A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

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A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

Postby TheTeddyguy » Wed Dec 10, 2014 10:49 am

[Friday, November 21st, 2026 - 6:38 PM]

All was silent, only the ambient sounds of wind, running water, animals and insects filled the air as Malorie walked slowly along the Hume Highway. She was standing above the Murrumbidg river, watching the flowing water wash down stream as she walked with one hand on the railing. With each step Malorie winced slightly from pain, thanks to the blisters all over the arches of both of her feet. Her raggedy shirt clung loosely to her withering, hunger stricken body, fluttering in the wind as she walked like some of the old flags hanging from flagpoles around the world. After escaping Melbourne once Teddy died, Malorie had nearly non-existent luck when it came to finding supplies. Every where she looked, every cabinet and container she opened, she found nothing but dust and empty packages.

With most of her survival skills tuned more towards settling into one location rather than a nomadic lifestyle, Malorie struggled to keep herself going. By the time she was coming up on a week and a half with no food what so ever Malorie had resorted to eating anything she could get her hands on, namely bugs that didn't freak her out on sight and a few vegetables that she could recognize as not poisonous. The small supplements hardly made a dent in her overall condition however and did little to satiate her overwhelming hunger.

Making matters worse, her only constant companion aside from unbearable hunger was near crippling sadness. The severity of the situation she was in combined with her hunger and the recent death of Teddy combined to keep her emotionally subdued at best and borderline suicidal at worst. The starving state of her body managed to bring her normal mental defenses down enough that emotional pain gripped her just as much as the physical. Despite that she still refused to give up even when she wanted to, refusing to waste her life after so many had died to protect it.

"Maybe I could stop here for a little while and try to fish." Malorie said to herself as she looked into the river before her common sense overruled her stomach. "No, I have to keep moving. If I start staying still I'll get too comfortable." She continued walking down the bridge. "I have to get to Sydney.."

Malorie continued slowly down the Hume Highway until she found a patch of houses some thirty minutes later, with the sun setting she decided it was time to turn in for the night. You could almost mistake the poor girl for a zombie if you saw her in the distance, she staggered slowly off of the highway and onto Punch Street. She barely held the strength to keep her bag of supplies, constantly shifting it from one arm to the other as the leather strap dug into her bony shoulders. She stopped at the first building off the side of the highway, a small one story high brick home with a dirty white roof.

Dropping her bag on the porch Malorie unsheathed her cutlass, tapping the edge of it against the inside of the front door after she opened it. She listened for a few moments before speaking.
"Any rotting pieces of **** around?" She asked loudly, again hearing nothing. Grabbing her bag off of the porch Malorie headed inside and kicked the door shut behind her, setting her bag in front of her before sitting down on the floor and removing her well worn, mud covered shoes followed by her socks. The bottoms of her feet were covered in increasingly worse callouses and blisters from her almost non-stop walking, the only thing keeping them in check being her maintenance using some supplies from the Royal hospital in Melbourne.

After treating her blisters to the best of her ability Malorie went about searching the house, an activity she'd loved that she was quickly growing to hate, at least in this area of Australia. As with every other home she'd searched in the past couple weeks after leaving Melbourne, the house was devoid of anything that'd help her better her situation. Frustrated but not surprised, she retired to the main bedroom of the house with her things for the night.

Sitting her bag on the night stand after knocking the lamp and alarm clock off of it, Malorie retrieved a small plastic bag from a pouch at the front. Inside of the bag were two cooked Witchetty grubs, fat white moth larvae that she'd found while breaking down some wood from an uprooted tree the previous night.
"Hope you guys taste better than the one I ate last night." Malorie said to the grubs before grabbing one out of the bag. She quickly bit off the bottom end of the bug and pulled it away from her mouth as she started chewing. After chewing for about five seconds Malorie's eyes began watering and she spit the chewed up grub remains onto the floor.

"I need food, I need real food!" She pouted, throwing the other half of the grub and its fried sibling. "I can't keep up like this, I'm going to die if I don't find some!" Malorie started crying, furious with herself and her situation.
"Your dad didn't raise you to starve like a helpless idiot!" Malorie cried out, yelling at herself.

[Saturday, November 22nd, 2026 - 7:49 AM]

Malorie fought with her own emotions for almost another hour before exhaustion overpowered her and she drifted into a slumber which still brought no comfort to her as her usual nightmares only strengthened and became more vivid the closer she got to starvation. Her mind tortured her with repeating images of the fighting in the hospital, her fathers final moments along with imagined scenarios with her dying. While sleep provided a slight physical recharge, Malorie's mind found no solace in resting.

Malorie was awaken from one of her nightmares in the early morning hours by an unmistakable sound, people talking. She nearly fell out of her bed once she realized her mind wasn't playing tricks and that people were outside, rushing to the window to check. Lifting a sliver of the window blinds Malorie spotted a young boy, about ten, with a woman around Ivy's age. Neither was near what one would call well fed, but they were both visibly better off than Malorie. Ideas rushed through Malorie's head until she realized the two were coming to her building, upon which she immediately grabbed her things and rushed for the closet in the corner of the room shutting herself in there with her things.

"Well like I said you need to learn these things for when I'm not around anymore." The woman said to the boy before opening the door slightly and whistling loudly. "There, none of 'em here. We probably won't find much here, but may as well look anyways cause you never know what surprises you might find."

