathing normally, looking back to Leonard and sitting on the bed as she continued. "What were you supposed to do, let her kill Megan? I'm not mad at you. If one of you could grab one of the dining room chairs and bring it in here then tie her to it, that'd probably be a good idea so I can talk her down when she wakes up without her flying off the handle and going after Megan."
"Yeah, uh, I've got it." Nicholas said before leaving the room, still more worried for Jordan than anything.

"Jordan should be with her.." Leonard muttered while looking at Malorie.
"I know. I'd suggest going to look for him, but it's almost dark.. I'll get her to explain what happened to him when she wakes up." Ivy assured before coughing some.

"Where'd you learn to throw punches like that?" Ivy asked several minutes later as Leonard finished binding Malorie to the chair in the center of Ivy's room. By this point the others were back in the other sections of the house, waiting for Malorie to awaken so they could figure out what Jordan's fate was.
"I was big into boxing as a kid, started training when I was fourteen. From there it was school, train, eat, sleep and repeat. Then the world ended, fell a little out of shape and practice from food scarcity and spending all of my time just trying to keep myself and everyone else alive. Regardless, my left hook is gonna stay devastating 'till the day I die."

"Well, it's a more useful skill set than I had going into the apocalypse." Ivy commented. "Just about all I had going for me at the start was a will to live and a hint of dumb luck."
"There are a lot of zombies walking around today that were people who didn't have that will or dumb luck, so be thankful for it."
"Don't think for a second that I'm not." Ivy responded, looking up at the ceiling as she lay on her back in the bed. "I'd have died with the rest of my pre-outbreak friends if I didn't have either of those things working for me back then. Hell, I still sometimes wonder why I'm still here this many years in, but none of them are."

"It's because somewhere along the line you picked up the extra things you needed to make it, other than just willpower and dumb luck, right?" Leonard asked. "You came into our village like you were a damn one woman special forces team, not some helpless girl."
"I have Lionel to thank for that, mostly." Ivy said. "He was in the SAS, I met him maybe a month or two into the outbreak. Once we weren't strangers I asked him to train me as best he could, and he did. What he taught me stuck with me, I kept up the same rigorous training on the Atlas with my husband.. Losing him knocked me out of it though, along with a lot of other things. Still kicking myself over that, lord knows I could use the extra energy and stamina that I had back when I kept myself at 100%."

"I'm guessing if you had a heads up that you'd be made to leave Sydney, you would have built yourself back up a little." Leonard said with a smirk. "Maybe you teach me some of your special forces ****, I teach you some of my boxing ****?"
"Well since you put it so eloquently, if we get time, I might just take you up on that offer." Ivy said, managing a slight chuckle only to be forced into another coughing fit.

As Ivy coughed Malorie began to stir, moaning and her face grimacing as the pain from Leonard's punches registered in her head. Ivy motioned for Leonard to leave the room as Malorie awoke, which he did as Ivy sat up, facing Malorie.

"Mom?" She asked, groggy at first but quickly becoming fully alert as she realized she was bound. "What the hell is this, why am I tied up?!"
"Because you tried to kill a member of our group." Ivy stated. "And I wanted to be sure you wouldn't do the exact same thing the second you woke up."
"I tried to kill her because she tried to do the same to you! You don't go after someone's neck if you just wanna hurt them!"

"She did try, and she failed, after which she saved my life by bandaging me before I bled out. After I woke up again, she apologized to me, and she meant it. The fact that she could apologize to me, the woman who killed her husband, tells me she doesn't deserve to die."
"How do you expect me to just go and be friends with the same woman who just tried to cut my moms throat? Dad would have done the same thing I did! Her saying sorry doesn't mean a single thing to me!"
"Well does what I say mean a single thing to you?" Ivy asked, her voice cracking as she raised it slightly. "She's not someone I want to see hurt, her daughter is someone I don't want to see hurt, and the same with the others. You hate them, fine. You want them dead, fine. I'm not asking for you to be friends or even so much as speak with them, what I am asking you to do is to put up with them and don't do to any of them whatever you did to Jordan."

