The Shifting Tide: A short by Tyrud

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Re: The Shifting Tide: A short by Tyrud

Postby TheTeddyguy » Tue Mar 14, 2017 4:42 pm

Good post, looking forward to the next.
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Re: The Shifting Tide: A short by Tyrud

Postby coinsruledude » Tue Mar 14, 2017 9:30 pm

TheTeddyguy wrote:Good post, looking forward to the next.
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Re: The Shifting Tide: A short by Tyrud

Postby deadwaste » Tue Mar 14, 2017 11:26 pm

TheTeddyguy wrote:wow ethan. great moves. keep it up. proud of you.
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Re: The Shifting Tide: A short by Tyrud

Postby tyrud » Fri May 12, 2017 5:28 am

Chronicles of a New Age:
[Thursday, February 13th 2020 - 1:22 PM
Shiawassee Lake, Michigan]

The sloshing of water being parted by a paddle interrupted the sound of wind sweeping across the lake as Colin approached Shiawassee Lake's only dock. He was eager to arrive at his definition after having to canoe his way up the river of the same name for a few days. He had been dropped off downstream by one of Morais' boats with nothing more than a crude map drawn up by one of the crew members. He was supposed to be meeting another seeker as part of a high-profile job, though overall the details given to him about the whole thing were sparse. After mooring his canoe next to the docks, Colin reviewed the map one more time to make sure he was in the right place. Satisfied with his position, he walked down the dock and into the nearby woods.

Armed with his usual double-barreled shotgun and his revolver hidden under his shirts, he looked around for any signs of his contact. He had little to go by, and simply hoped for some obvious signal. Finding a dirt footpath, he followed it as it eventually ran parallel to the river and after a few yards, he saw someone leaning against a tree and smoking a cigarette. He figured must have been his contact, and his suspicions were confirmed when he approached the woman and she didn't immediately shoot him upon making eye contact with him.

"Colin Salisbury?" the woman asked without moving.

"I see you already know my already. Alright, then." Colin, figuring Morais had given his name ahead of time. "You're Rebecca, right? Rebecca Fong?"

"Please tell me there's more people coming behind you."

"There's more people coming behind me."
Colin repeated flatly.

"That motherf-, argh Morais you ****! He always does this ****."

"Hey listen, I'm not exactly thrilled about this either. At least you know what's going on, and you've been out here working too. Meanwhile, I got told three weeks ago to stay away from any jobs because Morais has a big one he wanted me on. Haven't been told a goddamn thing about anything since then. I don't know about you, but my rent doesn't pay itself."
The only reason Colin hadn't taken any other jobs, was because Morais paid more than anyone for his jobs, and Colin didn't want to spoil that relationship.

"So let me get this straight, you got put on this job but no one told you anything about it?"

"Just that I'd be working with Morais' personal seeker on something."

"Who told you that?"
Rebecca asked, clearly extra irritated by what Colin had said.


"Of course he did."
Rebecca shake her head and pinched the bridge of her nose with the hand not holding a cigarette, her disbelief having reached its climax.

"I'm glad we both agree that Morais is difficult to work with, but we both know that he also pays pretty damn well. So, what do you say we get this job done as fast as possible and get paid, yeah?"

"Yeah, whatever."
Rebecca said after an audible sigh. "What the hell took you so long to get here anyway?"

"Morais had me take the scenic route."


[Thursday, February 13th 2020 - 8:38 PM
Bingham Farms, Michigan]

Rebecca and Colin soon started walking south towards Detroit. What they were looking for was near there apparently, though what exactly 'it' was remained unsaid. Colin couldn't help but wonder if he was being taken somewhere to get killed, but it seemed unlikely. There had been plenty of good places to take him out, plenty of opportunities, but nothing ever happened. Instead, Rebecca seemed quite determined to get to their destination quickly. Rebecca was not at all what Colin was expecting. She was about his height and age, with beige skin and straight, chin-length sandy blonde hair. Her eyes were copper brown, her face heart shaped with her nose slightly pointed up and cupid's bow lips. Despite what her last name might suggest, she showed no outward signs of an Asian ancestry. Though Colin had never worked with her before, he had heard her name mentioned a few times. Rumor had it that she played for the other side, just like Morais. Also like Morais, her origin was unknown, but she was apparently a damn good seeker.