Malorie waited in the closet as the two chatted, her hands holding a death-grip on her UMP. She couldn't afford to mess this up no matter what, this would likely be her only chance at some real food. Eventually she could hear, smell and sense the presence of someone else in the room, by the report of the footsteps she assumed it was the child. She turned out to be right as the boy went to the closet and opened it up with none of his weapons at the ready, Malorie on the other hand had the barrel of her SMG directly in his face. Before she could tell him to be quiet the boy tried calling out for his mother, panicked,

Malorie responded by thrusting the UMP forward, jamming the tip of the barrel into the boys face just above his nose making him yell out in pain and stagger enough for Malorie to get behind him with an arm around his neck, letting her UMP hang down from its strap as she drew and held the Walther to his head. The mother of the boy came sprinting into the room with her rifle at the ready although she quickly lowered the weapon after seeing how Malorie had her kid.
"Whoa whoa, don't do anything, don't hurt him, please.." She said softly while lowering her weapon, trying to defuse things and keep her son safe. "Listen kid, what do you want?"
"Food." Malorie said authoritatively. "I need food, just give me what food you got and I-I'll let him go."
"W-We don't have any, we ate the last of what we had this mornin'!" The mother pleaded with Malorie, growing terrified as she saw the desperation in the young girls eyes.

"What do you mean?!" Malorie asked, tightening her hold on the boys throat without thinking about it. "I know you have something, don't lie! Don't be stupid just give me the food and he can go!"
"We don't have any!" The woman said to Malorie with her eyes wide before removing her backpack and dumping its contents on the floor, revealing some ammo, fire starters and bandages. "See? He's got more of the same! Listen kid I see you ain't eaten in a long time, I don't know how long you've been alone out here but just let Jay go and you can come with us!"

Once the bags contents were emptied the mothers begging was falling on deaf ears. Malorie looked over the objects on the ground once more, a feeling of having been cheated coming over her. Looking back up from the contents of the mothers backpack Malorie looked her in the eyes while pulling the pistol up to the boys head, Malorie could feel his lungs about to muster up a scream before she put a 9mm bullet through his brain and let his body slump to the floor. Malorie watched his corpse hit the ground as blood from his head spurted onto her arm and face, looking up just in time to see the kids mother as she ran into Malorie with an uninhibited tackle.

The impact took Malorie off of her feet, slamming her back against the wall which she started sliding down before the mother grabbed Malorie's throat in her hands and dragged her back up to her feet.
"You killed my Jay!" She screamed furiously as her hands stopped Malorie from taking in any air. "Why?! He never hurt you or anyone else, he was good, he could have-"
Malorie fought back against the mother, reaching down into her pocket and retrieving her Derringer which she fired point blank into her stomach twice. The mother let go of her grip on Malorie for a moment, staggering back and clutching where she'd been shot while Malorie fought to regain her breath. The mother recovered quicker than Malorie, ignoring the pain in her gut as she ran up and delivered a ruthless kick against Malorie's chest.

As she wound up for a second kick Malorie reached to her thigh and retrieved her fathers K-bar. The second kick connected but Malorie grabbed hold of the mothers leg once it did, thrusting the K-bar into her calf using her free arm. Unable to brush off this damage the mother collapsed to the ground with a shriek, giving Malorie the chance to deliver several more stabs and cuts into her body taking out the last bit of fight left in the mother of her victim. Malorie staggered to her feet after the flurry of stabs and cuts, looking down at the woman as she moaned and cried. Malorie spent a moment looking at her dying victim, contemplating something.

Ignoring the fact that the woman was still alive and very much conscious, Malorie drew her cutlass and began brutally chopping at her left arm until it was chopped off a few inches above her elbow. The woman screamed wailed, somehow avoiding passing out much to her misfortune. Malorie ignored the woman entirely as she knelt down next to her, taking part of her arm and furiously cutting away at it with the K-bar before sinking her teeth deep into the muscle and flesh. In her nearly starved state Malorie ate into her victim with the ferocity and voraciousness of a zombie.

The taste of raw human flesh had little effect when it came to turning her away from the meal, compared to the bugs and withering plant life she'd been eating, this was a delicacy in terms of flavor even uncooked. The woman caught a few glimpses of the killer of her son eating her arm before she succumbed to her injuries, although Malorie paid no mind. She was in her own little world once she began eating, an almost animal state coming over her mind for the moment as she fulfilled the one desire driving her at the moment.

The need to eat.
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

Postby TheTeddyguy » Thu Dec 11, 2014 12:06 am

Malorie dug into the dead body for nearly a half an hour straight, stripping practically all flesh and muscle from the arms of her adult victim. Finally she found her stomach full for the moment, it wasn't until she filled up that the realization of what she was doing really hit her. She was knelt in a pool of blood, fresh blood covering her face and hands, staining the collar of her shirt. Malorie was smart enough to know that cannibalism was deemed wrong, she was well aware even Mary and Ivy would be horrified by such an action, but in her mind she was without a choice in the situation. It was kill and eat, or die and be eaten by something else.

"I had to do this.." Malorie said to the corpse of the woman she'd been eating. Her eyes were still open, a mixture of pain and horror etched onto her stone dead face. "I just needed food, all I needed was food.. I had to get it somehow, I had to, I had to do this!"
Malorie sat and thought for sometime, contemplating her next move until she decided to break her rule of constant travelling for the day. She'd have no way of transporting the 'food' so she'd have to eat it here, refill her batteries then move on.

Malorie devoted a good portion of the day to looting the other homes in the neighborhood, mainly gathering up firewood, cooking supplies and utensils along with fresh clothing. She found a pair of shoes which fit better than her old ones which she promptly discarded after finding how comfortable the new pair was. Once she returned to her temporary home Malorie set a fire in the fireplace before butchering more pieces of the bodies where they died, not wanting to waste the energy it'd take to drag the entire corpses to the fireplace. Taking sections of muscle from the legs and neck of the mother while taking the muscle from the arms and legs of the boy, Malorie returned to the fireplace and got to cooking.