"What?" Malorie asked, growing wide eyed.
"I'm not stupid, I know your feelings for these people and I also know you, Malorie." Ivy said, her voice much lower now to ensure the others couldn't eavesdrop. "Whatever spiel you had in mind, save it for them."
"I-I didn't kill him with my own hands, I-" Malorie began, sensing her mothers disappointment.
"I said save it, I don't want to know the details or your excuses. He's dead, and you're going to explain what happened in a reasonable way to them, even if you need to make something up."

"Fine mom, you win." Malorie said with a heavy sigh. "But if she, or any of them hurt you or me again.. Don't stop me."
"If it happens again, I won't, promise." Ivy said, slowly standing up and moving to untie Malorie. "But it won't happen again, I'm telling you."
"For all of our sake, I hope you're right." Malorie said, rubbing her arms and standing up once the ropes were off of her. A few moments later she remembered something and headed over to her backpack which was still where she'd dropped it. Rifling through it for a few seconds she retrieved and tossed a half empty clear, orange pill bottle to her mother who caught it.

"Found those in some purse just sitting on the floor in some old store, take some and get some sleep, I'll go talk to the rest of them."
"Thank you, sweety." Ivy said, visibly relieved as she got hold of the medicine.

Malorie left Ivy alone in the room a moment later, making her way into the living room where the four other survivors were sat around the coffee table.
"Listen.." Malorie began, somewhat nervous to be making a false speech to the group in case they were to see through her lies, like when Mary and Ivy saw through Harmony's. "Jordan.. Him and I went into this store, and one of us messed up and didn't secure our entrance. A small group snuck in while him and I were in the back of the store, he came around a corner before we saw them and they just grabbed him and brought him down before he had a chance."

"D-Did he suffer?" Nicholas asked, he and the others were clearly choked up over Jordan's death to some degree. Nicholas was the most visibly affected by the news, which made Malorie feel somewhat worse as she cared about him a fair bit more than the rest of his group, even if it was just on a basic level of attraction she had to him and his friendly demeanor which reminded her of Michelle.

"He.. No, not for long. It didn't take long for me to get the zombies off, but by the time I did he was already done for.. I put my blade through his head to put him out of his misery."
"Thank you for doing that.." Megan said softly to Malorie, who looked back at her with a very mixed expression as she restrained herself from doing or saying anything that would make her mother upset with her. "And I apologized to your mom, I wanna do the same to you. I know you hate me and you have every right to, but just know that I don't blame you or your mom for what happened anymore. I swear on my life, I'll never try to hurt you or her again over what happened."

"Good." Malorie said after struggling to think up a response, she then looked at Nicholas, adding "Again, I'm sorry about Jordan.. He seemed like a nice guy."
"He was." Nicholas said, standing up after taking a deep breath. "Everyone should get some sleep, I know I won't so I'll take the first watch."

Without much else to be said, the survivors split off into separate rooms for the evening while Nicholas headed out front. Malorie took to stretching out on the living room couch, however for several hours her mind found no rest. She still hardly felt sorry for killing Jordan, she could still justify it to herself as removing a liability. His death did relate to the things actually bothering her however; the way Nicholas was hurt by the news, which she hadn't considered when eliminating Jordan, along with a repeating memory of some of her fathers last words.

"Don't let your life be wasted, you do anything and everything you need to do to survive, but at the same time when you can be a good person or make the morally right choice, you should. God knows I've done more things that I'm not proud of than I'd ever care to think about, there are a lot of people who aren't alive as a direct result of my actions.."

His words in those final minutes carried immense weight with her, and they'd served to help keep her violent nature and bloodlust in check for sometime while in Sydney. But being back out in the world, re-experiencing the horrors she'd dealt with before, they made her impulses to act violently and with hostility much more difficult to combat. She'd never strove to be a bad person or to do bad things, but her experiences both as a three year old girl and as a young teen crossing the US, Taiwan and Australia had steadily molded her into a cold and calculating individual. The good that did lay in her existed purely from her parents and friends efforts, along with her own efforts to be like they wanted her to be.

Eventually the thoughts became too much for her to continue wrestling with in bed, so she headed outside after grabbing a box of well expired bran flakes that she'd looted from the store Jordan died in out of her backpack. Outside it was difficult to see, thick clouds looming in the night sky as a strong wind blew the tall grass and made the old wooden building creak and moan.

