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Campaign Guide

Postby ShinobiRaptor » Mon Jul 07, 2014 9:55 pm

This is the storyline to my campaign. Links to the levels will be posted below.
You were back. Back in the school. Back where you had first seen them. The zombies. Once the first one appeared, people ran. They kept coming, no one was safe. 250 students and staff died during the first attack, leaving 100. You and a few friends had snuck down to the local gun store, by a gas station a ways down. You broke in, and decided to return to the school and rescue the remaining survivors.
"John..." you whisper. "Are you sure you want to go through with this?"
"Of course he's sure, he has no choice," Jane replied. "We have to go back for our friends." She gripped the handgun tightly, trying not to show her fear.
John gulped loudly, and nodded. "Let's go."
The three of you walk silently towards the school. You see a few zombies, but they don't notice you. You decide not to shoot, as you don't want to attract any attention. You come to the entrance of the school. The heavy metal door is still intact, and you open it silently. The next set of doors are busted down. You step over them gingerly into the hallway. Jane receives a text. She looks at her phone, glad it was on vibrate. "It's from the scout group. An estimated 40 zombies, maybe more. Around 100 people still alive."
"Good," you reply. "50 isn't bad."
You continue down the hallway and step down the steps. The three of you enter the cafeteria. a few people are huddled in groups, some crying silently, some shaking with fear, and others showing no emotion at all.
"Alright," you say. "One thing is clear- we will die if we sit here like this. We have to get out of here and find someplace safe." Some people nod, others look away.
"What if they come for us?" your friend Ethan asks.
"They won't. I promise that-" before you can finish your sentence, a zombie explodes through the door. You shoot it square in the head, and it drops to the floor. "EVERYBODY, RUN! FIND A BUILDING!" You shout, and they scatter. You hear the moans of other zombies approaching.
"What are we gonna do?" John asks frantically.
"Just... don't die," you reply as the three of you raise your guns.
Level one:

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