Lingering Nightmare (IC)

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Re: Lingering Nightmare (IC)

Postby TheTeddyguy » Sun Dec 07, 2014 11:36 pm

"B-but they don't have any food or water, probably not much ammo either!" Mary argued back.
"Give it up, Mary." Ivy said quietly, not looking away from the window. "They aren't going to go back, no matter how much you argue.. Teddy and Malorie are gone."
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Re: Lingering Nightmare (IC)

Postby coinsruledude » Mon Dec 08, 2014 12:10 am

"We'll know if they made it out in a few days time," Quintin said. "The storm and our vehicles drawing some zombies away might work in their favor, but there's no way we can go back. That hospital is basically done."
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Re: Lingering Nightmare (IC)

Postby TheTeddyguy » Wed Dec 10, 2014 2:33 am

"The way we came from is completely walled off by them!" Malorie said to her father, growing increasingly worried as the reality of the situation set in. Teddy didn't respond, seeing no time to plan in this position he grabbed Malorie's hand and started pulling her along with him in the opposite direction of where the group had approached the hospital. After passing up a 7/11 they encountered a police station with a Lenco bearcat APC crashed through the front window and the barricades that had been behind it. Finding one of the rear doors partially ajar Teddy swung it open and lifted Malorie up into the back of the machine before climbing aboard himself. A zombie attempted climbing in right behind him, but Teddy quickly halted it by grabbing the armored rear door and slamming it shut on the zombies head crushing it like an egg.

Moving the body out of the way Teddy then secured the door, he and Malorie turned their flashlights back on a moment later.
"Dad, are you bleeding?" Malorie asked looking at her fathers arm with a look of disbelief on her face. Teddy looked down at the wound and inhaled a deep breath, seeing her light shining on the blood running down his forearm and off of the tips of his fingers.
"Yeah.. Yeah I am, 'cause I got bitten, beautiful." He said somberly, sitting down on the bench in the APC.

The second Teddy delivered the news Malorie dropped the bag of medicine and her cutlass onto the metal floor of the APC, quickly being overwhelmed by her emotions in a way she'd never felt before, only Michelle's death could come close. She staggered forward with her arms open, wrapping them around her father as she began crying on his shoulder. She wrapped her arms around him tightly, as if she didn't want to let him go after hearing the news.
"No no no! N-Not you!" She vented emotionally. "Th-This has to be an-another nightmare.. This can't be real!"

"I'm sorry baby, I wish it were trust me I do.. But it's not, this is real." Teddy replied as he tried to stifle back tears.
"M-Maybe we could try chopping your arm off where the bite was?" Malorie offered, trying to think of any way possible to save her father.
"For that to work it has to be right away, even if it did work I'd get you killed cause I'd lose so much blood and be useless. I'm sorry beautiful, this is how it is.."

The conversation was cut short by several zombies from inside of the police station smacking against the front of the vehicle, having heard Malorie and Teddy.
"Alright.." Malorie said, wiping her eyes and forcing herself to remain as calm as possible. "What's the plan?"
"We work on getting you as far away from the inner city here as possible while this storms still here and I'm still breathing. We need to get you supplies for the road while you're here, since you won't find much of anything on the road from what the woman at the checkpoint said."
"Okay, that makes sense." Malorie replied as she began looting the skeletal remains of a riot officer, taking kevlar forearm guards and a UMP 45 which had a magazine with just one spent round in it along with two more on the desiccated corpse. "Should I keep all of the medicine?"
"Yes, it's a good way to help guarantee your way into Sydney." Teddy said, moving up to the drivers seat and preparing to deal with the zombies outside of the truck in the police station. "And if something happens to you on the way, it'll help you stay alive."
"Alright, I'm going to need a better bag soon then." Malorie responded.

Teddy waited for Malorie to approach the cabin before kicking the drivers door open right into the face of the zombie on the outside of the APC, knocking it down. Teddy jumped out immediately after, leaving Malorie slightly behind on purpose so he could handle these zombies with minimal danger to her. He stomped the skull of the zombie he'd hit with the door to finish it off before unsheathing his kukri and charging down the other zombies around the APC's front end, hacking them up with savage ferocity. With his life now on a short timer, he held nothing back in making sure he could give Malorie the best chance possible to make it back to Sydney after he'd died.