"Malorie?" Nicholas asked as he looked up at her.
"Expecting someone else?" Malorie asked somewhat playfully before sitting down on the porch railing opposite of the chair Nicholas was in, opening the box of cereal and beginning to munch on the wholly unappetizing but somewhat filling food.
"No, but I can't say I was expecting you either, not that I didn't want you here."
"Well, it was hard sleeping in there knowing that you're out here alone with your thoughts after Jordan died."
"So you came to check up on me?" Nicholas asked, genuinely surprised.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that." Malorie replied. "Five questions?"
"Oh! Uh, yeah, one sec I'm not great at on the spot stuff.."
"Then I'll ask this time." Malorie said to Nicholas's surprise. "What was your favorite thing to do in your village for fun?"
"There were a few things, but the best was probably when everyone was feeling good enough for a game of football."

"The game with the big guys in armor?"
"No, I mean the one where people kick a ball around to get it in a goal."
"So, soccer?"
"I never heard of it. Regardless, it was a blast to play. Other than that, I loved shooting Morgan's bow when she let me even though I was never any good with it."
"Really?" Malorie asked, a smile creeping onto her face at the similarity. "I loved doing the exact same thing when I was in Taiwan, and I was just as bad at too!"
The two talked for several minutes discussing archery before Malorie moved the conversation along.

"What is your favorite food?"
"I don't remember its name, it was some sorta fish, but man it was the best damn fish you'd ever have! Best damn anything I ever had."
"You've gotta get me one of those mystery fish." Malorie said with a giggle. "For me it's venison off of deer, I'd climb through heaven and hell to have just one steak right now."

"Are you glad the zombies happened?"
"Is anyone?"
"In ways, yes." Malorie stated, clarifying "I wouldn't exist without them, you probably wouldn't either. Some people who were bad before got to become better people, like one of my friends that I lost. My dad talked a lot about problems the world used to have, because there were too many people. Some of the problems are still around, but everything seems a lot simpler now than it did then, if my dad was anyone to go by for that."
"Never really thought about all that, guess I kinda am."

"If you could be absolutely anywhere right now, where would it be?"
"Oh that's an easy one, a ship like the one you talked about. I can only imagine what it's like, being so safe while being able to go anywhere you want."
"It's definitely a luxury that I appreciated a lot more when I lost it. As for me, my answers kinds the same. I want to be at the Atlas's wreck, I never got to properly say goodbye to my home because we had to leave so fast. A lot of my things are probably still there."
"I understand that feeling, I miss a lot of things that are back in the village."
"I'm sorry.." Malorie replied in a lower tone.
"Don't be, I didn't mean anything by it towards you." Nicholas reassured, sitting forward in his seat. "One more question."

"What was your first kiss like?" Malorie asked after a long pause, the question instantly made Nicholas rather nervous.
"M-My first kiss? Well, uh, I.. I haven't had one yet."
Without warning Malorie slid off of the railing she was sitting on and moved over to Nicholas, leaning forward and putting her uninjured hand to his cheek, tilting his head towards her and allowing her to plant a kiss on him. After a second she pulled away and moved over to the door leading inside, stopping and looking at the stunned young man once more.

"What was your first kiss like?" She repeated.
"Amazing." He said delightedly after a moment, Malorie simply smiled back before heading inside and plopping onto the couch. Feeling less guilty knowing that now Nicholas had something to think about other than Jordan's death, and happy that her move had gone as well as it did.
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

Postby TheTeddyguy » Tue May 19, 2015 6:18 am

[Saturday, June 1st, 2030 - 4:42 PM]

"This seems like as good a place as any to stop, loot and sleep before nightfall hits us." Ivy said to the group as they approached the town of Hughenden on Flinders Highway, passing a burned down ranch and a set of downed power lines. The past month had been a mixed bag for the group of survivors. On one hand they faced far more setbacks than any of them could have anticipated; from lack of food or sickness forcing the group to stall for extended periods, to megahordes denying access to massive swathes of land and forcing expensive detours. These setbacks and many others had brought their progress to a very tedious crawl, something that bothered Malorie greatly as she constantly compared their current progress with what she was able to manage on her own at thirteen.