As the two walked, she certainly looked the part, her dainty appearance notwithstanding. She kept most of her hair under a wool slouch beanie, and the rest of her was concealed under an olive drab tent canvas that she wore like a poncho, military style. Her boots seemed military as well, and she kept a full length FAL battle rifle, complete carrying handle and bipod, slung by her side. Everything about her screamed two things: military and not to be crossed. For the latter reason, Colin choose not to ask her about the former. They'd walked for about six hours when they were forced to stop due to heavy rainfall. It was cold out, but not enough for the rain to turn into snow or sleet. Instead, it came down and flayed the skin like hundreds of icy needles. While Rebecca would've liked for them to have gone farther, Colin was perfectly content with stopping. After all, he had spent the entire morning paddling up river and had not gotten an opportunity to rest between then and now.

The two ducked into the covered driveway entrance of a building that was once some kind of clinic according to the letters on the side, though the clinics actual name was missing and unreadable. Once they were sure there was nothing around the area living, dead, or undead, they set up right in the driveway. Within a few minutes they had a fire going with Rebecca's tent canvas shielding it from the wind and rain. They shared an austere meal of water and pemmican, with Colin resting against the building wall while Rebecca kept watch. The rain refused to let up and the area was just as dark, if not darker than the woods Colin often found himself doing his work in.

"How much further to the site?" Colin asked.

"About three more hours walking." Rebecca answered, slowly pacing back and forth as the conversation continued.

"If what we're looking for is in Detroit, or close to it, why'd you have me meet you so far north of it?"

"I was already in the area, so I told Morais to just send you there. Besides, I needed to get well away from Detroit for a little while. The longer you stick around, the more attention you tend to attract and I don't need that."
Rebecca eventually stopped by pacing next to a rusted-out car in the driveway and took off her beanie. As it turned out she kept a cigarette carton inside the thing. She took out two before tossing the empty packet, and offered one to Colin, who accepted.

"You look a lot better without your hair all cooped up in that beanie of yours." Colin commented after Rebecca lit his cigarette. As he took a drag, he took a good look at Rebecca's outfit now that she wasn't wearing a tent canvas over it. In addition to military boots of considerable quality, she wore army trousers with a camouflage pattern he wasn't familiar with and a parka that matched the color of the tent canvas. She wore it well, and she was probably feeling much warmer than Colin under all that.

"I appreciate the compliment, but you're not seducing me that easy wolf-boy. You're not exactly my type."

"All compliments don't have to be pickup lines, you know."

"Oh? From what I've heard, it's never that straight forward with you."

"Is that so? What exactly have you heard?"

"Just that when you're not busy talking up Morais' girls, you're busy ruining with his virgin violinist. I'm surprised Rylan still has his job."

"Pfft, I guess there aren't any secrets in this town then."

"So you did sleep with her?"

"Does it even matter what I answer to that?"

"I mean, you did or you didn't."

"I won't answer, because everyone's already decided for me what my answer is. It's a **** shame too. I don't care if people drag my name through the mud, but there's no reason they have to involve Josephine in their bullshit. She's too good to have that happen to her."
Colin ended his statement with a long drag of his cigarette, which he tossed into a pool of rainwater nearby. It remained quiet while Rebecca finished hers, with only the sound of the fire crackling breaking up the downpour. Rebecca put her beanie back on her head after tossing her cigarette and started toying with her rifle while looking like she had something to say.

"Did you do anything before you were a seeker?" she asked eventually.