She felt some degree of shame in the act, lowering herself to the same kind of thing that a mindless zombie would do. But she had no choice, this was how she'd stay alive, If she refused this meal she'd likely starve to death within the next few days. At the same time however she was naturally overcome by a slight feeling of relief and joy, with this food she'd have the energy to reach Sydney without a doubt. She could now stave off one of the numerous problems that had been plaguing her, along with clearing her mind somewhat now that food procurement wouldn't be the only thing on it.

Once her meal was finished and her stomach was finally satisfied Malorie drifted into a cozy slumber next to the fireplace, resting in a pile of blankets and pillows she'd gathered by the fireplace so she could be comfortable while she cooked. For the first time since Teddy's death her mind finally let her rest easy as sleep took her away.

Sunday, November 23rd, 2026 - 8:45 AM]

Malorie awoke from her slumber with a yawn, stretching out and popping some joints in her back and arms before sitting up and rubbing her eyes. The fire had burned itself out, only some smoldering embers left in the warm ash. It took a bit before Malorie came to a realization that made her day before it was even ten minutes old, she wasn't painfully hungry.
Moving back into the bedroom Malorie looked over what was left of her victims, who looked as if a small horde had come by and gotten their hands on the mother and son.

"Thank you." She said to the bodies before grabbing her things and heading back out onto the road. The day of rest had allowed some of her blisters to heal up slightly, so she had a bit of spring in her step as she set out towards Sydney with renewed vigor.

[Friday, November 28th, 2026 - 4:22 PM]

After countless minutes, hours, days and weeks of walking Malorie finally was approaching her destination. By this point the sun had beaten her exposed face and arms, leaving most of her visible skin either sunburned or well tanned. Hunger had caught back up with her since her cannibalistic feast, but she managed to keep herself going after discovering a book detailing edible plant life in Eastern Australia which allowed her to widely expand her diet.

She felt a great sense of accomplishment overwhelm her once she sighted the blockade on the overpass over the Nepean River. Malorie kept walking at a normal pace, raising both of her hands once the soldiers became aware of her presence.

"That's far enough." Blared the voice of the same Staff Sergeant that had turned them away over her vehicles megaphone, Malorie felt a slight sense of anger at her voice. This woman was, in Malorie's eyes, one of the reasons that Teddy was no longer walking the earth. She kept that to herself for the moment however as she came to a stop, all that mattered right now was talking and bargaining her way into Sydney. The Staff Sergeant and two of the soldiers under her command approached Malorie, the two soldiers had weapons ready while she was empty handed. The Staff Sergeant was about to speak to Malorie and tell her unaccompanied children weren't allowed into Sydney, but Malorie interrupted her before she could begin.

"Here." She said, dropping the bag on the ground and taking a step back from it. "Plenty of medicine and medical tools, straight out of the Royal Hospital." All three of the soldiers seemed surprised and taken aback by Malorie in that moment, realizing she was from the group from a few weeks back, with her accent being a reinforcing piece of evidence that she belonged to the group as not many Americans were in Australia.

"I'm impressed kid." The Staff Sergeant said as one of the soldiers began looking at the bags contents. "Normally you wouldn't be allowed into Sydney being a lone child, but I know for a fact you've got people in there. Even if you had nobody, I'd still probably let you in knowing you came all the way from Melbourne. That's a journey and a half for even a hardened survivor, let alone a child."

"Whatever you say." Malorie replied plainly, retrieving some of her personal belongings from the bag including her fathers .44 magnum. With nothing more to say the soldiers took the medical supplies before escorting Malorie to one of their trucks. The vehicle left immediately, taking Malorie about an hour into Sydney which she was relieved to see was not under siege from zombie hordes. The truck stopped outside of Kogarah Railway Medical center with the soldier escorting her inside. Try as she might her mind was still stuck in survival mode causing her to dart her eyes around the room searching for threats and places to escape from even though it was unnecessary. As with back in California, the presence of so many people she didn't know did a great deal to make her uneasy.

"Thought we had a rule against lone kids?" The male receptionist behind the desk asked, inviting a glare from Malorie.
"We do, she's got family here though, they arrived a couple weeks back. She brought her fair share of medical supplies as well, so we couldn't really say no." The soldier replied.
"Is that so?" The receptionist said, looking Malorie over for a moment. "You must be a tough and determined one."
"Must be." Malorie repeated, her arms crossed.
"Right, well we need to give you a quick medical checkup, make sure you aren't dragging any infectious diseases in with you. Then we can search our recent records and try to locate your family. Everyone who enters the city stops by here first and we don't get many refugees these days, so shouldn't be hard to find them."
"Fine. That's fine."

With that Malorie underwent her examination in a back room, outside of her blisters, sunburns and malnutrition, Malorie was in passable condition. As far as the doctor could tell she wasn't carrying any physical sicknesses or ailments that could be carried onto the rest of the population. Returning to the front desk Malorie could see the soldier escorting her standing outside and smoking a cigarette as he waited for her to finish up.

"The doctor said I was fine." Malorie said to the receptionist. "Now where is my family? My last name's Julock, my mom's name is Ivy and my sister is Mary."
"Right, give me one moment.." The receptionist said, picking through a stack of files from a shelf in his desk. "Yeah here we go. Ivy and Mary Julock are both living in a place at 33-35 Sydney Street, along with the other people they arrived with. I'll go ahead and set you up as being a resident of that building as well."

After getting some more information and formalities dealt with and out of the way Malorie returned to the truck and the soldier escorted her to her new home, driving off the moment she stepped out of the vehicle as he'd been radioed new orders. It was a dilapidated industrial neighborhood home almost exclusively to buildings that had once hosted small businesses but were now there for poorer residents to keep the problem of homelessness almost nonexistent.