On the other hand however, the survivors ability to coexist with one another and work together effectively was becoming much better as time went on, their relationships moving from being forced through necessity to actual friendships. Ivy had more or less successfully befriended the four former villagers and solidified their trust in her, thanks to both her open friendliness with them and the fact that she proved time and again she'd risk her life for any member of the group. Malorie and Nicholas's relationship had also been growing as well, with Nicholas proving to be rather skillful at both avoiding doing or saying things to trigger Malorie's temper along with soothing that temper if it did surface.

All in all, the former enemies were now doing pretty well for themselves all things considered and after a month of hardships they were now mere days of walking from reaching the reported borders of the Northern Sanctuary. With this knowledge in mind all of their moods were just about at the highest they'd been since encountering each other in the tavern.

"Agreed" Malorie said, she and Nicholas were at the back of the group holding hands, with Nicholas pulling along a decent sized childrens wagon with his free hand as Jade sat atop the supplies in the wagon. "And the air doesn't smell like it died a month ago, so that's a good sign."

The group continued down Flinders highway for several blocks, everyone constantly surveying their surroundings for the slightest hint of danger so they could react quickly. However like many of the past few towns they'd passed through in the past couple of weeks this one was appearing to be a complete and total ghost town. They passed by several dozen stores and houses without so much as peaking in the windows, the past couple towns having convinced the group that the Northern Sanctuary had picked everything near them clean of obvious supplies. The only loot that would be found would be done by serious scrounging in less obvious places to look, which the group was getting better at.

They eventually came to a relatively large hotel for the modest town, which looked like it was designed very early into the towns life. It also seemed to have been shutdown before the outbreak, with a chain link fence surrounding it and the entrances all boarded up.

"Pre-barricaded, thank you whoever shut this place down." Megan commented as they walked by the place, figuring it'd make a perfect overnight base for the group. Stepping past the hotel as the group still explored the town Laura jumped slightly as she spotted what appeared to be a large, menacing monster standing on an island in the road. She quickly calmed down as she and the group realized it was an old life sized statue of some sort of dinosaur, most of its paint removed by the elements making it somewhat more intimidating at a glance.

"Looks like a good spot for us to split up and explore some more" Malorie said after a moment as she and the others stood in the middle of the four lane intersection. "Nick and I have the East."
"Alright." Ivy responded before holding up one of the groups three police walkie talkies from her belt and tossing it to the couple, with Nicholas catching it. "Remember, use that if you need us for anything. I love you Malorie."
"Love you too, mom."

Once the two headed off, leaving the wagon of supplies with the rest of the group out front of their temporary base, Megan volunteered to setup base in the Grand Hotel with Laura leaving Ivy and Leonard to cover the West.

"I'll admit, I was skeptical at first of Malorie and Nicholas being together." Leonard said, beginning conversation as he and Ivy headed West on Flinders.
"Is that so?" Ivy asked.
"Yeah, I mean don't take this the wrong way, but Malorie-"
"Is hotheaded, rude? And he's not, believe me, I know. But I can't say I was too surprised."

"Yeah. I mean my husband, he was a hothead himself at times especially when we met, he liked to smoke pot and drink also." Ivy said, smirking a bit as she thought back to problems that seemed so trivial now. "I hated all of those things, we weren't exactly what you'd call compatible at first, we butted heads and had some pretty big fights with each other. But at the end of the day, we still made things work and we grew to love each other more than we could have ever imagined when we first met. I was scared Malorie wouldn't have a chance at something like that when we were forced out of Sydney, i'm so glad I appear to have been wrong."


"Sheesh, this place sure liked dinosaurs huh?" Nicholas said to Malorie as the couple passed by a public library which had a depiction of a fossil in one of its front windows.
"My sister would be in heaven looking at **** like this." Malorie commented with a grin before continuing on down Brodie street. "She was always a sucker for anything history or science related. I guess she's where all of the geek in me went to."
"I always wished I had a brother or sister, older or younger."

"They can be a pain." Malorie said as the two continued on past a jewelry store and several other shops. "But yeah, at the end of the day I feel pretty lucky to have had her in my life, I still hope I get to see her at least once more, somehow."