"I did a lot of travelling."


"Yep. I've seen a lot places throughout the years while just moving around. It's why I don't mind doing this. Keeps things fresh."

"I know the feeling."

"What about you? How'd you get to know Morais?"

"I met him not long after I arrived at the Soo. I needed work and he was offering some. I guess he ended up liking how I worked."

"So you came from somewhere else then?"

"Yeah, from out east."

"They say Morais is from somewhere out east too. All I know about all the places out east is that the ER lays claim to most of them, and that it was the ASF doing it before them."

"ASF. I haven't heard that in a while. You have any run ins with them?"

"More than a few. Enough to know they were assholes."

"We were assholes, weren't we?"

"Hey, no hard feelings if you were one of them. I'm sure you had your reasons for joining. It's all in the past now, anyway. All that matter is that you and I are still here, and they aren't."


[Friday, February 14th 2020 - 12:19 PM
Redford, Michigan]

Not long after day break, the duo packed up their camp and were soon walking back down the road south towards Redford. The sky was clear after the previous day's heavy storm and the temperature had warmed up some, though only just enough so that the ground remained free of ice. Sometime after noon, they arrived at their destination: the imposing Detroit Diesel manufacturing plant. It was abandoned, of course, and it appeared to have been that way for a while. Nevertheless, Rebecca confirmed to Colin that this was the place and led the way inside. Entering the facility from the northwest, Colin kept his head on a swivel despite Rebecca's reassurances that the plant was empty of both zombies and people.

"The zombies are mostly in the city proper, and most people are too scared to come to Detroit because they think it's swarmed." They were empty words as far as Colin was concerned. He hadn't lived this long by being careless, and he wasn't about to start being careless now.

He followed close behind Rebecca, who seemed to know where she was going as they navigated the massive facility. It was almost pitch dark inside, with the only light filtering in from holes in the ceiling created by fallen panels and pooled water eating through the concrete. It was mostly quiet inside, save for the sounds of small creatures skittering about and small stones falling from the roof above. Hundreds of machines big and small stood like sentinels across the plant floor, silent and immovable. All sizes and types of parts for engines, axles, and transmissions were everywhere. The assembly line was unmanned, with large wheeled robotic carts stuck in place holding engine blocks in various states of completion. The place was a mechanical graveyard, and Colin wondered what exactly it was that they were looking for. There was probably good money to be earned cleaning this place out and then selling everything in it for use or for scrap. But seeing Rebecca push forward without some much as a side glance at any of it told Colin that they were here for something else.

"How much further?" Colin asked, a feeling of déjà vu coming over him.

"We're almost there. We need to get to the loading docks in the back."

After crossing the main assembly floor, Rebecca led Colin to the southwest of the plant, where a sign soon indicated to them that they had found the loading docks. Inside light filtered in via a single dock door that was just propped open. The other dock doors were closed and even locked into place. Some trailers were missing from the parking spaces where the loading happened, and none of the ones present appeared to be in any condition to be towed anywhere. Colin stayed on the elevated portion of the dock where the loading equipment and pallets were while Rebecca dropped down into the trailer area.

"Now that we're here, would you mind telling me what the hell are we looking for?"

Rebecca answered simply as she leaned against a group of about dozen steel oil drums and knocked her fist on the side of the one she was leaning on.

"Is that what we came for? Oil?" Colin asked, not understanding all the secrecy and lack of information. Instead of answering, Rebecca produced a combat knife and stabbed a small hole into the side of the barrel. Colin was taken aback for a second, but was thoroughly confused when nothing drained out of the barrel.

"Not oil, Colin. Something else." Rebecca answered, popping open the barrel lid as Colin came over to investigate. Looking inside the barrel, Colin was surprised to find that it was full of wrapped bricks of weed.

"Holy ****. Is there more in the other barrels?"