Malorie walked up to the rusted metal door on the left side of the large garage door in the center of the front of the building, knocking on it hard enough to make sure anyone inside would hear. She waited for several moments before the door opened up, Jhonny on the other side.
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

Postby coinsruledude » Thu Dec 11, 2014 12:27 am

When Jhonny opened the door and looked at who was on the other side, he barely recognized it as Malorie. It took a few seconds to register in his mind that it was actually her; the rest of the group assumed she and Teddy had perished inside Melbourne after they were forced to leave them behind, but now he could see that wasn't the case. He pulled her into a quick hug, grateful that she had survived, before yelling into the house at the top of his lungs to make sure he was heard. "Ivy! Mary! Come here now!"
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

Postby TheTeddyguy » Thu Dec 11, 2014 1:10 am


Ivy and Mary were in the midst of their meager dinner that the group had been enjoying when the knock came at the door, once they heard Jhonny yell for them the mother and daughter both gave each other identical looks of uncertainty, wondering what Jhonny could be yelling to them specifically for. The two climbed to their feet and rushed down the stairs after hearing the urgency in his voice, when they both got to the main entrance of the building and saw who was standing outside neither was certain on how to react initially.

Ivy's jaw dropped, disbelief coming over her as she recognized her young daughter who she'd thought was dead weeks ago. As her legs became weak and she started shaking Ivy staggered past Jhonny, dropping to her knees to get about face to face with Malorie. Ivy put a hands on either side of her daughters face, tears flowing down her face with her mouth still open, struggling and failing to eek out a few words as too much raced through her stress addled head. Malorie was just as choked up, a large part of her had remained uncertain on if she'd see Ivy, Mary and the others again up until the very moment she laid eyes on them.

"Dad?" Mary asked simply after walking up to her sister and mothers side. Malorie looked back at Mary, unsure of how to answer at first she decided to reach out and hug Mary tightly, surprising her sister.
"That was from dad.." Malorie said solemnly, stepping back from hug as Mary started crying, looking up into the cloudy sky above. Malorie then gave the same hug to her still speechless mother.
"He got bit in the hospital.. Before he died, he told me to give you and Mary goodbye hugs from him, and to tell both of you how much he loved you and that he's sorry he couldn't be hear to say goodbye.." Malorie said after letting go of the hug.

"I'm just glad you made it.." Ivy said softly. "I thought I'd lost you both, and that I'd never figure out what happened exactly.. You can ask anyone here I'm sure they'll tell you how much of a mess I've been... I still can't believe he's gone, our family isn't ever going to be whole again.. But you being back here is.. It's enough, having you and Mary still, I should be counting my blessings tonight."

"You-You're so skinny." Mary noted, seeing a stark physical difference between her and her twin not being difficult for her.
"There's not a lot of food out there." Malorie responded as she put her hand on her slightly sunken in stomach.
"There is here." Ivy responded quickly, scooping Malorie up off of her feet to her daughters surprise.
"Mom-" She started.
"You worked hard enough getting back to us.." Ivy said, carrying Malorie inside. "I'm not letting you lift another finger until you're back up to strength, you've done enough baby."
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

Postby coinsruledude » Thu Dec 11, 2014 2:20 am

The rest of the group approached the front door soon after Jhonny began yelling. Seeing Malorie again was somewhat of a relief for all of them, but more so for Church than Quintin or Harmony. It was also a bittersweet moment to have her back, because it confirmed that Teddy was dead, but seeing Ivy's daughter alive made her genuinely happy for the first time in months.
"At least now we know, right?" Church said, smiling a little.
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

Postby TheTeddyguy » Thu Dec 11, 2014 8:04 am

"Yeah, at least we know." Ivy replied, forming a smile of her own. After setting Malorie down in a seat at the table Ivy gave her daughter what remained of the meal she had been eating, her appetite now being gone. By the time Malorie finished the plate Ivy had another full meal cooked up for her. For once, Malorie wasn't resentful over being babied like Ivy was doing, she understood why her mother was acting like this and she went along with it to try and keep Ivy happy.

[Friday, November 28th, 2026 - 10:22 PM]

"Here's where we've been sleeping, these beds aren't the nicest around, but they do the job." Ivy told Malorie after the girl grew tired. "One second." Ivy added, moving over to the bed and shaking out the blankets and pillows on it before making the bed neatly. "I've been sleeping here, but there aren't anymore beds so the couch downstairs will do just fine for me until we get enough for another bed."
"Mom you need the bed more than-"
"No, I don't. All I need is for my girls to be comfy and happy, all else is secondary." Ivy insisted. Malorie sighed, walking over to the bed and sitting on it at her mothers behest.

"Mom, before I go to sleep.." Malorie said, sifting through her pocket for a moment before pulling something out, still obscured by her hand until she held it out to Ivy. "I thought you might want this."
In her hand was Teddy's wedding ring, the sight of it knocked the wind out of Ivy once more. Every time her mind thought about him in the smallest way she could almost feel her heart cracking and breaking into a few more pieces. She gently grabbed it from Malorie's hand, holding it in her own she looked at it closely with tears gathering in her eyes. Finally Ivy clasped the ring tightly in both hands, bringing the hands to her face in a way that looked like she was praying with a rosary in her hands as she cried silently.

"I'm sorry mom, maybe I should have waited a little." Malorie said to Ivy, saddened to see her crying. Ivy responded by reaching out and hugging Malorie again while still gripping Teddy's wedding ring.
"No you shouldn't have, I'd have started crying no matter what.. I'm happy, overjoyed that I have this to remember him by.. Everything that reminds me of him is something I want to keep to the day I die." Ivy looked up a moment after saying this, having just jogged her own memory. Telling Malorie to wait a moment Ivy headed over to where the groups supplies that hadn't been unpacked were still resting. After sifting through some things Ivy came back to the bed with a small black box, sitting on the bed next to Malorie she opened it, revealing the Bronze Star of Valor that had been earned by Malorie's great grandfather.