By the time Malorie's feet hit the floor of the police station Teddy had already cut down all six zombies outside of the truck, he returned to Malorie and grabbed the medical bag from her so she didn't have to carry it for at least a little while. Malorie was filled with a mixture of sorrow, dread and fury. All three equally tugging at her emotions as the realization that her father was a dead man walking set in, but her survival instinct and need to make Teddy happy remained strong and she buried those emotions to do what he wanted effectively.

After butchering twenty more zombies on the second floor of the police station almost entirely on his own, Teddy and Malorie entered the armory to loot it. Malorie liked the UMP 45 after using it on a few zombies, so she and Teddy focused on scraping up .45, 9mm and .357 ammunition wherever they could find it. In the process they found a large military style gear bag capable of holding all of the medicine in the other bag with room to spare for ammunition, food and water. Malorie and Teddy quickly dumped the contents of the old bag into the new one along with all of Malorie's extra ammunition.

[Monday, November 9th, 2026 - 12:38 AM] ... m2!4m1!3e2

Content with the refreshed ammunition and weaponry from the police station, Teddy and Malorie set out following the partially soaked map Teddy had tucked away in one of his pockets. After quickly picking through the gas station for long expired but still edible junk foods and some bottled water, Teddy and his young daughter worked their way onto St Georges road. There was a significant number of zombies, but Malorie's UMP proved effective and as she learned to time her shots with the thunder after seeing lightning flash in the sky she began ending zombies in their path with impunity. She was so effective that Teddy eventually had her hold her fire, citing the need for her to save ammo for the rest of the journey and that he wouldn't be needing his.

The two carried on through the miserable storm for a long time, and eventually both Teddy and Malorie felt their tanks running on empty.
"Dad.. I'm exhausted, we.. We need to find somewhere to rest." Malorie said, visibly and audibly as worn out as she was saying.
"I'm with you beautiful.." Teddy said back, the physical strain he'd been putting himself under on their journey away from the city center seemed to be accelerating the process of the virus, thanks to his energy being drained quicker than normal. Noticing a child care center with relatively tall brick walls surrounding the property Teddy moved over to that, chopping down several nearby zombies before boosting Malorie up over the wall.

Teddy climbed up over a moment later, finding Malorie in the process of finishing off a child zombie with her cutlass. The two of them then quickly pushed their way inside the child care building, discovering several more child sized skeletons along with one adult who had a gunshot to the side of her skull. Malorie wasted no time in getting to clearing the building, Teddy on the other hand needed to stop and gather his strength, resting against a wall for a moment. The virus surprised him with how quickly it was with getting to work and draining him, at the current rate he'd probably have less than an hour before he was struggling against losing consciousness.

After a few moments of rest Teddy forced himself to muster the last of his energy to help Malorie clear the building, kicking in the locked door to a kitchen area. As the door snapped open after his third kick it hit a young zombie on the other side of the door, knocking her to the ground. The only thing that made her gender recognizable was her clothes, all of her hair and features gone from over a decade of decay. She moaned weakly as she tried to sit up, Teddy pinned her back down by putting his hand in the middle of her chest, her hands clawing weakly at his arms for a moment before he pushed the K-bar through her eye socket and into her brain.

"Sorry, little one." Teddy said with a sigh before heading back out into the main room of the daycare, spotting Malorie leaving the last room that needed checked a moment later. His head was feeling light and his mind becoming slightly cloudy, his muscles had been aching but they were beginning to grow numb.
"I don't have long now.." He said softly to Malorie after shambling over to a dusty blue couch and stretching out on it.
"I-Is there anything I can get for you or do for you? I want you t-to be comfortable.." Malorie asked as she stood in front of her father, shaking slightly in her rain soaked clothing.
"If you want me to be comfortable... Then all I need is to have you right here, beautiful, and for you to listen to what I've got to say."
"Of course daddy, I'm right here and I'm all ears!" Malorie said back, kneeling at Teddy's side.

"Good.. I'll be honest it makes me a little happy that I'm lucky enough to have you at my side in my final hour, my only regrets are that I won't be able to help you reach Sydney... And I can't say goodbye to Mary or Ivy.." Teddy said shakily, looking up at the ceiling as his mind turned to what Ivy and Mary must be thinking and feeling, and the fact that he'd never see them again. He worried deeply for Ivy especially, knowing full well she'd take losing him hard as he would if he'd lost her.

