Another military request.

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Another military request.

Postby headhunter211 » Sat Oct 26, 2013 5:22 am

Back to another military idea, yes I know, old request. But, why do we have to control them? There is certainly ways around this. Why not just control the layout of their deployment and tactical aid?

1.) Add a point system. Not a kill to point system but an actual system that would be applicable to a zombie outbreak. Perhaps as the amount of zombies increase, the more points you get. But no killing a bunch of zeds and getting points, that wouldn't make much sense, as if there was less zombies, less attention would be paid to that area.

Strategy game play and simulation like game play

Strategy game play

2. A) Control. As much as I would like to control an actual military force, do we really have to? So imagine a half way point between simulator and strategy, you get to place barricades (with barbed wire too), deploy soldiers, coordinate evacuation, and support. Barricades need to be bigger and should be based off of the point system, not supplies. Add some variety as well, sandbags for instance could offer increased accuracy. Then back to that browning... Be able to deploy defensive structures that can be manned. However, limit this to larger maps so they can be offset by outbreak/population size.

2. B) Yes, soldiers as our controllable (or non controllable) combatants. We can drop them in via helicopter animation. We can pick the location as long as we can see it and is in an open area. Also, add vehicles, if you cringe at that idea, let me elaborate. You deploy vehicles like soldiers, they will be proportionate to the soldiers and civilians. No tanks, only lightly armored vehicles whose main goal is to transport. But, it would be nice to see a Humvee with a 50. Cal. And, death squads, a last ditch unit with a flamethrower (little bit far fetched :P).

2. C) Evacuations, now, undoubtedly in a real outbreak the military's first two priorities would be to contain and rescue civilians. Containment is already there, barricades and troop deployment. However, evacuation is something a little new. I thought a lot about this, placing an evac point, represented by a tactical flare. A helicopter would land and then any civilians within a certain radius would have a chance of heading to the chopper. It is within your best interest to protect the evac site as for every helicopter ride out, you get some command points and its less zeds to worry about. Helicopters can hold ten, and would arrive every 30 seconds - minute.

2. D) Support. you already have the bombs on the IOS version, port them to P.C. pleaseeeee (there awesome). However, some more ideas, add a scout chopper that can take away fog of war, no controlling just an animation as it sweeps a small area. This can be used to drop in troops almost anywhere. Secondly, napalm, please add this as well, it would fit well with the atmosphere. Basically be able to choose a path and then have an A-10 drop a nice line of fire, any zeds, civilians, and soldiers would die on contact. But, civs and soldiers would be programmed to keep a distance. Great at putting up a temporary wall to stop hordes. Lastly, a black hawk with mini guns, call it in to guard an area or pave the way for a short amount of time (stationary). Barricades as well should be larger and be able to block off entire streets. Then with the addition of barbed wire, you can effectively kill zeds without direct interaction.

Simulation/Tower defense

1. A) Everything is basically the same as the direct control version except you only control deployment points and the soldiers attitude (guard, search and destroy, shoot all) guard will be basic, drop them in and they will hold their ground. Search and destroy will tell the units to seek out zombie hordes that exceed a certain number, within a certain radius. So, lets say 20 zombies are detected within a 20 x 20 square, this unit will then travel to this outbreak and kill all zombies within that radius. Shoot all equates to just that, units disregard civilian or zombie A.I. and will kill all that come within range (penalty:cannot be undone, you stop earning command points). You can still use support as well as set evac points and barricades, but you will not have direct control over units.


Class 1 outbreak: You get infantry, un-armed Humvees, scout choppers, barricades, no bombs, evac points.
Class 2 outbreak: + armed Huvees, black hawk choppers, barbed wired, machine gun nests, basic explosive ordinances.
class 3 outbreak: + Napalm, kill all command, death squad?
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Re: Another military request.

Postby ZomZom » Sun Oct 05, 2014 5:07 pm

Those are good ideas. But what if on class one the police would go around destroying all outbreaks. If they are overwhelmed then they retreat to a safe zone that the military sets up. Also that's when people start to leave by helicopters. If the outbreak becomes a class 3 then the military sends in the choppers and tanks and the real fun begins. Also if there were sniffer dogs in the safe zone that detected bitten humans so the military takes care of them instead of letting them infect the whole safe area.

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