"From the couple I've checked, there's guns, coke, money, along with more of this and who knows what else. It's a **** mother lode."
Colin was transfixed by the contents and sheer size of this find, saying nothing while he stared into the barrel of weed. It all made perfect sense now. With a find like this on the line, it was no wonder everything was so need to know.

"How did you-" Colin began to say when he was suddenly tackled to the ground by Rebecca.

"Get down!" she yelled as bullets started opening holes in the closed loading door on the other side of the barrels. The burst of gunfire soon gave way to feet scattering outside as someone started barking orders.

"Open that door, someone's found our goods in there!"

As the one propped door started rattling, Colin and Rebecca hurried to their feet and sprinted back towards the pallets and loading equipment, taking cover near each other while keeping an eye on the barrels. It wasn't long before a few individuals armed with various firearms made their way in and convened around the barrels.

"Do you see them?" a well-built bearded man with brown hair asked. Based on his voice, he was the one giving the orders outside.

"Nothing yet, but whoever it was couldn't have gone too far!" a young woman with long hair dyed silver and glasses answered as she scanned the room.

"Was anything stolen? I knew we should've kept someone closer after I saw that blonde **** snooping around." an athletic looking bald man lamented. Colin glanced over at Rebecca, who simply gave a half shrug.

"Nah, it looks like we're good. It's all here. They were just peeping." announced a white man with corn rows.

"What should we do?"

"We can't wait any longer here for the pickup."
The bearded man commanded. "Tell the others to start loading these and keep your eyes open. You see anyone that's not us, you kill 'em." Soon after, the bearded man headed outside, leaving behind the bespectacled woman and bald man who had initially come in with him to guard the barrels.

"We can't let them leave with those barrels, Colin." Rebecca sharply whispered.

"Is all that **** really worth our lives? We should cut our losses, count ourselves lucky and leave."

"If you knew how much Morais is gonna give us for all that ****, you wouldn't be saying that. Now do you want to get paid or what?"
Colin thought for a moment before sighing.

"How many of them are there?"

"In the two weeks I was scoping all this out, I've seen the same twelve people handling all this ****. We can take them. They don't even know how many of us there are."

"What's the plan?"

Rebecca said, handing Colin a hefty grenade labeled 'M-34 WP Grenade'. "When you see me toss mine, toss yours in the same area. Then move around the plant, try not to get caught and kill anybody who's not me or you. Got it?"

"We who are about to die, salute you." Colin said, grabbing the grenade.

"Pessimist." Rebecca hissed, before she turned and slowly crawled over to the other end of the loading dock, getting as close as she could to an entrance leading to an adjacent warehouse area while Colin got as close as he could to the entrance to the area they had come from previously.

Colin kept his eyes on Rebecca, his finger ready to pull the pin on the grenade. After a few tentative glances, Rebecca tossed her grenade towards the area just in front of the group of barrels as one of them was being man-handled to get taken outside for loading. Colin did the same as soon as Rebecca let go of hers, and within seconds two large clouds of dense white mist had formed. Immediately people were screaming and in the commotion, Colin bolted back towards the assembly line floor without even checking to see if Rebecca had moved. Using the derelict machinery around him to break line of sight with the entrance, he moved around the plant floor, seeking good cover. As the sound of Rebecca's rifle rang out in the distance, followed closely by more gunfire from other firearms, Colin spotted two individuals moving into the plant floor who started searching the for the presence of any outsiders.

He grabbed some nuts and bolts from the ground next to him and flung them as far from him as he could. The metal parts struck against all sorts of things with audible noise, causing the men to turn to look. Colin took the opportunity to pop up and take a shot. He put a shotgun slug into the man closest to his position, dropping him, but he missed his second shot at the individual with corn rows from earlier. The two immediately began running around, jockeying for a better shot on the other. The fight proved difficult for Colin, who was forced to keep his head down more often as the man peppered his position with automatic fire from an M4. As he ran to another piece of cover, Colin tripped when something grabbed his foot and pulled him down. Falling flat on his stomach and with his shotgun out of reach, he looked down to see a zombie, badly rotting and covered in oil, trying to pull his foot closer to its mouth.