The conversation stopped as two zombies stumbled out from a gap between the chain of businesses, handcuffed to each other at the wrists, presumably early in the outbreak judging by their near skeletal appearance.
"Dibs." Malorie said quickly as they spotted the zombies, passing Jade's leash off to Nicholas before stepping towards the undead duo with her cutlass drawn. Malorie slashed the closer of the two twice across its head in quick succession, dropping it to the ground and forcing its partner to the ground with it. As it looked up at Malorie she stomped on its face once before jumping up and stomping down with both feet on its head using all of her weight, crushing its skull slightly and throwing Malorie off balance, with Nicholas grabbing her arm to steady her before she fell over herself.

"Take the score from twenty-six to twenty-eight." Malorie bragged happily once she was steadied. "You need to pick up the pace, mister nineteen."
"Hey, not my fault you're lighting quick at calling dibs. And you've got more weapons."
"Weapons schmeapons." Malorie said dismissively as the couple continued down the street. "That last one I killed with my own two feet, you gonna start arguing that my boots are giving me an unfair advantage or something?"
"Alright, fair enough I suppose." Nicholas said before poking Malorie with his elbow and adding "I'm still gonna beat you to fifty though."

The two kept up the friendly banter as they walked down the road, both being in particularly good moods.

"Great Western Hotel Motel?" Nicholas asked several minutes later, reading off the name of a building they were passing in front of. "What's the difference between a hotel and motel? Why is this labeled as both?!"
"**** if I know, I'm more interested in the sign next to it." Malorie said, pointing to the title a few feet to the right of the one Nicholas had just read off on the same building. "Bob 'n Joe's Pub and Restaurant."
"Think this might be our lucky break?"
"I'm sure as **** gonna look and find out." Malorie said before stepping forward to the wooden double doors leading to Bob 'n Joe's.

She tried the doors several times, finding them to be unlocked but with a barricade behind them. With Nicholas's assistance the chairs and tables on the other end of the doors were forced open, granting the couple entrance to the dingy building. Old dinner plates and glasses were scattered around with stains from the long gone food and drinks still present, a sign that the patrons of the place had left in a rush in the early days of the outbreak.

"Well that barricade falling didn't seem to stir anything, still be careful." Malorie warned as the two of them and Jade climbed through the mess of the fallen barricade.
"Y'know, you're starting to give me more warnings about staying safe and alert than Leonard does." Nicholas said with a smile.
"Take it as a compliment, it's how you can know for sure that I actually give two shits about you." Malorie replied. "You won't catch me warning Megan to watch her ****."

Nicholas didn't respond, instead he slid over the counter to the employees side of the bar to begin searching for what he and Malorie were interested in, broken glass crunching beneath his boots as he did so. It didn't take long to find what they were looking for as several moments later he stood up from behind the bar and set a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label scotch down to Malorie's delight.

"And it's not opened? Yes!" She said with elation, taking the bottle in her hands, blowing dust off of it and observing the label
"Looks like it's the only bottle here that isn't smashed to pieces also, seems we lucked out big time." Nicholas replied. "So what now?"
"Well now, we put that away and we wait until the time is right to drink." Malorie said with a sigh. "I'd love to enjoy that bottle right this second, but we both know that'd be stupid of us."
"What will be the right time?"
"We'll know when it comes."

Nicholas was slightly disappointed that they couldn't indulge quite yet, but he wasn't going to argue with Malorie. For the past week or so he and Malorie had been on the lookout for a bottle of alcohol to drink, with neither having ever had a sip of the liquid themselves. Nicholas because of the isolated location he'd been in his whole life, and Malorie because of the extremely high price for a drink in Sydney not being worth nearly an entire one of her paychecks to her. With little entertainment to be had as they journeyed through Australia a drink sounded like their best bet for getting a chance to really enjoy being alive, instead of just surviving.

Stowing the bottle for the time being, the both of them decided to explore the building a little more. They didn't find much else until they stumbled upon a ladder for roof access, which they decided to climb for a better look around the area. Their attention quickly shifted from the surrounding landscape to the sky as they emerged on the roof as both noticed the landscape had darkened significantly since they went inside.