"This was one of the only things your dad had with him at the start of the apocalypse that was from home, he cherished few material things more than this medal.. He never made it clear to me what he wanted done with it after his death, but I think he'd be happy enough to see it in your possession." Ivy said, managing a smile as she passed the sentimental item to Malorie who took it in her hands with care, as if the medal and its case would turn to dust if she handled it too roughly.

"I'd tell you to take good care of it, but I already know you will." Ivy said, putting an arm around Malorie's back and pulling her closer. The two shared the embrace for several minutes in silence, with Malorie leaning her head against Ivy. She used to hate this kind of close hugging in nearly any situation, but after her experiences alone, out in the wasteland without Ivy or anyone else's touch, she welcomed it. For the first time since she was a little girl it brought her a feeling of warmth and safety, before long allowing her to drift asleep.

Ivy wasn't far behind when she realized Malorie had passed out, gently as she could Ivy stood up and softly lowered Malorie's head onto the pillow before tucking her daughter in for the night. Ivy stood and watched Malorie sleep for several minutes, still almost in disbelief that she had her back. When she thought both Teddy and Malorie had died, Ivy constantly regretted not spending even more time with Malorie, she regretted every moment that she could have spent with Malorie but instead spent doing something else. With this second chance, Ivy wouldn't allow herself to be vulnerable to such regrets again.

[Saturday, April 19th, 2030 - 5:11 PM]

Malorie was sat on the couch in the family room of the modest home she, her family and Church had been living in for the past year and a half. Once Harmony, Quintin and Shaun took off after Jhonny was laid to rest following a myriad of medical complications, the Julock's and Church pooled the money left behind and what they had to get an actual house as a step towards building normal lives. At the moment Malorie was the only one home due to her working night shifts for a private security company who sent employees to protect businesses not important enough for the military to guard, or the homes of those rich and paranoid enough to dish out money for protection. It wasn't the best paying job out there, but it matched Malorie's skill set rather well and occasionally granted her combat that she was always longing for, although nowhere near to the level of what fights outside of the city were like.

Malorie had her feet kicked up and crossed on the coffee table while she read a local newspaper, which held various stories of the happenings around Sydney. She actually disliked reading the paper, thanks to it generally holding no information of actual worth, but since the household had managed to exceed the monthly limit on their electricity usage already Malorie had few other choices for entertainment around the house. After reading through the last bit of the paper Malorie crumpled it up into a ball and sat upright before making a kissing noise, prompting her cat Jade to come sprinting into the room.

"Hey girl." Malorie said smiling as the black, green eyed feline rubbed her body up against her owners legs and purred loudly. Taking the ball Malorie juggled it back and forth from one hand to the other, getting Jades full and undivided attention as her big eyes tracked the paper ball from one hand to the other. Finally Malorie threw the paper ball, with the cat running over to where it landed and attacking it. Malorie watched contentedly for about a minute as her pet fought the ball like it were a rodent, until the front door opened up and Mary came in with her face buried in a medical book.

For the past two years Mary had devoted her life to medicine, seeing it as the best and truest way to help others as she was always seeking to do. Age had done little to nothing when it came to diminishing her good nature, compared to the vast majority of Sydney residents she may as well have been an angel. For the past three months she'd been working at the Royal Randwick Medical Center, with old world style schools being nonexistent in Sydney except for the richest neighborhoods, places that required college education previously were now looking for people who were simply eager and capable of learning with Mary falling square into both categories.

"How was work?" Malorie asked her sister.
"It was fine." Mary responded, keeping her face buried in the textbook as she approached the door to her bedroom.
"If it was fine you'd stop and talk about it." Malorie said, sensing something was off. "Come here real quick."
"No.. Sorry I need to study." Mary responded, lowering the textbook from her face only once she reached her bedroom door.
"You do realize you're bullshitting the queen bullshitter, right?" Malorie asked. "Now come over here and explain what's going on, or I'll wait for mom and Church to get home and tell them then you'll have to explain it to all three of us instead of just me."

Mary gave a disgruntled sigh, trying to think of an excuse for a few more seconds before admitting defeat and walking over to the couch Malorie was on. No words needed to be said as to what happened once Mary showed her face without the book being in the way, her left eye had ever so slight swelling beneath it accompanied by a dark purple ring going around her eye socket. Malorie gritted her teeth and clenched her fists at the sight, it wasn't the first time she'd seen Mary with one injury or another however those other injuries were much more minor-Slight bruising on her arms and the like.

"THAT SACK OF **** HIT YOU?!" Malorie blurted out furiously as she stood up.
"Please, please, PLEASE calm down." Mary said while motioning with her hands for Malorie to settle down. "We had a fight and it got a little worse this time that's all! He already made up for it, bought tickets for a play and everything. It's fine!"
"It's not **** fine, Mary!" Malorie snapped, getting face to face with Mary. "I know he's been treating you like **** for months now, but you just keep taking it cause you're too quick to forgive!"
"No, it's because I love him!"
"You might love him, but he doesn't love you!" Malorie said bluntly making Mary even more visibly upset. "Mom and dad loved each other, dad didn't vent anger by smacking our mom around!"