"When you get back to Sydney, when you find them, you tell them one more time how much I love them and give them goodbye hugs from me alright? You tell them I'm sorry I couldn't be there to give those hugs myself.."
"I will, I promise.." Malorie said back.
"Thank you.." Teddy said before reaching his hand out, putting it on Malorie's cheek. "I still can't believe I created two people as gorgeous and perfect as you and Mary, couldn't ever help but feel proud every time I look at or even think about either of you.. Both of you are capable enough to do some incredible things with your lives, more so than I. Don't let your life be wasted, you do anything and everything you need to do to survive, but at the same time when you can be a good person or make the morally right choice, you should. God knows I've done more things that I'm not proud of than I'd ever care to think about, there are a lot of people who aren't alive as a direct result of my actions.. I'd be lying to you if I said all of those killings were justified and lying to you isn't something I do."

"If there is an afterlife of some kind, I certainly don't see myself going to the same place as people like Cora and Michelle.. You keep that in mind when deciding between right and wrong in the future."
"Daddy I will keep that in mind, but you act like you've never done anything good, like you lived the life of a Last Judgement member, and that's not right!" Malorie argued passionately. "You were the one who decided to go save mom from Last Judgement before you even knew her, you got the crew for the Atlas together and helped keep over a hundred people alive for a long time! We all have to do some bad things to stay alive, if you didn't do any bad things you wouldn't have made it this far, we all would have never escaped Taiwan."

"You're right, but not every bad thing I did was purely for survival. The things that I can't justify, some of them have always haunted me." Teddy said, thinking of Charles, Richard and others who he'd killed unnecessarily. "I almost lost your mother once, before you were born, because I was too consumed by bloodlust, wanting nothing but my next enemies life and revenge against the Last Judgement for their crimes. A good friend of mine before you were born helped me come back from my bloodlust with some of his dying words, his name was Brad."
"I understand.. I'll do what I can to be good when it doesn't get in the way of my survival."
"That's all I can ask for." Teddy said, smiling slightly before going into a coughing fit ending with him hocking up some darkened blood from his lungs. He was beginning to feel as though he'd been awake throughout the whole zombie apocalypse with his exhaustion fighting his consciousness.

"I think my hourglass is about empty." Teddy said softly, holding his hand out for Malorie with her promptly taking it, holding it clasped between both of her hands.
"Before you go, I want you to listen to me and hear me first, okay daddy?" Malorie asked as she began to cry slightly more.
"I'm all ears, beautiful." Teddy said smiling and looking into Malorie's eyes as he struggled to keep his open.
"I want to thank you, for absolutely everything.. I know everyone wants to say they have the best dad, but I really do. You gave me and Mary the best childhood anyone born after the outbreaks could wish for, we have good memories that other kids don't have.. You killed people you didn't want to kill, just to make sure I was kept alive. You did everything I ever could have asked you to do and more..." Malorie said, holding Teddy's hand tightly.

"It was my job."
"Well I'm telling you that you did your job well." Malorie reinforced. "Better than anyone else could have.."
Teddy shut his eyes, smiling. Malorie's words meant a great deal to him, they brought comfort hearing them from her mouth, that he'd done his job well in raising her and Mary. He reached to his side, grabbing Brads revolver and resting it on his chest. He then brought Malorie's hand that was holding his over to the .44, putting it against it as he opened his eyes once more.
"Do you want me to do it?" He asked softly.
"No.." Malorie said, using one hand to take the revolver while holding her fathers hand with the other. "Michelle didn't have to end herself, you d-don't have to either."

With his free hand Teddy reached around Malorie's back and pulled her closer for a hug, he could hear her crying more as they hugged causing him to start doing the same. Keeping hold of his hand, Malorie slowly backed out of the hug as she heard Teddy's breathing start to worsen as his body began to shut down. She gave him a kiss on his forehead, which seemed to stir him one final time.
"Let me see your gorgeous face once more.." Teddy whispered, opening his eyes just barely as he looked at Malorie. A warm, genuine smile came over his face after seeing hers one more time, with his eyes closing, his lungs exhaling their last breath and his arm going limp after he eked out one last statement. "You're so beautiful.."

Malorie lost all composure once life ceased in Teddy's body, sobbing into his chest as the feeling of him being dead truly took hold. She was now completely and totally alone, her survival in her hands and her hands only. It took her several minutes but eventually Malorie gathered her composure enough to raise her fathers revolver, putting it up against his temple. She sat shaking for several moments until a lightning strike occurred, firing a shot as the thunder sounded off to keep Teddy from coming back.
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