"Holy ****.." Malorie said in awe at the sight she and Nicholas were baring witness to, with the moon shifting in front of the sun for an eclipse. Within a few seconds the black mass of the moon placed itself between the earth and sun, with a glowing yellow ring around what looked like a massive black hole in the sky. The couple stared at the majesty for almost a full minute in silence until Nicholas reached into his backpack and retrieved the bottle of scotch.

"If this isn't the right time, then I don't know what is." He said to Malorie with a smile. Malorie returned the grin before quickly snatching the bottle from Nicholas's hand.
"Ladies first." Malorie joked before twisting the lid off of the bottle and taking a swig straight from it. Her eyes quickly shot wide open as she tasted the powerful drink, very narrowly avoiding spitting it out as she removed the bottle from her lips before forcing the alcohol down her throat.
"Strong I take it?" Nicholas asked playfully as he took the bottle from Malorie, whose eyes were tearing up from the alcohols burn.
"A little, I just didn't expect it is all." Malorie said after coughing a couple of times. Nicholas took a swig himself moments later and had a similar reaction to Malorie's causing the couple to laugh. The two of them passed the bottle back and forth several more times as they watched the eclipse slowly break apart, casting sunlight over the landscape once again. By the time the moon moved away from the sun Malorie and Nicholas were already starting to feel the effects of the drink.

"Y'know, maybe it's best we have a place to ourselves for tonight." Malorie purred as she ran her finger along Nicholas's body after taking another sip of scotch.
"You mean-"
"Yes, that's what I mean." Malorie said, cutting Nicholas off as she reached to his side and grabbed the radio. "Hello?"

"Did you two see that?" Ivy's voice answered on the other end of the radio,excitement in her voice as she spoke.
"Sure did." Malorie replied, looking at Nicholas before stepping over to the edge of the roof and resting one arm on the edge. "Um, Nick and I found a place we both feel like staying in more than that hotel."
"Well where is it? Not like it'll take long for us to move our stuff to a new place in this tiny town."
"It's a little hotel on the edge of the town, but I was thinking you guys should stay at the place Megan picked."
"And why's that?" Ivy asked, her voice displaying a hint of suspicion.

"Well, um, so we can see things coming from another end of the town if something does pop up!" Malorie explained after a moment of thought. Ivy and Leonard could both be heard laughing a little on the other end and whispering something to each other before Ivy responded.
"Didn't think this particular lie all the way through I take it?" Ivy asked, making Nicholas and Malorie nervous for a moment. "But you're a big girl and I trust that you know what you're doing. You two can stay where you want with each other tonight, but be safe and be smart like I taught you, alright?"
"We will mom!" Malorie exclaimed excitedly, very much surprised that her mother would knowingly allow her to have sex.
"Don't sound so shocked, believe it or not I was in your shoes before, more or less. I might be overprotective at times, but I won't deny you a chance to be happy and feel human with the boy you like."

"I don't like him." Malorie said, turning her head to face Nicholas. "I love him."
"All the better." Ivy replied cheerfully. "And I love you, sweety."
"I love you too mom, thank you so much."

[Saturday, June 1st, 2030 - 11:03 PM]

"Hey." Ivy whispered to Leonard, shaking him slightly until he began to stir from his sleep. "My shift's over, time for yours to start."
Leonard didn't reply at first as he sat up and stretched a bit, letting out a yawn as he did so. They were in a room on the second floor facing directly towards the four lane intersection, with Megan and Laura both sleeping together in a bed on the other side of the room from the one Leonard had been sleeping on.

"One of the kids should be getting woken up for guard duty right now.." Leonard grumbled quietly as he stood up and threw on a shirt.
"They'll make up for it tomorrow night, let them have this one to themselves." Ivy responded as she began unlacing her boots. "Besides, I think we can all agree a happier Malorie is a bonus to everyone in the group."
"Ha, can't say I disagree with you there. Now get some sleep and I'll get to work."

Ivy happily complied and as she tucked herself in for the rest of the night Leonard headed out the door and down onto the street, deciding a full patrol of the area would be better than sitting still with the group partially split up. The clear daytime weather had given way to looming dark clouds as night fell, luckily they had yet to do anything other than lower the visibility, which wasn't a major issue once his eyes adjusted to the lack of lighting.