"He's getting better though, he's going to change, he's going to-" Mary started to try saying with Malorie stopping her before she could get another word out.
"He's getting his **** kicked is what he's going to **** do!"
"Malorie no!" Mary pleaded.
"You aren't talking me out of it, I'm sorry but this is ALL on him! If I see him on the street I'm going to teach him what it feels like to be **** abused."
"I'll get mom to stop you somehow then, I love Todd Malorie you can't hurt him!"
"Did he knock your head loose?! If you get mom involved and she finds out he gave you that shiner then she'll just kill him without a second thought. Remember when she damn near killed that drunk **** who tried taking your money? She doesn't take protecting us lightly and you know that, if mom got a hold of him he'd be begging for me to be the one kicking his ****."

"Jesus Malorie, can't you just see this from my position?" Mary asked. "He's not perfect, but he's helped me a lot! He's been mine for almost two years, he helped me get the job at RRM, just please ignore this.. I'm begging you, don't confront him and don't tell mom or Church."

"Go study." Malorie said after giving a frustrated sigh. "I can promise you at the very least I won't tell them, but you'd better think up a nice excuse for that ****' shiner cause neither of them are stupid. They'll put two and two together just like I did."
"Thank you, and I will." Mary said before heading back to her room before Ivy or Church returned home. Malorie sat back down on the couch, her temper growing rather than subsiding as she thought about the situation.

[Sunday, April 20th, 2030 - 1:15 AM]

Malorie was stood inside the Agape' restaurant and bar, her Walther P-38 and cutlass hanging visibly from her waistline as she relaxed in the corner with her arms crossed, constantly surveying the crowd for any sign of trouble. Most of the time on her job she'd be guarding an empty establishment in its resting hours, with nothing more to do than patrol and wait until morning. She liked getting posted to bars, where her and fellow employees functioned as glorified bouncers with guns. With people inevitably getting rowdy and stupid as they drank she could usually guarantee at least one chance to rough someone up, especially in poorer neighborhoods such as the one the Agape' was home to.

So far on this night however there had been little in the way of entertainment for her. This particular crowd consisted of mostly older folks just trying to enjoy a drink and meal after a long week of working. That changed with the newest patrons to the bar, one of whom Malorie quickly recognized. Todd, Mary's boyfriend with some brunette woman slightly older than the twins on his arm. Malorie nearly stepped forward the moment she recognized him, but stopped herself, starting a fight with a random customer being pretty high on the list of things not to do while on the job for her. So instead Malorie waited and let her anger boil, watching the couple closely as they interacted. Flirting, holding hands and kissing, Malorie felt her anger peak with every little display of affection, seeing every single one as a slap in the face to her sister.

By the time they'd been in the bar for nearly an hour Malorie had reached nearly uncontrollable levels of anger, she'd been looking for any excuse, even the slightest provocation to confront the couple in a way that wouldn't get her in hot water with her employer. Finally the couple got up to leave the bar, once they stepped out onto the sidewalk and started leaving Malorie couldn't stop herself. She waltzed out the door not far behind them with four hours left in her shift, not caring about the consequences by this point. Todd and the woman he was cheating on Mary with headed down Botany road, blissfully unaware that Malorie was stalking them.

After a couple blocks the couple turned onto Edward Street, passing up the military protected town hall they turned down an alleyway going until they stopped at a home with two green gates at the back which the woman attempted to unlock as she drunkenly fumbled with her keys.

"Hey, asswhipe!" Malorie called out from behind, prompting Todd and his girlfriend to turn around. "Cute new **** you got there. Now give me a reason I shouldn't **** her face up and wire your jaw shut right this second?"
"Who's this loudmouthed ****?!" The woman asked Todd, who squinted his eyes to get a better look at Malorie in the moonlight.
"My ex's pissy sister.." Todd responded as Malorie stepped closer. "Just open the gate and we'll go inside, I ain't dealin' with this **** now."
"Oh, so she's your ex now?" Malorie asked sarcastically. "I know for a fact you gave Mary that shiner."

"Well I'm 'bout to give you one to match it if you don't **** right off of my property you **** scarface yank piece of trash!" Todd's girlfriend yelled at Malorie, who smirked in response, removed her belt and weaponry, draping it over the fence.
"Well I'm not getting off of your property, ****. So come and **** fight me if you think you're so big and bad." Malorie said to the woman, extending her arms out to either side. "Then after I kick your **** into the ground I'm going to beat your girlfriend Todd until I get bored!"

Enraged by Malorie's taunts, Todd's girlfriend charged at her. The inebriated woman had whatever fighting skill she did have severely hampered by the alcohol in her system, she cocked her fist back too early, telegraphing to Malorie what was coming. Malorie ducked to the side and avoided the haymaker entirely, while simultaneously delivering a knee to her enemies gut, a hit that was worsened by the speed the woman had built up in her charge at Malorie. She clutched her stomach with both hands, dropping to her knees gasping desperately for air. Before her breath could be caught Malorie wound up a punch of her own, striking the woman in the cheek knocking her face first into the dirt.

Todd blindsided Malorie before she could give more follow up attacks to his girlfriend. Being a fair bit larger and heavier than Malorie, Todd took her off of her feet with a tackle to her gut, lifting her over his shoulder, wrapping his arms around her waist and driving her back into a wooden fence which flexed slightly as Malorie impacted against it. Todd prepared to smash Malorie into the fence again, not letting go of the bear hug he held on her waist. Malorie didn't give him the chance for a second attack, bringing her arm up before slamming her elbow forcefully into the side of his face repeatedly.

By the fourth elbow Todd dropped Malorie, who landed on her feet and gave him no chance to bounce back. She grabbed the collar of his shirt as he tried to retreat and run out of the alleyway, yanking him right back into striking range for several more punches before grabbing the back of his neck and slamming his face into the wooden fence. As Todd crumpled to the ground his girlfriend sucker punched Malorie, connecting a hard hit that staggered Malorie enough for the woman to give a follow up strike to Malorie's stomach. Seeing Todd getting back up as well Malorie was unsure of who to go for first, with Todd in front of her and his girlfriend now behind.