"You've got to be shitting me." Colin couldn't help but say as he heard footsteps closing in. Getting out of his rucksack and pushing it under a nearby machine, he produced his Colt python and shot the zombie in the forehead.

With his foot now free, he rolled under the closest hiding spot hoping his opponent didn't see him do so. Staying silent, he saw his opponent’s feet go by him without spotting him. One he felt it was safe, Colin carefully left his hiding spot and screened the man as he walked around looking for him. Colin succeeded in eventually getting on the other side of a conveyor belt the man was checking and when he turned around, Colin pushed a steel engine block sitting on the belt onto the man. The block crushed his leg and forced the man to the ground as he wailed with pain, before Colin ended his suffering with shot from his revolver. He had one his fights, but Colin had little time to relax as the gunfire from elsewhere in the plant had not died down.

He ran back and recovered his hidden bag along with his shotgun and eventually located way onto the roof of the building. When he arrived outside, the gunfire was loud and clear, though none of it was being leveled at him. Looking over the edge of the roof, he could see the what remained of the people they were stealing from as they fired at the husk of a car next to a building near the perimeter of the plant. Knowing it was Rebecca who was stuck behind the car, he moved quickly to get a good angle on the attackers below. he dropped down a level to a lower roof and positioned himself so that he could see their backs, then opened fire on them from above. Colin managed to kill the woman with the silver hair and force another man to reposition before he was forced to hide from incoming fire. This was all the opening Rebecca needed to push up. Braving incoming fire, she succeeded in getting around the bearded man's flank. Two shots later, he was down though not before Rebecca had been wounded in the thigh.

Only two more individuals remained: the bald athletic man and olive skinned man with curly hair that Colin had forced to move. All gun fire ceased momentarily as both sides evaluated their situation. While the two men remained hunkered down behind vehicles and trailers near the loading dock doors, Rebecca was pinned in place behind a trailer as she did what she could to nurse her wound. The one wildcard was Colin, who decided he had to get down off the roof somehow. He moved further towards the center of the building he was on, then made his way to the northwest corner and used some large electrical tubing and tractor trailer to make his way to the street level. Convinced he had the jump on his targets, Colin moved up only to find the out the two men had the angles covered when the curly-haired suddenly man shot at him.

The setback was only momentary, as Colin briefly saw that the bald man was still well in cover, and Colin gambled that the man enough to slow down his reaction time. Taking a second to breathe, he stuck a bit of his shoulder out and was immediately rewarded with incoming fire and multiple bullet grazes, but he had done exactly what he wanted.

"He's up!" Colin screamed, and soon after he heard a single shot and the curly haired man yell in agony, before falling silent. Colin pushed off from his cover, observed the bald man aiming at Rebecca, and put two slugs into him.


With all the people who wanted them dead having been put six feet under themselves, Rebecca and Colin reconvened at the barrels, and helped treat Rebecca's wound.

"All things considered, that went better than expected." Rebecca remarked

"We certainly rolled double sixes back there. Who were these people anyway?"

"I don't know, and I really don't give a ****. All I know they had stuff I wanted, and we took it."

"Do you think whoever they were waiting for is going to show up?"

"Are we playing 20 questions here? I don't know, and we're not about to find out."
Rebecca started searching her bag for the HAM radio she used to communicate with Morais and his men. Colin, however, still had some unanswered questions that he intended to get to the bottom of.

"Two more questions."

"Are you **** serious, Colin?"

"Just two, and then I'll shut the hell up."


"Who else knew about this?"

"Other than Morais and me? Just you."

"Alright. Why did Morais pick me?"