Not long into his patrol Leonard found the hotel that he figured Malorie and Nicholas were staying in only a block away from where the rest of the group was. Upon finding this out he began repeatedly walking around the same two blocks, disposing of three stray zombies as he did so.

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_duAapS8sY )

On his fourth time around the intersection of Gray and Brodie street a light caught Leonard's eye, causing him to turn and face further down the other end of the road. Chills began to run down his spine as he spotted several more lights approaching from behind the slope in the road, with his ears picking up on the sounds of vehicle engines not long after. Panicking slightly, Leonard forced his way into the public library which happened to be the closest building to him.

Ducking behind one of the windows and peaking outside he observed as a line of rusty, up-armored vehicles drove down the street towards him, counting a total of twelve trucks and SUV's. Realizing that the group stood absolutely no chance against numbers like that with their current ammunition and weapon shortage Leonard frantically grabbed for his radio.

"Nicholas, Malorie, Ivy? Anyone?" He asked hurriedly.
"Wh-What is it?" Ivy's voice responded groggily a few moments later.
"Vehicles, lots of em driving into town!"
"What do you-" Ivy began before spotting the lights and hearing the engines herself as some of the vehicles split off and came down the street the Grand Hotel was on. Looking out the window at them it was clear to Ivy that these rusted vehicles certainly belonged to Badlanders and not the Sanctuary.

"Malorie!" Ivy's voice said a moment later, hushed but urgent.
"Their radio might have died or something." Leonard said after a moment. "You, Laura and Megan get to hiding now, alright? I'll try and make my way to Malorie and Nicholas to warn them to do the same."
"Okay." Ivy said before cutting the signal.

Leonard slipped the radio back to his side before turning around, just in time to spot a zombie who was almost right on top of him. With no time to reach for a weapon Leonard opted to use his fists, knocking the zombies head with four alternating left and right punches before kicking it back against a concrete pillar. Before it had a chance to bounce back Leonard grabbed the top of its head in his hand and slammed the zombies skull up against the pillar twice, killing it and allowing him to move on.

Ducking outside Leonard made his way into the backyards of the businesses on Brodie street, not wanting to be spotted by the occupants of the armored vehicles as several split off and drove down separate streets. Within a few minutes Leonard found himself behind the Great Western Hotel Motel, forcing his way inside through a back door that he was forced to kick open. He wandered into the hallway and quickly found the room Malorie and Nicholas had claimed for themselves, the door being the only one that was slightly ajar, something that surprised him considering how meticulous Malorie usually was about securing sleeping locations.

"Nicholas, Malorie!" He called out in a hushed tone as he entered the room, causing the two to finally stir from their slumber as he shone his light on them. Malorie hurriedly covered herself up with the blanket once she realized Leonard was in the room, neither of the teens was sure of how to react to Leonard suddenly appearing in the room.
"Were you two **** drinking?" He asked somewhat angrily and surprised as he spotted the almost empty bottle of scotch on the nightstand.
"Leonard, I'm sorry we-we just wanted to have some-" Nicholas began.

"Save it, it's not important but you two picked a hell of a time to get shitfaced."
"What do you mean?" Malorie asked after a second.
"A bunch of trucks just came driving into the town, we've gotta make ourselves scarce and get somewhere that we aren't likely to be spotted if whoever this is peaks their head in."
"What about Megan, Laura and Ivy?" Nicholas asked nervously.
"They're still in the hotel in the middle of town, the vehicles came in while I was on watch and walking around this side of town." Leonard explained. "I told them over the radio to hide and they're on it. Now we've gotta do the same for ourselves."

Malorie and Nicholas, quickly sobering up, understood the urgency of the situation and after Leonard stepped out to let them get fully clothed they joined him in the hallway along with Jade on her leash.
"My suggestion is getting out of the town." Nicholas said. "We aren't far from the outskirts at all, one well timed sprint should get us out of the town and out of sight until we can think up something else."
"Sounds good to me." Leonard replied before he and the teens made their way to the front windows of the hotel. They ducked down as another truck drove by, luckily without stopping or dropping anyone off. "We make a run across the street, there's a dry riverbed on the other side of all those buildings. We make it to that, we should be able to safely follow it as far as we need to go."