Before she got to make her choice, the woman hooked both of Malorie's arms with her own and wrenched them behind her back. As she did this Todd rushed over to Malorie's weapons, retrieving the K-bar from its sheathe on her belt.
"Yeah that's right, lets give this stupid **** another scar on her face! Show her she messed with the wrong couple!" The woman jeered as Malorie started fighting with all of her might to break free but to no avail.

Todd appeared uneasy holding the knife as he approached Malorie, clearly being more uneasy with this level of violence than either his girlfriend or Malorie. Still, Malorie fought like a caged animal to escape the woman's grasp. Once Todd got within range to use the knife Malorie swung her leg up with all of her might, landing a devastating kick to Todd's groin dropping him like a sack of rocks as he curled into the fetal position and cradled his manhood in pain. The moment Todd hit the ground Malorie swung her head backwards, busting the nose of Todd's girlfriend and getting her to let Malorie go.

The second her arms were freed Malorie spun around where she stood with a nasty right hook catching Todd's girlfriend in the temple and knocking her out cold. She'd originally planned to stop at this point, with both Todd and his girlfriend put into their place. However, Todd coming at her with the K-bar and his girlfriend egging him on to cut up Malorie's face unleashed something in her that she hadn't let loose since surviving in the outback.

"Come here mother ****.." Malorie hissed, getting down on one knee next to a whimpering Todd. She grabbed him by his long hair, forcing him to look her in the eyes as she spoke. "My sister, the one who you've been leading on, abusing and cheating on ever since you got together, she's a nice person. The nicest in all of Sydney, she wouldn't hurt a fly without good reason. But you know what?"
"W-What?" Todd asked, sounding as pathetic as he looked in the moment.
"I'm not like my sister." Malorie responded, smiling sadistically as she reached down onto the ground and retrieved the K-bar. Lifting her arm up in a way that made it look as if she were about to stab Todd he lifted his arms over his face as he cowered, lowering them after several moments passed without him being stabbed or cut.

"You know what?" Malorie said, contemplating something before standing up. "Those comments your **** made about my scar, and scaring my face up more.. I didn't like those."
Malorie proceeded to walk over to his still unconscious girlfriend, lifting her up by her hair to where her face was visible to Todd.

"Yeah, she's pretty." Malorie said, looking at the woman's face before quickly dragging a long cut diagonally down her face in much the same way Malorie's scar was.
"No, leave her alone please!" Todd begged.
"Oh, so you care about this one?! What about my sister then, why didn't you care about Mary?!" Malorie asked, letting go of the woman's hair and letting her bleeding face drop onto the pavement.
"I-I-I-I did- I mean I do care about Mary!" Todd said emotionally.

"So you hit people you care about?" Malorie asked with a displeased look on her face. Before Todd could reply she struck him with a hard punch, adding another punch to his face with each pause. "Well then-look at-how much I-care-about-YOU!" The final punch was hard enough that Malorie's knuckles began to bleed.

"I'm s-sorry!" Todd cried. Malorie responded with a backhanded slap from her uninjured hand.
"Is 'I'm sorry' what my sister told you after you hit her? HUH?!" Malorie asked, standing up and kicking his body several more times.
"What do I-" Todd started, pausing as he coughed up some blood and spit a tooth out before looking back up at Malorie. "What do I have to do to make you stop?! You... You made your point you crazy ****!"

"Well for starters, you could stop calling me a ****." Malorie said, crouching back down in front of Todd. "Tell you what, I'm going to try and be like my sister a little bit, do something nice for you. Does that sound good?" Todd responded by nodding his head quickly.
"Good boy." Malorie taunted, patting his head with her hand. "Now you see, that tongue of yours.. It seems to get you into trouble, I mean I'd have gone home by this point and your girlfriend wouldn't need stitches in her face if you hadn't done all of that **** talking. So let me help you out with that.."

Seeing what Malorie was going for Todd screamed at the top of his lungs for help before Malorie gripped his throat with her hand and started squeezing tightly.
"There goes that tongue, getting you in more trouble!" Malorie growled, lowering her blade towards his face. "Stick it out, show me your **** tongue."
Todd understandably kept his tongue in his mouth, frustrated Malorie squeezed harder on his neck forcing his mouth open as he struggled for air. Knowing she couldn't safely force his tongue out Malorie went for the next best thing, tilting her K-bar at an angle she drove it into his opened mouth piercing straight through his tongue and into the floor of his mouth. By this point she let go of his neck, if for no other reason than to be able to hear the noises of pure agony he was making.

"Hands up civy!" Someone at the base of the alleyway ordered. Malorie glanced over her shoulder and saw a squad of soldiers with their weapons trained on her, knowing she was caught Malorie looked back down at Todd and gave the K-bar one twist, shredding his tongue and the interior of his mouth before raising her hands as she was ordered with the troops promptly moving forward and putting her in handcuffs.

"Christ, what'd you do to these people?!"
"What they deserved to have done to them."
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

Postby TheTeddyguy » Fri Dec 19, 2014 7:49 pm

[???,???,??? - ???]

"Sure is amazing out here." Teddy said to Ivy as he lay next to her in their sleeping bag. At their feet was a small fire, although they didn't need it to keep warm thanks to the fair weather in the prairie they were resting on beneath the star filled night sky. The moon was full and blue, lighting up the surrounding landscape with a light blue glow as fireflies danced all along the prairie. Their daughters were both passed out in a tent not far from them, nobody was on watch but that didn't matter. They were safe here, one couldn't say how or why, they just were and they knew it.
No zombies.
No bandits.
Just each other.