"You really are **** lost, aren't you Colin?”
Rebecca answered with dead seriousness as she found the radio in her pack. “You know why Morais sent just you and no one else on this mission? Because he and all the other head honcho cocksuckers in the Soo know that you are the best damn seeker they've seen in a long time. Hell you're even better than me, and I mean it."

"What are you talking about?"

"Why do you think you get the luxury of working for whoever you want?”
she continued, stabbing his chest with her index finder for emphasis. "If I tried to do that, I'd be out of a job if not dead. ****, why do you think Morais didn't have you killed the moment he heard the rumor you had slept with his prize violinist? It's because no one wants to lose access to you. You've made all of them stupid amounts of money taking all those suicide jobs nobody had the balls to do. You know, I envy you sometimes, Colin, I really do. But then again, I wouldn't want to be on everyone's radar like that either."

Having gotten his answers, Colin stayed true to his word and said nothing as Rebecca turned the radio on and requested Morais. He reflected on Rebecca's words. Being known as the best seeker was no small accomplishment, but he didn't feel like he deserved it, particularly if all he had done to earn that moniker was a bunch of jobs with **** odds of coming back alive. Rebecca seemed better suited to hold the title. After all, she had saved him back in the loading dock. With a sixth sense he had only ever seen on war veterans, she'd pushed them both out of the way. Almost like she had been through something like that before. He wanted to ask, but he didn't.

"It's me. Yeah, it was all still here, and the job's done. You can send someone to grab it."
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Re: The Shifting Tide: A short by Tyrud

Postby coinsruledude » Fri May 12, 2017 9:25 am

>Rebecca Fong
>"Oh cool the second Asian character in the whole series"
>Not Asian
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Re: The Shifting Tide: A short by Tyrud

Postby TheTeddyguy » Fri May 12, 2017 2:33 pm

Good stuff, although your dates threw me for a loop lol. It goes from the 13th to the 9th with the stuff on the 9th taking place after the stuff on the 13th lmao.

Wouldn't mind seeing more of Rebecca. I'm going to assume the last name is due to her being married to an Asian guy who kicked the bucket. Like Ivy's no Serb, but she still carries Kasun as her last name after getting married to the day she died.
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Re: The Shifting Tide: A short by Tyrud

Postby tyrud » Fri May 12, 2017 11:48 pm

@Teddy The dates are wrong because I wrote this over the course of like 3-4 days and finished it yesterday at like a half hour past 1 in the morning. I changed the dates at the beginning from April 9th to February 13th/14th and when I was doing my proof-reading with dead tired eyes, I missed that date. I'll be changing it to the correct date soon. A for Rebecca, you'll probably see a little more of her at some point.

@Coins Is that true that there's only ever been two Asian characters? For whatever reason, I thought there were more, though that may be down to the fact that Colin had that Asian girl's picture in his possession for a while. In reality, I was just wanted to design a female character that was blonde. Interestingly enough, Rebecca's appearance is based on an English-Taiwanese model. Without going to much into it, I could probably tweak some things so that she can count as another Asian character, even though she really should be counted as an Asian character.

I think this last post was my longest one yet because of the fighting section, and it'll probably remain the longest one. I hope that part came out well, because I wasn't confident it would while I was writing it. I also hope I got the weather right, because I have no idea what the weather is like in Michigan around mid-February and was using whatever resource I could find to try and figure it out. It's particularly difficult when you are trying to get the weather right for a day that hasn't happened yet, lol.
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Re: The Shifting Tide: A short by Tyrud

Postby coinsruledude » Sat May 13, 2017 2:14 am

tyrud wrote:Is that true that there's only ever been two Asian characters?
If you don't count all the random shits executed in the village or all the random shits who kidnap Roy, there's only been one.
TheTeddyguy wrote:I'm going to assume the last name is due to her being married to an Asian guy who kicked the bucket.
"You can only talk rubbish if you're aware of knowledge." ~Karl Pilkington
"**** it, it's late. Change it later." ~Me and Teddy

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