Without any objections from the teens, the survivors quickly sprinted across the street once the coast was clear. Sure enough they safely made it into the riverbed, but as they reached it a furious cacophony of gunfire erupted from inside of the town making all of them stop cold for a second.
"M-Mom.." Malorie muttered as she looked back towards the town, her heart dropping into her stomach. A second later she drew her Walther and began walking off towards the town before Nicholas grabbed her arm to stop her, with her shooting a frenzied look his way as she turned back around.
"You think she'd want you to go kill yourself by going back into that town?" Nicholas asked passionately. "If anyone could still be alive after that it's your mom, and if god forbid something did happen, we'll get back at them for it way more effectively if we use our heads and plan it out instead of running in there and getting ourselves cut down."
"If it were anyone else telling me to turn my back like this, I'd shoot them." Malorie clearly stated after a moment, pulling her arm free from Nicholas and beginning to head East down the Riverbed with Leonard and Nicholas following suit.


Megan was awaken by the conversation between Ivy and Leonard and she quickly awoke Laura in turn, understanding the urgency of the situation.
"What do we do?" She asked Ivy, who was in the process of stuffing their supplies underneath her bed.
"Make it look like we were never here, then we split up into different rooms and hide ourselves." Ivy replied quickly. While her plan was decent considering how limited their options were, it was quickly made irrelevant as three vehicles came to a stop directly outside of the Grand Hotel with their occupants voices becoming louder as they approached the entrance to the first floor.

"Never mind." Ivy said hurriedly, a look of fright coming over her face. "They're coming in and there's no time for us to split up and hide, there's not enough in here for the three of us to use as hiding spots."
"What do you suggest then?" Megan asked.
"That we hide Laura, and that the two of us get ready to try and deal with whatever comes our way for as long as we possibly can." Ivy stated, scanning the room for somewhere to safely stow Laura, eventually spotting the entrance to a ventilation shaft just large enough for the girl to squeeze into.

"What do I do if they catch you?" Laura asked as she began to cry, the entire situation reminding her of the helpless feeling she had as Ivy was attacking their village.
"You stay quiet and make sure that they don't catch you too, that's what." Megan stated as she knelt down to Laura's level and put her hands on her daughters shoulders while looking her in the eyes. A second later she passed Ivy's radio to Laura "When you're safe from them hearing you, use this to talk to Leonard and try to figure out a plan with him. Until then, no matter what happens, no matter what you see, you stay absolutely silent.. Okay?"
"Alright mummy, I-I will."
"That's my brave girl. I love you so much sweety." Megan replied with a slight smile, putting her hand on Laura's cheek for a moment before grabbing her and boosting her up into the vent which Ivy had just finished removing the cover for using her knife.

By this point, time was clearly running out for Megan and Ivy as several dozen people could be heard systematically clearing each and every room of the building, several rooms at a time thanks to their apparently large numbers. Ivy readied her one and only full magazine for the M1911, intent on not going down without some kind of a fight. As the outsiders got closer and closer to their room her thoughts shifted back to Malorie and Mary for a moment, until her thoughts were broken by a loud kick at their door. Megan was stood at Ivy's side, nervously clutching the Bowie knife as the two women watched the door flex several times before finally bursting open.

Ivy let loose with three rounds into the person on the other end of the door, sending them reeling back and clutching their chest before falling over the railing outside. The rooms two windows on either side of the door then shattered almost simultaneously as a flurry of gunfire tore into the room. Ivy was struck first, a bullet hitting her directly in the gut and causing her to drop her pistol and fall over against Megan, saving the woman from serious injury in the process by getting her out of the line of fire. The incessant gunfire was sustained for a little over ten seconds before people entered from the doorway and both windows to secure the room.

Megan, absolutely terrified and seeing no chance to flee opted to try fighting her way out off of instinct. She jumped to her feet once Ivy was off of her and tried lunging at the first person she saw, only to be struck in the side of the face by the butt of a rifle before being enveloped in a flurry of kicks and stomps from the hostile group of people. Ivy looked up from her wounded stomach just in time to see the bottom of a boot before it struck her face and knocked her unconscious.
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"She had a face like a bulldog licking **** off a nettle."-Jingles
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