"You can say that again." Ivy said with her big smile. "It's beautiful, everywhere you look there's pure beauty.. It's almost magical."
"Agreed, nowhere I'd rather be than right here, right now." Teddy replied before kissing Ivy. "And there's nobody I'd rather be enjoying this place with than you. I love you, Ivy."
"I love you too." Ivy said warmly. "I wish this never had to end, I wish we could stay together, alive with our girls to the end of time."
"I do too, but we can't."
"Why not?" Ivy asked, looking into Teddy's eyes.
"Because, things just don't work that way, babe."

"Promise me you'll never leave me.." Ivy asked after a pause, almost pleadingly. "Please tell me I won't ever have to go the rest of my days without you by my side, I don't wanna lose you, ever..."

(End music)

[Sunday, April 20th, 2030 - 7:22 AM]

"SDF, open up!" A voice at the front entrance to the house blared after pounding angrily on the wooden door, waking Ivy from her slumber. She sat up quickly and scanned her surroundings, a brief moment of disappointment filling her as she realized her dream was just that and that Teddy was still gone. Four years on and it felt like she'd lost him yesterday every day she woke up. Reaching onto the floor Ivy threw her shirt and sweatpants on before grabbing her necklace off of her nightstand and putting it on. It was a necklace holding Teddy and Ivy's wedding rings, and Ivy never started the day without it hanging from her neck. To her, it was the closest thing she could get to having him still with her.

As Ivy stepped out of her room on the first floor to answer the door Church emerged from the second floor where her room was, wearing a pair of pajamas and clearly having just awakened as well. Mary was in her room, pretending she wasn't woken up by the knocking and trying to go back to sleep since she knew Ivy would get up to answer it.

"I've got it." Ivy said to Church, yawning as she answered the door. "Can I help you?"
"Ma'am do you know one Malorie Julock?" The soldier asked in an official tone.
"Yes, she's my daughter.." Ivy responded, growing slightly concerned. "What happened to her, did she get hurt on her job?"
"Quite the opposite ma'am." The other soldier stated, looking down at his notepad. "According to her she was on her shift as a guard, watchin' over the Agape' when she saw Todd Scott and Charlotte Boone enter the establishment together. She recognized Todd as her sisters long term boyfriend who she had reason to believe was beating her as well, so when they left she followed them out of the bar and back to Charlotte's house where she attacked them out back brutalizing them both."

Ivy didn't say anything in response because too many things were running through her mind at this news first thing in the morning.
"We caught the girl red handed with her knife shoved into the mans mouth, she gave us a full confession on the way back to the station herself and everything she said matched up with Miss Boone's account of events. We couldn't get Mr. Scott's statement because your daughter practically cut his tongue out."
"Since it's such an open and shut deal your daughter is already set to be banished from Sydney for good. We came to get her close family members so you could gather her things because she's going straight from the station to the outside of the city. If any of you are going with her you'd better pack your things as well then get in your vehicle and follow us, you have half an hour."

"Fine, give me a minute and we'll be back out there." Ivy hissed before shutting the door and turning to face Church. "Did you hear all of that?!"
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

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"Yeah, I did," Church replied, stunned at the sudden arrival of the news. "What are you going to do?"
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

Postby TheTeddyguy » Sun Dec 21, 2014 9:21 pm

"I..I don't know." Ivy said, sitting down on the couch and resting her face in her hands as stress and anxiety filled her. "There's no way she's going out there alone, even if this is her own fault my daughter isn't going out there without me being with her.. God this is fucked, this is so fucked Church."

"Mary!" Ivy called out loudly after a moment of silence. She waited several moments before calling out again. "I know damn well you can hear me, get out here right now because we have to talk!"

Mary came out of her room a moment later, a defeated look on her face as the discoloration around her eye had yet to subside and she had no way of hiding it. "Mom I know how it looks but I can explain."
"What, that Todd hit you and you tried hiding it from Church and I?" Ivy asked. "There's nothing to explain, at least on your end. I'm not happy about you trying to hide it but that doesn't matter at the moment, what matters is what your sister did."
"Which is?" Mary asked as she took a seat in an armchair, her eyes growing wide.
"She found Todd with another girl while she was working, after they left she followed and attacked them then was arrested by the military."
"Oh my god.." Mary said, her breath being taken away as both the news of Todd being attacked and the fact that he'd cheated on her sunk in along with her sisters arrest, tears promptly escaping her eyes.
"I'm sorry sweety, I really am. But I need you to listen to me." Ivy said to Mary firmly. "Malorie is going to be expelled from Sydney today, I'm going with her.. I want you and Church to stay here."

"What?!" Mary asked emotionally. "No, all of us can go, I-I can't split up from you and her mom, I won't!"
"Yes you can and will!" Ivy snapped, standing up as tears began rolling down her face. "I can't take you out there again, we both know you can't handle it Mary.. And I can't ask Church to leave safety and comfort for my daughters mistake, not to mention your father didn't die in Melbourne so that we could all be back in the Badlands four years later."

"Can you keep an eye on her, help make sure she stays safe at least until she's an adult?" Ivy asked Church. "I know it's a big thing to ask with no heads up, but you're the only person I can rely on to watch out for her once I can't.."
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Re: A Requiem For Humanity (IC)

Postby coinsruledude » Sun Dec 21, 2014 10:31 pm

"Of course I will, Ivy," Church replied. She was also starting to tear up, since she could tell that Ivy was dead-set on leaving with Malorie. Even after they found safety in Sydney, she could tell it was only a matter of time before something went wrong, and it appeared as if that thing had happened. "We've known each other for so many years. You're all family to me."
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